Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul

Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul


Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul

Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul – The city of Istanbul is without a doubt one of the most attractive and popular cities in Turkey, which hosts many tourists from all over the world every year, and people who want to visit a historical and developing city go to Istanbul and They are trying to visit this beautiful city. Apart from all the sights and entertainment that exist in Istanbul, one of the most attractive and enjoyable things you can do in this city is to taste a variety of Turkish dishes.

One of the most delicious and attractive parts of a trip to Istanbul is eating a variety of Turkish desserts. We suggest that if you visit the beautiful city of Istanbul, be sure to go to the works of Turkey and enjoy them. In the following, we will introduce you to the Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul, so join us.

Baklava is a multi-layered pastry that is glued together using juice or honey and contains a large number of chopped nuts such as pistachios, almonds, and..

Historically, Turkish baklava dates back to the time of the Eastern Roman Empire. If you are traveling to Istanbul and you are looking for a delicious dessert, you can try different types of baklava in this city. Rest assured that you will never forget the taste of Turkish baklava.

Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul

Shredded Turkish baklava
Shredded sugar is one of the sweetest and most delicious Turkish sweets. To produce this attractive and delicious cake, which has a shape similar to a small cake and is very sticky, they use different ingredients such as semolina, flour, and powdered sugar and combine these ingredients together.

The resulting dough is then shaped into small, round pastries and then baked at a certain temperature. After that, the shredded sugar is soaked in a thick and very sweet syrup to have a special extraordinary taste.

Shredded sugar, a dessert of Debbie Turkazan
Another delicious and popular Turkish dessert is Kazan Dibi, which is very attractive in appearance and its shape is wonderful. In fact, if we want to introduce you to the famous Turkish desserts, Kazan Dibi has a very special place and it is mentioned as one of the most popular desserts in Turkey.

Kazan Dibi is a kind of milk and caramel pudding. Kazan Dibi dessert was considered one of the royal sweets in the Ottoman period and today, hundreds of years later, Kazan Dibi is still remembered as one of the famous Turkish posters.

Delicious and popular Turkish dessert, Kazan Dibikonfe
It is enough to walk in all parts of the beautiful city of Istanbul to smell the pleasant smell of konfeh. Konfeh can be called one of the most delicious and popular Turkish desserts, which is known as one of the most attractive and popular products.

In fact, this sweet is a delicious combination of layers of noodles and toast with melted cheese that these ingredients are combined with each other and finally, this delicious sweet is created.

After this sweet is created, it is combined with a very tasty and sweet syrup and it will be decorated and decorated with the help of pistachios.

One of the most famous Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul is Assyria, which has a very interesting story created historically. Ashura is known in Turkish culture as a traditional and historical dessert.

According to Turkish beliefs, after Noah survived the great flood, he decided to prepare food for himself and others.

He then examined the ship’s internal food and decided to create a compound meal. Noah made Assyria for himself and others with these foods.

Ashura is a delicious combination dessert in which you can find various ingredients such as wheat, white beans, peas, dried fruits such as figs, apricots, raisins as well as hazelnuts, and walnuts. Of course, hazelnuts and walnuts have a decorative role in this delicious dessert.

Ashura, where to buy delicious Turkish desserts
Now that you are familiar with the delicious and popular desserts of Turkey and the city of Istanbul, it is necessary to take a look at the issue of which shops in Istanbul to go to to buy a delicious dessert. In the following, we will introduce you to the best confectioneries in Istanbul.

Confectionery plate

Plate Confectionery is one of the oldest and most famous confectioneries in Istanbul, which is located in Rumeli Caddesi No: 61 Osmanbey Beyoglu, Sisli, Istanbul 34371 Turkey and has been operating and making delicious desserts since 1957.

In addition to Turkish desserts, other sweets are produced in Plate Confectionery from all over the world. One of the most delicious and popular ingredients that can be ordered from this pastry is its Napoleonic pastry.

Confectionery Court
If you are looking for a professional, luxury, and aristocratic pastry, be sure to head to Erenkoy Mah, Bagdat Cd. No: 333 / A, 34728 Kadikoy / Istanbul, Turkey and visit Diwan Confectionery in Istanbul.

You can order a variety of delicious desserts from the world in the court and buy them. Of course, it should be noted that the products offered in this confectionery, in addition to being high quality and extremely delicious, also have a high price.

Big Oglu
If you want to enjoy the most delicious baklava in Istanbul, you can head to Caferaga Mahallesi, General Asim gunduz cd. nailbed SK no: 1 / b, 34710 Kadikoy / Istanbul, Turkey and enjoy delicious Turkish baklava at Beyo رlu Restaurant.

In addition to various desserts, the restaurant also offers a variety of Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean dishes that tourists can order and taste.

Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul

The canal is also known as one of the oldest confectioneries with a history of Istanbul among the people of this city and tourists.

This confectionery has been active from 1897 until today and creates the most delicious Delicious Turkish Desserts in Istanbul. If you want to taste special and delicious baklava in Istanbul, we suggest that you visit 1Mimar Kemalettin Caddesi, Istanbul, 34112, Turkey and order baklava from the Kianlu aqueduct.

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