Emirates street market

Emirates street market


Emirates street market

Emirates street market – Traditional markets in the UAE have an exciting atmosphere. Their booths are full of local products. They have a traditional atmosphere and show the Arab culture well. Visiting traditional bazaars is a cultural attraction when traveling to the UAE. Almost all tourists plan to visit these markets even once. The UAE tour is a good opportunity to travel to this country and get acquainted with the Arab culture and customs. It does not matter if you are looking for modern attractions or historical and traditional attractions, there are attractions for all tastes in the UAE. Here are some of the traditional UAE markets.

Camel Bazaar, Al Ain
The camel market in Al Ain is the last remaining camel market in the UAE. Sightseeing in this market is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the customs of the local people. In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain is known as the Garden City because it is greener than other areas. If you want to know more about Arabic culture and traditions, Al-Ain is the best place. Access to the market is difficult. About half an hour from the city center by taxi. In this market, camels are put up for auction. It is better to go to the market in the early morning to stay away from the heat.

Carpet Bazaar, Abu Dhabi
If you want to buy original, hand-woven, and quality carpets, be sure to visit this market. Of course, beautiful machine-made carpets with very reasonable prices can also be found in this market. In addition to carpets, other products such as exquisite rugs are also offered in this market.

Emirates street market

Sharjah Central Market – Emirates street market
The market opened in 1979. It is also known as the water market and is a popular market for locals and tourists alike. There are more than 600 stores in this collection that offer a variety of products including jewelry, carpets, perfumes, cosmetics, antiques, and even cameras.

Gold Market, Dubai
Dubai Gold Market is a jewel in the ring of UAE markets. This market has been renovated. If you want to buy gold and jewelry, there is no better place than Dubai Gold Market. All kinds of jewelry are offered in this market at real prices. This market is controlled by the government. All products are original and by the standards. The gold market stalls are open until 10 pm.

Dubai Fabric Market
You can see colorful fabrics and textiles in the stalls of Dubai Fabric Market. Even if you do not intend to shop, walking in a world of traditional and modern colors and designs in this market is an attractive experience that you should not miss. Part of the market is dedicated to the sale of traditional Arabic clothing. Some of the most skilled tailors in the UAE operate in this market.

Masafi Bazaar, Fujairah
This market is located on the route between Fujairah and Dubai. This area is something like an oasis and has freshwater springs. On Fridays, there is a market that is mostly used by locals, but recently it has also attracted the attention of tourists. The products offered in this market are very diverse. From fruits and vegetables to woolen mats, pottery, and toys.

Emirates street market

Spice Market, Dubai
In the spice market, exotic spices are offered from all over the world and in the Middle East. You can easily find this unique market from its distinctive scent and unique colors from afar. The best and freshest spices are offered in this market from all over the world, and visiting this market will be one of the best experiences of your trip to Dubai, especially if you are interested in cooking. Apart from spices, various herbal medicines, aromatic vegetables, Arabic perfumes, and Incense is also offered in the stands of this market.

Dubai Gold Market
Dubai Gold Bazaar is called “Golden Market” in Arabic and is more than just a bazaar. Gold Market is one of the historical symbols of Dubai and part of the cultural heritage of the UAE, and locals and tourists who buy plane tickets to this city consider it a real monument of old and traditional Dubai. Tourists love the atmosphere and architecture of this market and one of their favorite hangouts in Dubai Gold Market. The sunset evenings are very spectacular and it is very pleasant and unforgettable to spend a pleasant evening in one of the shops in the narrow alleys and drink Arabic tea and hookah. To go to the Dubai Gold Market, you must not intend to buy gold. Go to this market to see the old face of Dubai and enjoy its traditional and attractive atmosphere. It is said that there are more than ten tons of gold in this market at any time of the year.

Bazaar Al-Karama – Emirates street market
Another traditional Dubai bazaar that has an old and intimate feel is Al-Karama Bazaar. Many tourists visit this traditional and old market when traveling to Dubai. In the past, everything was sold in this market, and you could find everything from chicken to human life in the Al-Karama market. But over time, the number of these shops decreased and gave way to fashionable and modern shops. However, despite the modern and contemporary shops in Al-Karama Bazaar, the traditional and old feeling still prevails in Al-Karama Bazaar, and it has not lost its purity and warmth. Al-Karama Bazaar opens at 10 a.m. and hosts locals and tourists until nightfall. But most tourists prefer to visit Al-Karama Bazaar at night. Because at night the air is cooler and it is bright and bright everywhere. If you want to buy goods at reasonable and cheap prices during your trip to Dubai, or you want to buy affordable souvenirs for your friends and loved ones by saving your travel budget, be sure to visit Al-Karama Bazaar and buy good quality goods at a reasonable price. Prepare incredible items.

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