Excursion Helsinki

Excursion Helsinki


Excursion Helsinki

Excursion Helsinki – Scandinavia; The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a place in northern Europe. With a little more research, you will find that things like minimalist fashion, smart furniture designs, and exceptional cuisine give this part of the world special features. From Berlin to Brooklyn you can find Scandinavian cuisine, see Scandinavian-style décor and meet people in Scandinavian-style clothing on the street. Of course, there are many signs of Scandinavian style in northern Europe, especially in Copenhagen and Stockholm, but if you go a little further to northeastern Europe, Finland is another place that is waiting for you to explore with its Scandinavian color and smell. It only takes a few hours to get to Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland, to see what a wonderful city Helsinki is. In Helsinki, all the Scandinavian cultural and historical symbols can be seen everywhere in the city.

Travel to Finland – Excursion Helsinki

Helsinki is a clean city located in the middle of the open waters and pristine nature of the northern region. The architecture of the city is extraordinary and the special interest of the people of this city in creative designs can be seen in abundance. The relationship of Helsinki citizens with each other and even with tourists is like an intimate relationship between members of a family. They inspire you with positive energy in the community by being very open and very friendly in their daily communication. Finnish may be the strangest language you have ever heard, but you should know that almost all the people in this city are able to speak English fluently and fluently, and of course, they are fluent in Swedish! If you plan to explore Scandinavia, but still You have not decided which of the countries in this region to travel to, it is better to choose Helsinki instead of Stockholm or Denmark, and you will undoubtedly be very happy with your choice after your trip there. So get ready for a 12-hour tour of Helsinki. You have a long and wonderful day ahead of you.

A Scandinavian breakfast
When traveling to Helsinki, there are two good options for accommodation: beautiful hotels with Scandinavian-style designs that often include dark and vibrant colors (due to the long day there) and rental apartments that you can choose from. Select. You should start your tour with breakfast. You can go to the Anton & Anton Organic Supermarket, which has three branches in Helsinki, and buy some organic produce for breakfast, fresh bread, and hot pastries that are baked right away, and head to the next destination, Senate Lace. Go and have breakfast on the grounds.
The Anton and Anton branch of the Kruununhak neighborhood is closer to the Tori Senate.
Address: Anton & Anton // Mariankatu 18 // Mon-Fri 9 am-8pm, Sat 9 am-6pm Website

Excursion Helsinki

Senate Square – Excursion Helsinki
Senate Square (Finnish: Senate Square) in the heart of Helsinki is one of the most spectacular and famous tourist destinations in the city, with several famous and historic buildings in one place. Most of these buildings were designed by car Ludwig Engel, the oldest of which is the University of Helsinki. But without a doubt one of the most famous and beautiful buildings is the Helsinki Church, which shines with its white facade and green dome against the blue sky of Helsinki. You can sit on the steps in front of the church while enjoying the square and the statue of Alexander II in the middle of the square. Enjoy your breakfast too!

Shopping in Helsinki
In Helsinki, shopping malls are very close to each other, so shopping lovers are comfortable. After breakfast at Senate Square, it is best to visit some of the shops and malls. To start from Senate Square, head to Aleksanterinkatu Street and start shopping at the shops on this street. Of course, our main destination is the Minna Parikka shoe store. This store, which is one of the most famous brands in the field of women’s shoes, offers the most up-to-date and best shoes to its customers at high prices. Minna Parikka is a place that women will definitely enjoy visiting and can make good purchases.

Rovaniemi Finland

Still shopping and what could be better than buying clothes from the most famous Finnish brand? Marimekko is one of the most prestigious and well-known clothing brands in Helsinki and of course in the whole country. The store has several branches in Helsinki and in Finnish cities in general, but the nearest store to you after shopping at the minnaparikka store is a few steps down the left side of Alesksanterinkatu. You will definitely enjoy the special and unique designs of the clothes of this store, which are usually very cheerful colors with designs taken from nature.


Walking in an Artek store is like walking in a museum. The store, which specializes in furniture and home decor, was founded in 1935 by renowned Finnish designers Aino Aalto, Alvar, Maire Gullichsem, and Nils-Gustar, and to this day offers mostly classic furniture with Scandinavian-style designs. And is world-famous. Books and magazines related to furniture design are also offered in this store. Visiting this exquisite store will not be without grace.

Excursion Helsinki

Akateeminen Kirjakauppa
At the corner of Pohjoisesplanadi, you will find the largest bookstore in the Scandinavian region. In this store, you can find even the most exquisite and rare books among about 450,000 books. There is even comfortable furniture in this store so that you can comfortably check the books you want to buy, and with all these definitions, this bookstore can take you hours! So it is better not to lose the greatness there and think more about controlling your time because there are still many places to explore.

Kampin Cappelli
From the bookstore you exit, you will reach the intersection a few steps to the right, where you will go twice to the right and to Mannerheimintie. This wide, busy street takes you to Kamppi Main Station. On Simonkatu Street you can find Kampin Cappelli, also known as the Church of Silence. The exterior of this church is surrounded by woods in a crowded and busy neighborhood, and the tranquility of the inner courtyard separates you from the turbulent world outside. This complex was built in 2012 under the global design program of the capital. It has an interesting architecture and visiting it will not be without grace. At the end of the visit, go to the tram station near Kampin Kappeli and take line 3 or 9 trams that will take you to Kallio. It’s time for lunch. Get off at a station called Kallion virastotalo.

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