Delicious Austrian cuisine

Delicious Austrian cuisine


Delicious Austrian cuisine

Delicious Austrian cuisine – Austria was once the seat of the Habsburg Empire, which extended from the west to France and from the east to Russia. That is why Austrian cuisine today is a combination of dishes from different European countries. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most delicious Austrian dishes that are very popular. You can try these delicious dishes on trips to Austria and cities like Vienna. Austria’s stunning scenery and landscapes, with its snow-capped Alps, lush summer pastures, and, of course, the exemplary cityscape of Vienna, Salzburg, and other spectacular cities, will amaze any viewer. But today, it is time to get acquainted with the tempting food and culinary scene of this country. Join Kejaru and enjoy the unique taste of the finest Austrian cuisine, from the “fried schnitzel” to the delicious “goulash”, foods that are hard to resist. With delicious modern and traditional cuisine, Austria attracts many chefs and food lovers from all over the world every year. Austrian cuisine will take you into a food coma. Authentic Austrian dishes are known for their strong flavors and are dominated by dense meats and foods, such as sweets and bread. If you do not know what food or drink to try in Austria, take a look at the list of delicacies below. Surely at the end of the article, your appetite will be restored and you will taste Austrian culture.

 Tafelspitz – Delicious Austrian cuisine

Another Austrian dish is TOEFL Spitz, which is made using steamed beef or veal fillets. If you like meat dishes, we suggest you try this dish on your trip to Austria. Slices of cooked meat are usually served with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and horseradish. TOEFL Spitz is popular throughout Austria and is especially popular in autumn and winter.

Austrian Goulash

Goulash is a Hungarian dish but has entered Austrian cuisine and has become one of the most popular Austrian dishes today. On a trip to Austria, especially Vienna, you will find this food on the menu of most restaurants. Goulash is a type of food made from beef or mutton with tomatoes, onions, and paprika. The Austrians have made changes to this dish and usually goulash with a delicious meatball of potatoes and vegetables and…. They serve.

Apple Strudel

Another Austrian dish that is popular all over the world today is the strudel. Today, strudel is part of the cuisine of Eastern European countries and is served all over the world. When traveling to Austria, you can find apple strudel in most pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. The strudel is made with a crisp and light pastry dough that is layered on top of each other and the inside is filled with apples, sugar, raisins, lemon, cinnamon, and…. Hot and fresh strudel with a cup of fragrant coffee will be a great breakfast and snack in Vienna.

 Asparagus – Delicious Austrian cuisine

If you travel to Austria and Vienna in the spring, we suggest you try the Austrian spring asparagus. Green and white asparagus are an important part of Austrian cuisine and asparagus is used in many Austrian dishes. Austrians serve asparagus with a variety of meat dishes such as chicken, fish, and steak. Asparagus is also served separately as a delicious appetizer or snack, which is very tastdelicioussparagus is served with a little butter, fresh lemon, and sometimes cheese and parsley, and you can order it in most cafes and restaurants.


You may find potato salad in other countries as well, but it certainly has a different Austrian-style flavor. Unlike most potato salads, the Austrian version does not use mayonnaise and white vinegar is added instead. In some restaurants, chicken or meat juices are sometimes added to salads to make them taste better. Potato salad is one of the most popular Austrian dishes and along with schnitzel, asparagus and creates a great and delicious combination.


These delicious sweets are specific to Austria and are sold in most cities. Of course, you may also see this dessert in nearby and neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic, but you should know that it is part of the authe cuisine and Austrian cuisine. Inside these sweets, plum jam and sometimes the plum itself is placed and it is decorated with powdered sugar, chopped walnuts, etc. In most restaurants and cafes in Austria and Vienna, you can order this delicious dessert with a cup of coffee or tea.


By now you have probably noticed that desserts have a special place in Austrian cuisine. Austrians love desserts and have a variety of desserts and sweets that are all delicious. One of the most popular Austrian desserts is this Kieszmarn. The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph loved this dessert and for this reason, it is also called Emperor Pancake. After the pancakes are ready, they are cut into pieces, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with apples, jam, raisins, walnuts, and cream.

Viennese Sausage

Another Austrian dish is a type of sausage called würstels. Austrians love this sausage and eat it for lunch, dinner, and snacks. In different cities like Vienna, you can see mobile stalls and snack shops selling this sausage. These sausages are very tasty and tasty and are served with bread or fried potatoesWesternrl sausages are also used in many Austrian dishes, and a variety of pizzas, dishes, and dishes are prepared using this delicious sausage.


Many of us have tried schnitzel before, but perhaps no one knows that the main origin of this delicious food is Austria! Schnitzel is the national food of Austria and has been s been exported this food to all countries of the world. As you know, to prepare schnitzel, chicken fillets are dipped in breadcrumbs and then fried. On a trip to Austr, you can find this delicious food in all the restaurants and mobile food shops in Vienna. Although schnitzel is a simple dish, it is one of the most delicious Austrian dishes a few people dodo does not love it.

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