Emirates Aviation University

Emirates Aviation University


Emirates Aviation University

Emirates Aviation University is one of the pioneers of aviation in the UAE and was the first aviation center to obtain an aviation certification. The field of piloting is one of the most popular and popular fields. One of the choices of students to continue their studies in the field of piloting abroad can be Aviation University. Aviation management is a unique specialty offered by only a few universities around the world and is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the labor market in the aviation industry. Studying at the UAE Aviation College is a four-year program designed to meet international standards of education that aims to focus on the aviation industry and related businesses. UAE Students learn in this college that they combine lectures in the classroom and group activities, seminars by industry experts, and hands-on internships that graduates do well to work on. Have experienced business. The college was established in 1991 by the Civil Aviation Organization to provide aviation education to students and companies. With the development of the college and the increase in the variety of fields of study, young people over the age of 16 have been able to participate in various aviation courses and acquire the necessary skills to enter the job market or continue their studies in the UAE.

Introduction of Emirates Aviation University
The university was founded in 1991 by the Civil Aviation Authority, with the expansion of the college and the addition of various aviation courses, and the acquisition of skills necessary to enter the job market, the demand for further education at this university increased. The university is the main arm of aviation education in the UAE and is known around the world for its commitment to providing training standards in every aspect of the business. Aviation University is headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Saeed Al Maktoum, CEO of the airline, and Professor Ahmad Al Ali Ma’un Sadr Azami. Has acquired and offers a wide range of programs that strengthen students’ aviation expertise and prepare them for the job market.

Emirates Aviation University

Study conditions at UAE Aviation University
Aviation University is the leading educational institution in the Middle East to study aircraft engineering, aviation management, business management, aircraft safety, and security studies. Aviation University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduates degrees with the latest advances and knowledge in the aviation industry. Courses are offered in English at the university and applicants are expected to apply for admission to the university. Provide valid English. The table below shows the courses offered in both undergraduate and graduate courses and executive and vocational training programs at UAE Aviation University.

Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree in Executive and Vocational Education Programs
Aviation Management Aviation Management (HONS) in Aerospace Technology
Aviation Engineer Procurement and Supply Chain Management HONS in Avionics Technology
HONS General Management Software Engineering in Applied Mechanical Engineering
BEG Aviation Safety Engineering in Aerospace Maintenance (Part-time)
Aerospace Engineering Aircraft Security Higher Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Business Management Engineering Executive MBA in Aviation Management
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Aerospace Engineering BSC in Aviation Management
HONS Mechanical Engineering in Applied Commerce
– Design of unmanned aerospace systems for the initial period of FDIC flight dispatcher
– International Human Resource Management Frequent FDRC Deployment Course
– – Manage DRM dispatch resources
– – Extended ETOPS operating procedures
– – International IFP flight planning

Admission Guide from Emirates Aviation University
International students are advised to use the foundation and diploma programs offered at this university in the first step because passing these courses prepares them to start learning specialized courses. Students who are ready for advanced education can choose graduate programs that include fully specialized courses. If you are currently working and want to improve your knowledge, you can take professional courses offered by highly qualified instructors. The specific requirements for entering each of these courses are different, but In general, to be admitted to a university, you must provide proof of success in previous courses, a minimum level of English language proficiency, a photocopy of your passport, and a personal photograph. Note that you may be asked for more documents depending on the case. If you meet the requirements to continue your studies at this university, a conditional admission letter will be issued to you. By obtaining admission from the university, you can take the necessary steps to obtain a UAE student visa. For information on the conditions of study stay in the UAE, you can refer to the article Residence in the UAE through study.

Training at UAE Aviation College
The UAE Aviation College is one of the leading aviation training centers in Asia and the Middle East, with majors in Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, and all aviation majors active in the United Arab Emirates. It seems. Teaching in all disciplines is exclusively in English and the faculty members have been selected from the most experienced professors in the universities of England, Australia, the United States, and Canada. All candidates are tested in English, Mathematics, and Physics.

Emirates Aviation College courses
All disciplines of the college are by the standards and guidelines of reputable international organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the National Council on Trade and Technology (BTEC), the Royal Arts Association (RSA), and the Professional Institute. And the Cambridge University Local Examinations Association. The British Aviation Authority recognizes the College of Aerospace Engineering with a Diploma in Continuing Education. Other degrees issued by this college are also accepted as admission to many universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Emirates Aviation University

Facilities at the university are:

Classrooms and modern office buildings
Equipped library
Computer room
Equipped and advanced language teaching laboratory
dining salon

Admission to Emirates Aviation College
The educational system of this college is a semester and the admission of students takes place in September of each year, in the fields of business management and engineering diploma, in addition to September, you can also attend in January. Admission is based on the applicant’s English language proficiency. If the candidate is ready, he/she can obtain a bachelor’s degree within three years. If not ready, the student is required to complete a one-year course (GFS).

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