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Dubai Aquarium


Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium with a capacity of 10 million liters of water and thousands of interesting and aquatic animals, is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world in Dubai and attractive to tourists and travelers. New animals and exhibits are added to the aquarium on a regular basis, and you tourists can see and enjoy the wonders of the ocean floor up close on a trip to Dubai by walking through a 270-degree glass tunnel.

These days, Dubai is one of the most modern and advanced tourist cities, and many travelers travel to this city every year to see the attractions of this city and the shopping centers that exist there. In this colorful and colorful jewel of the Middle East, you will see people from different cultures and you will visit attractions that are unparalleled in the world.

Well, in addition to the fact that you can see 33,000 creatures and fish of 40 different species in the Dubai Aquarium, you can also visit the zoo virtually. In this visit, you will go to the world of endangered animals and you will experience a very exciting journey. On this trip you will visit a family of gorillas in the forests of Uganda, swim with a giant shark in the clear waters of the Maldives and look for elephants in the lush landscapes of South Africa.

Dubai Aquarium is located in Dubai Mall and one of the best sights in Dubai in 2018 has been selected by the famous and reputable TripAdvisor site. You can swim with sharks and 33,000 other species of fish in this aquarium and get a unique experience, the Dubai Aquarium glass tunnel is one of its fascinating parts; There are a total of about 40 different species of fish and other marine life in the Dubai Aquarium, including the African Short-nosed Rhododendron, Rooster, Seahorse, Horseshoe, Striped Eel, Arapayma, Archer, Rowing Snout, Cichlids, etc. There is that you can visit this collection even in the middle of the night.

Also know that if your goal is just shopping or somewhere to enjoy Dubai entertainment centers, it is better to know that Dubai is full of various entertainment and some of these entertainment is only for this luxurious and modern city, and if you want to buy souvenirs and explore You are in the passage, do not miss this environment, you may not know that one of the tenth largest aquarium in the world is located in Dubai and many tourists flock to this tourist area of ​​Dubai every year. This aquarium has a large tunnel that allows you to walk and see all these aquatic animals and animals up close. The Dubai Aquarium holds the record for “the world’s largest acrylic panel” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The other part of the aquarium, which is one of the tourist attractions of Dubai, is the Dubai Marine Zoo, the Dubai Aquarium, and you tourists at the Dubai Marine Zoo can see animals such as otters, large octopuses, crocodiles, lions, hippos, and many crabs. See the big, starfish, mermaid, penguin, very diverse and colorful fish, turtles, etc. inside the glass enclosure that are swimming, walking or eating, of course, if you are not afraid to see snakes in the section In addition to this zoo, you can see a variety of reptiles, lizards, small and large lizards, and a variety of biospheric animals.

Dubai Aquarium

Aquariums such as aquatic animals and amphibians, otters and large octopuses, crocodiles, lionfish, hippos and other animals are gathered in this aquarium. You visitors should note that in addition to the aquarium, the marine zoo is also on display, which includes a variety of reptiles, lizards, large and small lizards and a variety of amphibians can be seen up close.

One of the funniest activities you can see in this collection is when the aquarium staff feeds the fish in diving suits. You can also stand by the glass of the tank and watch how these fish feed, or sometimes wear gloves and share in feeding the creatures. Of course, each of these months has a specific time to eat, for example, the fish eat at 10:30 and sharks at 14:00.

In the aquarium, there are glass-bottomed boats that allow you to see the attractive fish of the Dubai aquarium from a new angle. To experience the glass boat ride, you have to go to the underwater zoo on the second floor of Dubai Mall. A boat that can carry up to 10 passengers moves every 10 to 20 minutes, and children under the age of 3 and pregnant women are not allowed to ride in the boat.

Meet the sharks
The excitement when you visit the Dubai Aquarium is supposed to increase, for this you have to wear diving suits and go inside a cage and apply 10 million liters of Dubai Aquarium. When you go into the water, you can watch the sharks from a few centimeters away. In this 30-minute program, in addition to seeing sharks, you will be taken to other parts of the Dubai Aquarium, and you can watch baby sharks eat up close and get interesting information about how sharks grow and breed.

Dubai Aquarium

Diving with sharks
Seeing sharks this time can be overwhelmingly exciting, because this time it’s not news of cages, and you will actually meet sharks meeting powerful sea predators. There is no need to be afraid because professional aquarium divers will take care of you all the time and give you the necessary instructions.

* There are 3 diving programs with sharks every day and the capacity of each program is 4 divers.

* The minimum age for participation in the company must be 10 years and participants must be in perfect health.

Discount conditions for Dubai Aquarium visitors
It is interesting to know that for those who visit the Dubai Aquarium in the early hours of the day, a free ticket to the railway cinemas will be provided along with their ticket. This discount is valid only from 10:00 to 13:00.
Apart from Saharkhizan, this collection also has arrangements for night owls and 20% discounts will be applied on your tickets. This discount is valid only from 22:00 until the closing of the shopping center.

To get a discount, try to gather in groups of 25 or more and visit the Dubai Aquarium.

Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting the Dubai Aquarium
Be sure to bring a camera with you so that you can capture or capture the happy moments you have in this collection, but in some parts of this aquarium, shooting with a flash is forbidden and the reason is that the flash is harmful to fish.
Depending on your speed, the time to visit the Dubai Aquarium will be different. However, the minimum time you can set aside to visit this collection is two hours, but if you want to visit each section on time, this time will be increased to more than 2 hours.
Most sections of the Aquarium can be visited in wheelchairs and prams, so the disabled and breastfeeding mothers can also go to the Dubai Aquarium.
To visit the Dubai Aquarium for free, you can only see large and main fish outside the aquarium complex.
If your hotel is one of the hotels of Sofitel, Rixos, Westin, Le Meridian Mina Siyahi, Habter Grand, Le Royal Meridian, De Ritz Carlton, Monopic, Rixos Premier and Hilton, Dubai Aquarium offers you free services.
You should notice that you are wearing clothes to visit the Dubai Aquarium.

General information of Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium Address
Sheikh Zayed Road, Doha Street. Dubai Mall
Dubai Aquarium ticket price: 120 dirhams which includes all packages including: glass boat, tunnel and zoo and …

Dubai Aquarium opening hours
Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am to 11 pm and Thursdays to Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm

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