Designer Opera Paris

Designer Opera Paris


Designer Opera Paris

Designer Opera Paris – Charles Garnier was born on November 6, 1825, in Paris. He was one of France’s leading architects. Charles Garnier, inspired by the magnificent Roman theater, wanted his buildings to have drama and drama as well. His design for the Paris Opera in the square of the same name combined Renaissance architectural classicism with the iconic ideas of the Beaux-Arts.

Who was Charles Garnier? – Designer Opera Paris
Jean-Louis Charles Garnier was born into a working-class family. Although Garnier was not in perfect health and his mother did not want him to work on a furnace, he was to become a wheel maker like his father. With this in mind, he took math courses at a free design school. His mother hoped to get a good and stable job with this education, but Charles Garnier achieved much more success. In 1842, Garnier studied with Louis-Hippolyte Lebas at the “Royal School”. The Paris Bazaar began. In 1848, he won the first Grand Prix of Rome and traveled to Italy to study at the Academy of Rome. Garnier spent five years in Rome, then visited Greece and Turkey, where he fell in love with the magnificent Roman plays. Still in his 20s, he liked to design buildings that housed the drama of a theatrical performance. Charles Garnier’s career as an architect was commissioned to design the Paris Opera. The building was built between 1857 and 1874 and soon became known as the Garnier Masterpiece. This luxurious opera house is also known as the “Palais Garnier”. Garnier’s magnificent style reflects the fashion and taste that was so popular during the second period of Napoleon III’s reign. Garnier’s other works include Casino Monte Carlo, another of his lavish collections for the rich. Other successful projects include the Italian villas of Bischoffsheim and Garnier and several buildings in Paris, such as the Panorama Marigny or the Hotel du Cercle de la Librairie. But they are not able to compete with his masterpieces. This prominent architect died on August 3, 1898, in Paris.

Designer Opera Paris

Why was Garnier an important person? – Designer Opera Paris
Many people believe that Garnier’s important in creating a home for the “ghost of the opera”, but Professor Talbot Hamlin thinks otherwise. He believed that despite the exaggerated details of the Paris Opera, its architectural style had been imitated for decades because there was glorious transparency in its overall appearance; Both exterior and interior. Hamlin adds that Garnier saw the Paris Opera in three parts: the stage, the spectator section, and the corridors. Each of these three units was designed and built with the greatest possible richness, but always in a situation where their relationship with each other is emphasized. Has run. The “logic” of a building was the fundamental relationships in buildings, based on common sense, frankness, emphasis on the most important elements, and expression of purpose. This insistence on open and logical design and on the clarity of the initial expression for solving new architectural problems was a vital need.

Introduction to the Paris Opera Garnier – Designer Opera Paris
In this article, we want to talk about one of the most magnificent buildings in Paris. We mean the Garnier Palace and Opera House, where the theater, opera, concert hall, etc. are located. This palace alone has given special beauty to the city of Paris and France and is known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in France. In the following, we want to acquaint you more with this historical opera. So we suggest you do not miss the continuation of this article.

Rouen History 

Paris Garnier Palace and Opera
Garnier Palace is one of the most beautiful historical and artistic buildings in France, which has very magnificent architecture. This palace has various sections. The most important part of the Garnier Palace is the Opera House, which is also world-famous and many people travel to France to visit this opera house. But there are other sections in this palace that can be added to the library, concert section, museum, shop and…. Cited. In total, Opera Garnier has 1600 seats and has a very good capacity for audiences and visitors. If you are one of the travelers of France tours, we suggest that you do not miss the pleasure of visiting this amazing tourist place. If you want to sit in a historic and beautiful environment to watch a pleasant concert, we suggest you visit the Paris Opera Garnier.

History of Opera Garnier – 
The construction of the Opera Garnier was ordered by the second French emperor in the nineteenth century, in 1862. The architect of this magnificent building is a person named Charles Garnier who has made this huge building with special splendor and beauty. The process of making this opera took a long time; Because many problems, including the change of emperor, caused a temporary halt in work. But finally, after 13 years and with the tireless efforts of Garnier, it was finally built-in 1875. There were many arches in the construction of this building, but Garnier was very Egyptian in its construction, and finally achieved this important goal, and the name of this palace was named Garnier Palace in honor of Garnier’s efforts.

Designer Opera Paris

The interior design of the Garnier building
In the interior and interior of the Opera Garnier building, iron is used instead of gold; Because it has much more resistance and costs less. In addition, it adds to the beauty of the interior of the building and you will be completely surprised when you enter the interior of the Opera Garnier. All designs are put together with a certain elegance. Its beauty is unique. Of course, in some parts of the opera, marble has been used to decorate its interior. In addition, there are columns, walls, and sculptures inside the opera, all made of marble. If you look at the ceiling of the opera, you will see amazing and beautiful paintings that have revived the soul of the opera. In addition, the wall mirrors have doubled their beauty, and this is something you might not have expected.

The exterior architecture of the Garnier building
But if you step out of the Opera Garnier, you will encounter a different style of architecture. If you take a look at the exterior of the building, you will notice a certain symmetry and order in the design of the exterior of the building. The exterior roof of the building is made of beautiful sculptures and you can easily see them. The number of sculptures used in the design of the exterior is very large and they are placed together in a special arrangement. Two separate entrances have been used to enter the building. One entrance was for the common people and the other entrance was for the emperor and the king.

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