Ecuador Residence

Ecuador Residence


Ecuador Residence

Ecuador Residence – Keep in mind that the conditions for obtaining a visa to live and obtain a residence permit in Ecuador are very comfortable and everyone can do it on their own. Attention to detail is very important. Obtaining residency through investment education and residing in Ecuador through a retirement visa as well as financial means are other ways to stay in this country.

Conditions for obtaining residence in Ecuador
In addition, there are many people who are able to do your administrative work, but you have to pay a fee to these people. But keep in mind that you need to get enough information to take any action. In general, keep in mind that it is important to provide the following:

All documents submitted must be original or in the form of a certificate (official document); In some cases it is possible to provide a copy. All documents of the applicants must be obtained from the responsible American authorities or the Consulate of Ecuador. All documents must be legally translated into Spanish as this is necessary. You have changed your visa during your stay in Ecuador (for example, you have converted your tourist visa into a residence visa). The application form and the relevant documents must be sent in less than 30 days. You will be required to register with the Immigration Office; If your home address changes, you must report it immediately.

Ecuador Residence

All applicants for residency will need to submit the following:

Residence in Ecuador
You are required to submit your visa application to the General Manager of ExtranjerĂ­a, which is signed by the applicant or the traveler.
You are also required to complete a visa application form called Solicitud de visa de inmigrante.
Provide two copies of a valid and updated passport (a passport that has gone through all the legal processes).
In addition, you will be required to complete the hoja de datos para la cédula form (data sheet, which is your identification card).
Provide two photos in passport size; A color photo of a white back is essential.
The visa costs $ 500.

Work and study migration conditions to Ecuador – Ecuador Residence
This visa will be issued to most students studying in Ecuador (at all levels or at school). In addition to all of the above, this visa is sometimes granted to family members (husband, spouse, or children). Recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Proof of financial viability (by showing a reasonable bank account that covers all your living expenses) at the consulate and presenting a letter indicating your intention to travel to Ecuador or presenting a signed document It is necessary to show financial support from the family or to present a legal document that is registered in the notary public. In addition, it is possible to present a document that shows the fixed and fixed salary. Credibility: People who have studied in school for more than one year (not applicants who have studied for less than one year) have a high reputation.

Work and study migration to Ecuador

Ability to extend the Ecuadorian student visa
Pass scores successfully
Sign up for next year
Obtain a certificate from the Police Department (this certificate can be obtained by contacting the Ecuadorian Police Department).
Provide a letter of proof of financial viability
Costs: Applicants will be required to submit a $ 400 plus $ 50 application fee, not to mention Colombian citizens; Paraguay and Spain are exceptions to this rule.

Immigrating to Ecuador on a Work Visa (12-VI)
This visa is intended for skilled people with an excellent level of technology and information. Skilled people who specialize in a particular field can easily obtain this visa even with their family. In order to obtain this visa, the following documents are required:

Provide a document proving a person’s work residence in Ecuador and in addition proving that he or she is supported by a particular company or work organization.

Ecuador Residence

The person must obtain a work permit; Permit issued by the Ecuadorian Ministry or Labor Office.
Provide a certificate showing your complete qualifications that will be evaluated by the relevant organization and companies.
Provide copies of all items legally
Signing the oath in the company in which the applicant is to be registered and assuming all the responsibilities assigned to him. Remember that in addition to all of the above, individuals must participate in an interview conducted by the company, be legally registered, and have their representative do so under certain conditions.

Citizenship Ecuador

Provide a copy of the contract between the Ministry of Labor and the applicant.
Provide a certificate for payments made to the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguro
Social (Ecuadorian Social Security Administration) is an agency with full powers under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Remember that all documents must be legal.

Immigration requirements to Ecuador – Ecuador Residence
Immigrating to Ecuador is a moderately growing country economically, but great for tourists. Once you get your residence in Ecuador, you can immigrate or travel to the United States much more easily at a lower cost. The country has a temperate climate and pursues its shrimp and oil exports. Also, with new policies, it has been able to achieve good global growth in recent years and introduce itself as a suitable option for immigrants.

Introducing the country of Ecuador
Ecuador has enhanced its oil, shrimp, tourism, foreign investment and macro-policy industries. Studying in Ecuador is of particular importance and they have made good investments in this field. It is interesting to know that the passport of this country has a good ranking in the world and by receiving the permanent residence of Ecuador and the passport of this country, you can travel to 91 countries without the need to obtain a visa.

Benefits of Immigrating to Ecuador
Security: Immigrants are safe in Ecuador, provided they do not talk about their property or make it public.

Accommodation and rental property: There are many affordable places to live that you can rent or buy.

Excellent cultural composition: Due to Ecuador’s immigration, people from different cultures live together in this place, and this is one of Ecuador’s advantages.

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