Disneyland Paris Tips

Disneyland Paris Tips


Disneyland Paris Tips

Disneyland Paris Tips – You may have thought only of Disneyland USA to experience the Walt Disney environment, But the good news is that you can experience walking in this lovely world in Paris as well. If you have not thought about visiting Disneyland abroad on your travels abroad, it is better to include it in your plan as soon as possible. At Disneyland Paris you will encounter the “Sleeping Beauty” castle and the aerial train “In Search of Nemo” and you can walk in the world of “Ratatouille” (Chef Mouse Animation). Visiting Disneyland must be done on a separate trip, but a day trip or overnight visit will suffice. Disneyland is an hour’s drive from Paris. Is another celebrity. Launched in 1992, Disneyland Paris is the second-largest Disneyland outside the United States after Tokyo, with more than 15.5 million visitors a year, as popular as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The architecture of buildings and volumes is fancy, and the green space between them is organic. Green spaces do not follow a specific geometry and pattern. Attempts have been made to give these areas their natural shape and to induce a wild environment. In this way, the park becomes more imaginative.

Paris tourist attractions, the bride of European cities
The creation of artificial waterfalls is one of the special spaces of the park. Rocky mountains and mysterious ships that move in the lake between rocks and boulders are among the favorite toys of children. Wooden bridges suspended between different parts of the lake add to the excitement of the park. In general, landscaping is based on the creation of pristine and natural spaces that are combined with buildings. In limited parts of the park, boxwoods and shrubs have been pruned to different shapes. It is only in these corners that the audience remembers the native parks of France.

Vehicles similar to Disneyland USA – Disneyland Paris Tips
Although before you arrive you may think that the entertainment equipment you see is just an imitation of Disneyland USA, gradually everything will be different. Pirates of the Caribbean, although they do not have someone like Johnny Depp with them, are just like a part of the time. If you have children with you, prepare them too. Casey Jr. Circus Train is a very exciting aerial train, not a boring train! When you think of main meals, you have limited options; In Walt Disney Studios, restaurants may be closed, and it is kiosks that sell muffins, chips, and ice cream. Many local visitors often bring sandwiches and snacks.

Disneyland Paris Tips

Stay until the end of the night
“DisneyDreams” is a Disneyland Paris evening show that combines blue lights, fireworks, and digital illustrations with a beautiful dormant castle. You definitely should not miss it even for a moment, so 40 minutes before the start of the show, find a place for yourself and do not forget your snacks and drinks. There are several places to sit near the venue, But it’s a little hard to get through the crowd. Do not miss the European version of “Land of Tomorrow” at all. The glow of this environment at night is spectacular.

The difference between American and French Disneyland
Just like Disneyland USA, there are two separate parks in the complex: Main Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, which is similar to Disney Studios in Florida. There are more rides at Disneyland Paris than at Disneyland USA; Of course, his aerial trains are much more exciting than the rest; Especially “Space Mountain: Mission 2”, which has more capabilities. The characters of “Mitt and Great”, often referred to as Goofy and Friends, may not always be shown, but even seeing them is not without grace. If you are lucky, you may even be able to take pictures with them.

Thoroughly plan
If your flight lands at Charles de Gaulle Airport, you may want to head straight to Disneyland and then back to the city. Of course, you can also make this return trip, which is more common. If your European trip is long and you do not want to take the train, there are car services that can take you to Disneyland or downtown Paris. Disneyland is accessible by train and you can go on a day trip with or without your luggage. Disneyland Paris allows you to check your luggage before the flight outside the park entrances.

Disneyland Paris Tips

Choose between value and time
Disneyland Paris hotels are much more expensive than Walt Disney World hotels in Florida. The beautiful, pink Disneyland Hotel gives you direct access to the park, but it may leave your pockets completely empty! There are several affordable hotels around Disneyland that also provide easy transportation to the park. These hotels have only one problem: they do not have a two-hour magic plan in the park that takes place every morning. But they also have the advantage that you can walk in a secluded park.

Do not miss anything – Disneyland Paris Tips
The Crash is a dark voyage that winds its way through Eastern Australia “in search of Nemo”. This collection is only available at Disneyland Paris, which is very popular and always has a busy queue; So try to be here early in the morning to board this train. There is a land with a “Ratatouille” atmosphere in the park where Remi and Ratatouille restaurants will host you. A land with the atmosphere of a toy store in Disneyland! “CinéMagique” is an entertaining ringtone for naughty and tired children and has a very entertaining show. The play is understandable despite its language limitations, thanks to its star, Martin Short.

Check the park schedule
If you visit before the 25th anniversary of Disneyland 2017, make sure which facilities or attractions may be closed. The park’s attractions have been under renovation since 2015, and each has its own independent program. If you are interested in using some special tools, be sure to check out the Disneyland website. Click on the European tour list to view Ivar trips.

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