Dubai Al-Satwa

Dubai Al-Satwa


Dubai Al-Satwa

Dubai Al-Satwa – Al Satwa neighborhood in Dubai is bordered by Jumeirah and Dubai and is located near Sheikh Zayed Road. Of course, it is this special geographical location that has made this neighborhood famous and has increased its value. If you are looking for a different place among the neighborhoods of Dubai, Al-Satwa Dubai is exactly where you are looking for it. The neighborhood is famous for its large number of Filipino and Indian immigrants. If you do not know where Manila is, let’s take a look at a map of the Philippines. Manila is the capital of this country. A neighborhood with different cultures and constant vibrancy is what awaits you in Al-Satwa, Dubai. You can experience all kinds of entertainment in this small neighborhood and enjoy visiting recreational and historical areas. Here are some things that are interesting for tourists in the Dubai Al-Satwa neighborhood.

Dubai Al-Satwa

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has the largest population of these seven emirates. Many people travel to Dubai for business and entertainment. Dubai is often thought of as a rich and famous recreation area. Tourists recommend visiting Dubai to their friends as a lottery win. However, the Dubai government is doing its best to encourage international tourism, and the emirate is open to all people with different social statuses. One of the main reasons that international visitors go to Dubai is for shopping facilities. There are more than 70 major shopping malls in Dubai, including City Center, Emirates Mall, and Ibn Battuta Mall, which are named after a legendary travelers and are segmented according to the geographical themes of different nations. The city includes the largest dance fountain in the world and the tallest building in Burj Al Khalifa and the only 7-star hotel in Burj Al Arab. Other attractions include the largest artificial islands (Nakhl Island) and the leafy natural flower garden (miracle garden) and adventure in the desert He mentioned trading in the open market and participating in camel riding competitions.

Delicious food, with unforgettable aroma and taste
Food lovers like Al-Satwa more than any other neighborhood in Dubai. The smell of various foods can be smelled in every street of this neighborhood. You can experience everything from street food to eating in small and large restaurants in this neighborhood.

Jumeirah Public Beach; A place for family fun
Walking on the beach will refresh you and if you want to do this on a trip to Dubai, we suggest you go to Jumeirah Public Beach, which is located near Al-Satwa, Dubai. Walking on this sandy beach gives you infinite peace. Of course, you can experience other things on this beach. These include water sports and sunbathing. Although this beach is intended for family recreation, singles can also go there to have a good time. We suggest that you plan to go to the public beach of Jumeirah on your single trip. Not everything can be said, many of the attractions of the Al-Satwa neighborhood in Dubai are spectacular. Book a cheap trip to Dubai and get yourself to one of the hotels in or near Dubai. From there, you can discover this immigrant neighborhood. As you look at each section, you will see what immigrants from different cultures have brought to a Middle Eastern country.

Introducing Al-Satwa District Dubai Al-Satwa is the name of an area located in Dubai. This area has shops and tall buildings with high density. Al-Satwa is located southwest of Dubai, next to Sheikh Zayed Street. The main inhabitants of this area were from the Blooshi tribe. Notable features of this area include Al-Satwa Hospital and Terminal. Al-Satwa is known for its large South Asian neighborhood. E11 (Sheikh Zayed Street) forms the southern border of Al-Satwa. This project conveys the hidden diamonds and the hidden features of the Satwa region through poetry, photos, and music.

Offer Jumeirah City Garden

With the announcement of the construction of Jumeirah City Garden, the future of this region is in a haze of ambiguity. If the project is implemented, this area will be demolished to build a city garden. Land tests were conducted in some areas for several buildings, the most important of which are the EP 09 towers and 1Park Street. In November 2013, police arrested a US citizen and several Emirati citizens in connection with a mocking video posted on the site. They arrested YouTube, which they claimed had a bad image of Dubai. The mocking video, titled “GS Deadly Levels,” was filmed in areas of the Level, depicting groups that teach how to fight with simple weapons such as shoes.

Dubai Al-Satwa

Deira Dubai area

Deira Dubai is an old and historical area that today, along with its traditional and numerous markets, has become a bustling shopping center in Dubai. Deira, as one of the areas of Dubai, has seen dozens of rapid changes in terms of industrialization With retail stores and incredible markets, Dubai has become a commercial paradise while preserving its history. Deira is located in the northern part of Dubai between Sharjah, and Deira’s winding streets are like molten cauldrons of different nationalities to Dubai. Deira on its shores with dhow boats loading and unloading with modern banks, hotels, and office buildings as a backdrop for Dubai tour travelers. Deira in East Dubai It is located and in the past was the commercial hub of Dubai and today it is part of the task with having shopping centers such as Al-Manal Center, Al-Qurair Center, City Center, and Hamrain Center. The most famous traditional markets, are Memzar Park, Bazaar Dubai Spice, Shindagha Underwater Tunnel Dubai, City Center, and a DDD branch for shopping in Deira, which is full of buyers at any time of the day Be. Also in the world, the most famous and largest gold market called Gold Souk is located in Al Dhagaya Deira. If you are looking for the largest spice market in Dubai, go to Deira Spice Souk, which sells every conceivable spice, mint, cumin, paprika, saffron, beer, and thyme, as well as aromatic barley wood, rose water, and some of its products are for incense. The fish market provides a much less touristy experience. While in the area, culture lovers should not forget the two architectural symbols of Deira. The Heritage House was built in 1890 as the home of a wealthy merchant and later became the home of Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmuk (Dubai Pearl Trader). Today, this is a great chance to see indoors. Al Ahmadiya School, built-in 1912, is the oldest school in Dubai and is now a museum of public education. This primary school was the first public school in Dubai, founded by the most prestigious pearl seller, Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmuk. Sheikh Mohammad himself learned the Qur’an, mathematics, literature, and astronomy. Classrooms have now become exhibitions that try to educate the growing minds about the incredible history of Dubai. The building is still with artistic details and insane entrances.

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