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Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari – An essential entertainment for anyone visiting the UAE. A memory to share with family and friends at home. You will not get the opportunity to do this safari in your own country. We highly recommend Dubai Safari and rest assured it will be well worth the money.

Inside the camp, you can ride camels and sand, or draw a henna design on your hands or feet. Then you can enjoy a delicious barbecue for dinner and a little hookah, and before returning to Dubai or Sharjah, watch our dancers perform by the fire and under the stars.

Dubai Safari includes the following activities

Free service with 4 in 4 cars from anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah, between 3 and 3:30 pm

Driving with desert cars, through the desert along Al-Aweer Road

20 to 30 minutes of desert trekking by desert car

Shooting at sunset

riding camel


Special drinks (at guests’ expense)

Makeup with henna

Babylonian Hubble (Hookah)

Arabic coffee with fresh dates

Traditional Costumes

Free non-alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee and mineral water

Self-service dinner and barbecue (vegetarian food is also available on request)

Return at 9:30 p.m.

Sand skiing (additional activity, for 100 UAE dirhams)

ATV ride (supplementary activity, priced at 125 UAE dirhams)

The tour departs in the afternoon and crosses the Dubai Desert and stops at several points for photography, eventually reaching its first destination, a camel farm. Then the journey through the desert continues. Before reaching the night camp, the caravan stops to watch the beautiful sunset.

Dubai Safari  The main purpose is to show the true face of the desert and the life of the Bedouins and to get acquainted with the culture and customs of the people of Dubai. The duration of this tour can be between a few hours to a few days, which depends on the taste of you dear tourists, and in the most common one, you move to the desert at about three or four in the afternoon, and in the first part with four-axle cars 4 WD walks through the sand dunes of the desert and then arrives at a camp that is traditionally designed and built.

In the Dubai Safari , you can have dinner and drinks, use the full buffet, music under the beautiful desert sky and painting the hands of women on traditional designs with henna, which is one of the programs in this section.

If you are planning to travel to Dubai, not going on a Dubai safari is like traveling to France and not seeing the Eiffel Tower or traveling to Hawaii and not swimming on the beach of Homoe. Dubai is called the Desert City, a desert that can create one of the best travel experiences for you today.

Dubai is a city that has become one of the major tourist destinations in the world, and all kinds of entertainment you can imagine, in Dubai is available for you. Although many of these attractions are available in other cities and countries, one of the things that sets Dubai apart from its competitors is the Dubai Safari. The fun that you can experience in the desert with the Dubai safari may not be possible anywhere else. So if you are thinking of traveling to Dubai, be sure to set aside one day for a Dubai safari in your multi-day travel plan. The Dubai Safari program begins with a four-on-four Land Cruise ride. After that, the high speed and the ups and downs of the desert will bring your excitement to its peak. You stop along the way, take photos and gaze at the wonders of nature, especially the wonders of the desert, and finally reach a resort, which makes the second season of your desert tour.

Don’t worry about the drivers of these land cruises, they are all officially certified and trained in first aid skills. Basically, do not worry about the safety of the Dubai safari, because all the necessary items are intended for the health of the passengers and you will not be harmed in the slightest. In the continuation of this text, we have tried to introduce a number of exciting Dubai safari entertainments.

Four-wheel motors in Dubai Safari

If you are interested in motorcycling, the four-wheeled motorcycles, also called ATVs, which are rented on the Dubai Safari, will double your enjoyment of your interest. When riding, you must put on a helmet and then you can drive the sand dunes of Dubai Safari and with each ascent and descent, you will feel a tingling sensation in the bottom of your heart!

Dubai Safari 

Sand skiing in Dubai Safari
Go to Dubai for skiing!

As we said, this city is full of entertainment that wins the hearts of all travelers and tourists. If you are interested in skiing, Dubai is a good destination. The permanent form of snow skiing is provided for you in Dubai Skiing. But another type of skiing, which is on the sand, can be experienced on the Dubai safari.

Traditional life in Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari, in addition to the exciting entertainment it creates for you, gives you the primitive and traditional life of 70 years ago. Land Rovers take you along a beautiful route in the heart of the desert to an area that inherits a past life in Dubai.

The Dubai Safari transforms from a fun with highly advanced facilities into a traditional Emirati breakfast, watching the dazzling sunrise and sunset, and storytelling that smells of legends and beliefs permeating the heart of the desert. Do not doubt that the simplicity of primitive life and more importantly its experience, even for a few hours, will be an unforgettable memory for you and will encourage you to experience it again and again.

Astronomy on the Dubai Safari

The desert sky is famous for the smoothness and brilliance of its stars. If you go on a Dubai safari, do not forget to stare at the desert sky and do not forget the night creatures of the Dubai deserts.

Dubai Safari

Camel riding on the Dubai safari

Camels are one of the characteristics of the desert. In Dubai safari, along with different species of animals such as owls, foxes, etc., you will see a large number of camels. In addition, you can ride these patient creatures and watch their sunset in the calm of their movement.

Other Dubai safari activities include the following:

Various drinks, hookahs and Arabic coffees

Henna designs, traditional clothes, dances and …

Walking In The Heart Of The Desert

Self-service dinner plus barbecue

For vegetarians, provide vegetarian food

How to go to Dubai Safari?

If you have booked a Dubai safari tour, they will usually follow you to the hotel and return you to your accommodation after the tour.

Dubai Safari working hours
Dubai Safari Morning Tours: 8:30 to 11:30 Dubai Safari Evening Tours: 16 to 22 Dubai Safari Night Tours: 16 to 9 tomorrow

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