Entrepreneurship in Mexico

Entrepreneurship in Mexico


Entrepreneurship in Mexico

Entrepreneurship in Mexico – One of the best options to immigrate to Mexico in 2021 is the entrepreneurial approach in Mexico, which we examine in this article. Mexico is located in North America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The country’s economy has great potential under bilateral agreements and North American free trade agreements. Its trade volume with the United States is larger than that of Argentina and Brazil. The US market exports more than 80% of this country.

Entrepreneurship in Mexico

Entrepreneurship in Mexico to control poverty
Lack of access to finance makes it possible for small companies to grow. However, governments have little information on selecting offices with high growth potential and obtaining adequate funding. In this country, researchers are reviewing and evaluating government funding for small offices. High-growth entrepreneurs can start companies that have jobs and income not only for themselves but also for others. Today, lack of access to finance allows them to jeopardize the growth of small businesses. To solve these financial problems and to promote and develop work and innovation, governments have little information in selecting small companies.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship in Mexico in 2021
Researchers in the field of cooperation with INADEM today are conducting a review and evaluation of the effective entrepreneurship program that financial aid on the performance of small and medium enterprises, the best way to target companies with more growth and further development can grow more کردن. In 2021, applicants will be evaluated according to two types of panels: traditional criteria and specialized criteria. Companies with a score higher than the selected threshold in both criteria can use the terms and grants.

Today, projects are designed and evaluated according to traditional criteria, consisting of those with a master’s degree in social sciences and cost-benefit education. Based on the specialized criteria, the selection process in the private investment companies section is similar to other people and they work with more entrepreneurial and specialized experience. There are four criteria in both criteria:

Entrepreneurship team profile
Financial and commercial profitability
Company influences
Technical businesses, etc. that are done by the company.
The Impact of Entrepreneurship
Documents required for entrepreneurship
What documents are required for a work permit? And after informing the staff, what documents should they submit to the embassy of this country:

Provide a copy of the company’s articles of association and terms
Receipt of tax payment in the last 3 months
Copy of identity cards of legal representatives of the company
Letter of introduction signed by representatives of the law
Original passport with at least 6 months’ validity
Presenting 4 pieces of passport-type photos
Submit application form
INM notification letter
Perform consular fees
Types of work visas in Mexico
To obtain a visa, the documents of employees and family members include the following:

Provide a copy of the passport of employees and all family members
Academic and work resume
Job certification, job description, and salary details in this country
Legal birth certificate for foreign employees and their families
Legal certificate of marriage

Jobs required in Mexico
As mentioned, to immigrate to Mexico through work, you must receive a job offer from one of the employers in this country. For this reason, Mexican work visa applicants should check the list of jobs required by Mexico. This list is provided annually by the Government of Mexico. Mexican work visa applicants can easily find the job they are looking for by reviewing this list as well as their specialty. Examining this list, we find that most of the jobs required in Mexico are based on industry and services. Mexico has a large population, but on the other hand, the number of professionals as well as educated people in this country does not reach the quorum, and some jobs in Mexico have vacancies, and employers are looking to use foreign professionals.

Entrepreneurship in Mexico

Salary for Working in Mexico
To better understand working and living conditions in Mexico, people can look at income levels and salaries in Mexico. By examining this amount of income as well as the number of expenses in Mexico, it can be seen whether living in Mexico improves living conditions and welfare or not. Mexican law states that the maximum wage level in this country is 148,000 pesos per month. On the other hand, the minimum wage in Mexico is 8,410 pesos per month. The average income in Mexico is 33,200 pesos, which can vary. Depending on the level of education and work experience, the salary level of each person in the same job can change and be higher.

How to find a job in Mexico
As mentioned, Mexican visa law is that a person must receive an offer or employment contract from the employer before applying for a work visa. So in the first stage to get a work visa, the job search is very important. There are various ways to find a job in Mexico. But today, most people, especially those who want to get a job offer or contract from their destination country, get the job offer they need through job search websites. People can send their resumes to these sites for job search through websites. However, the common and accepted method is that the person should send his / her resume directly to the employer by searching among the job advertisements in which the employers have provided the required job positions. In this method, all the steps of a job search are the responsibility of the person and the applicant is in direct contact with the employer. After reviewing the applicant’s resume and conducting a job interview with the employer and completing the specialist tests, the person can sign an offer or employment contract with the employer and apply for a Mexican work visa.

Employment agencies in Mexico
In addition to the job search websites, we mentioned in the previous section, another way to find a job and get a job offer or contract is a job search agency. These institutions provide services to job visa applicants in person and person. Employment agencies offer programs and classes for applicants to increase their expertise and how to work in Mexico, and by reviewing the applicant’s resume, they correct it and send it to employers who intend to hire a foreign specialist. After reviewing the person’s resume by the employer, a job interview is scheduled for the applicant, and after passing the expertise tests, the person can apply for a work visa in this country by receiving an employment contract. Employment agencies receive a good amount of money for the services they provide to the applicant, which of course depends on the type of work as well as the amount of salary specified in the employment contract as well as the type of preparation classes.

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