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emirates tradition

emirates tradition – Since the culture and customs of the people of Dubai and the heritage of the UAE are closely related to its religion, the Arab Islamic tradition also plays an essential role in the culture of the modern city of Dubai, as it is a tourist city and is world famous. And throughout the year, interested tourists can be seen in abundance, so travelers and followers of other religions are free to perform their religious ceremonies, dress freely and to the liking of each person, alcohol is served in hotels and clubs But you can not drink alcohol freely on the street. Pay attention to this point, because it is a crime and has a fine, and since the fines are heavy in Dubai, with a small mistake, your trip will be a bad memory for you. Meanwhile, the Emirati people are very warm-hearted and hospitable, and unlike us Iranians, who are not happy with the Arabs, they are friendly to the Iranian nation, and you are always greeted with a warm welcome and a smile by the people of this beautiful and modern city. Being in the restaurants and hotels of this city during the holy month of Ramadan, food is served for tourists and travelers. But you should not forget that Dubai is a Muslim city and eating and drinking in public is a crime.
In Dubai, tourists and followers of other religions are free to practice their religion

Dubai, a Muslim city
Although Dubai is a very modern, systematic and complex city, there are still signs of Islamic and Arabic emirates tradition culture and tradition in the corners of this city, which you will undoubtedly see by traveling to this city. This has led many Arabs and Muslims to choose to travel to this city. However, strict laws such as the prohibition of drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, etc. have created a restrictive framework. Other customs of the people of this city are the call to prayer that is heard five times a day and the people flocking to the mosques to pray. All these people have made the Dubai tour a popular tour among Iranians and other Muslim countries. In this article, we will discuss some of the customs of the kind people of this warm and touristic city.

Hijab in Dubai
Although the hijab is mandatory in the United Arab Emirates, Arab and Muslim women are forced to wear a headscarf and wear long, dark clothes, and rotting on these clothes during the holy month of Ramadan is more sensitive. According to foreigners, the policies of this city are very conservative, and at the same time, well-educated women behave more freely and use more comfortable clothing, but those who do not have higher education have no choice but to Be obedient to their multiple wives and use a headscarf or niqab and follow their religion. With all this talk, hijab is not mandatory and all kinds of coverings can be seen in this city, and you can choose your clothes as you like and wear them. Nobody cares about your work, but due to the fact that the people of this city are Muslims and clothes for our comfort. Do not wear it, which is very unusual there.

Dubai official holiday
There are two very important holidays, one of which is Eid al-Fitr, which is important for all Muslims around the world, and the other is the UAE National Day, which is the anniversary of the formation of the UAE and is in fact the UAE National Day, as you can see. It is very numerous, it is a handful and of course, due to being a tourist, many festivals are held in this city at different times of the year and these festivals continue for a month, and these festivals are one of the reasons for attracting tourists to this city. To be.

The situation of women in Dubai
Dear ladies in the emirates tradition , if you are traveling to this beautiful and spectacular city, you should wait for the Arab men to stare and stare, which will make you anxious, but the good thing is that this look of the Arab men is out of curiosity and for You are not in danger, for the convenience of tourists, on the orders of Sheikh Mohammad, men who arrest women who harass women are punished and their photos are published in the newspaper.

emirates tradition

Dubai national costume
The national costume for men is Dashdash or Khandora, which is a long white shirt worn with a white or red cap called a katra, which is held by a black rope called a cal. At important events, sheikhs and merchants wear a thin black or brown robe called “Bisht or Michele” on the dash.

emirates tradition for ladies :

Women wear black robes in public, which is the same as the Arab chador that covers their clothes, which is made of silk. In addition, some women wear thin black masks to cover their faces and gloves. They use a leather mask called “Burf” because it covers the nose, eyebrows and chin.

Conditions of children in Dubai
If another name can be chosen for Dubai, it will undoubtedly be called “Paradise for Children”, because this beautiful and wonderful city is a great place for children, so if you have a child and you plan to visit this city, do not worry at all. Nothing and enjoy your trip safely and one of the most important benefits of living in this law-abiding city for families with small children is that, in Dubai, various entertainments are created for children and other parents are concerned about their children’s entertainment. Do not have; To get the most out of your trip, as well as your children, travel to the city in the winter to enjoy the fresh air and one of the best shopping festivals in January and February. , Be present and know that the many beautiful parks that exist in this city, allow dear parents to enjoy exploring this park, both themselves and their children.

Wedding in Dubai
Weddings in Dubai, as well as throughout the United Arab Emirates, are among the most important and very serious events, and weddings in this beautiful city are held in all its glory and beauty, and houses are lit like in Iran, and usually wedding celebrations. Lasts up to two weeks; Weddings are usually held in hotels and men and women celebrate separately, it is interesting to know that the UAE government provides the wedding budget and long-term loans of 70,000 dirhams.

emirates tradition

Crime and security in Dubai
In this city, we encounter the least crime, so that you can easily travel in this city without fear of being robbed, because Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, but it still works. There is nothing wrong with working hard, and as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so it is better to be careful and keep your valuables and travel documents in a room that is important for storing things, and since we Iranians do not have a credit card. We must have cash with us, it is better to have a small amount of cash with you and be careful with your wallet in crowded places and do not trust strangers, and as you have seen, the culture and customs of the people of Dubai with its spread and Its details can be considered as one of the interesting cases.

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