Excursion Nice

Excursion Nice


Excursion Nice

Excursion Nice – The beautiful coastal city of Nice is full of attractions and mesmerizing scenery that await visitors. But what if you only have one day? In a short visit, you should visit the stunning beach scenery, jazz, art, and Roman remains of the city, and do not miss any salad. Some activities are suitable for warmer climates, but most attractions can be experienced all year round. If you travel to Nice in the summer, renting a car for 24 hours will be a chore, and the summer traffic on the southeast coast of France is legendary; As a result, this article is a guide to a day trip to Nice, France, where most of the attractions are native. Of course, if you are interested in the history of jazz music, you should go a little further west of the city, which is worth it.

Morning tour and watching the old port and markets
The French do not eat a hearty breakfast and prefer lunch and dinner, so head to one of the old port cafes and enjoy a croissant and coffee while watching the harbor. If this small breakfast is not enough for you, you can also order baguettes, butter, and jam, but we recommend that you keep your appetite for lunch. Watching the boats will be fun. It has been a port since 1745. Stroll around this old port and wander the streets of the old part of the city. Going up and down the old alleys is one of the synonyms for the city of Nice. During the tour, you will encounter some antique and second-hand markets. Puces de Nice is one of these markets, with more than 30 antique shops.

Breakfast in Nice, France – Excursion Nice
After this, you can go to the famous flower market “Cours Saleya”, which has been one of the most popular places in the city since 1897. Browse the booths and enjoy the bright colors, the corridor canopies, and the beauty of the flowers. You can also buy some fresh vegetables and tempting fruits or stop for a small socca for lunch. This delicious local food will be a wonderful combination with a local drink.

Excursion Nice

Artistic and historical afternoon
After watching the daily life of the people in the market, it is time to go to the neighborhood of “Cimiez” (Cimiez) and get to know more about the history and art of this city. Start at the Musée Marc Chagall on Sim سیمe Boulevard. In this museum, you can see the artist’s interpretation of the Bible and the stunning works of Stand Glass. Even Picasso was amazed at Chagall’s understanding of the use of color in his works. Continue along the boulevard to the Simieh residential neighborhood and enjoy the chic and beautiful architecture of the post-World War I era. It was here that large hotels were built in the late twentieth century to accommodate Englishmen who visited the city for the winter. The old villa of Matisse, which has now been turned into a museum, is located in the same area. See. To rejuvenate, you can eat fruits and snacks that you have already bought in the market and at the same time enjoy the glory of the Roman arena. Until 2011, it hosted the Nice Jazz Festival. When the festival became very large, it moved to Place Masséna in the city center. On the way back, visit the 16th-century Franciscan monastery.

Victor Hugo House

Nice noisy night in jazz clubs – Excursion Nice
A trip to Nice would not end without heading to one of its great restaurants. We offer one of the best and most famous restaurants in the city, Negresco. If you do not have a budget problem, you can book a table in Le Chantecler in advance. This two-star Michelin restaurant has a resume on its resume and its highlight menu costs around 230 euros. If you do not want to spend that much, have a drink and a walk on the “English promenade”. There you can order a great dinner at a lower price. If you are looking for something lighter, head to one of the private beaches such as Sporting Plage and enjoy its lively atmosphere and intimate service. After the meal, you can go for a walk around the yard by buying ice cream as a dessert. If you are interested in jazz music, go to one of the jazz clubs such as “Shopko” and “B Spot”. Both clubs are open until late and make for a memorable night.

Excursion Nice

France is one of the main travel destinations for European tour buyers. The country has several tourist cities, each with its charms. In this article, we are going to go to one of the most beautiful cities in France from Finder. The city of Nice is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Cote d’Azur. This city has many tourist attractions that we try to provide good information to you dear ones. Please stay with us until the end.

A full introduction to the city of Nice, France
The city of Nice in France dates back to 350 BC, whose name is also mentioned in Greek documents. Greek historians used to call people living on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea Nikaia, which today is changed to Nice. Of course, some scholars also believe that Nice, in the beautiful sense, is derived from Latin. The city of Nice has a history full of ups and downs. Perhaps because of his experience and patience in various events, it can be acknowledged that this coastal city has been rightly named nice. In the city of Nice, in addition to French culture, you can see the footprints of Italians and English everywhere in the city. Until the 20th century, Nice was considered a great and expensive resort for the affluent and wealthy in France. After World War II, due to the revolution in the tourism and travel industry, ordinary middle-income tourists were able to enjoy the beauties of Nice.

Travel to Nice
Another feature of the French city of Nice, which is also of interest to young tourists, is the existence of a variety of marine entertainment and nightlife. In Nice, most nightclubs and beach resorts offer detailed programs for tourists. As much as people are looking for beach entertainment and good sunshine in Nice, they are also looking for nightlife. Therefore, day or night has no meaning for the people living in the city of Nice, and life flows 24 hours a day.

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