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facts Cuba

facts Cuba – Cuba is one of the Central American countries that has been out of the colonization of Spain and the United States for many years. The capital of Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is Hannah. The presence of a dictatorship in this country and the presence of Fidel Castro at the helm of power have led to interesting laws and astonishing events. Some of these events are more incredible than astonishing. From them, we have selected interesting and interesting points for you, which are located between the historical events and the strange laws of Cuba and its past. Cuba is one of the countries that have been under foreign colonization for many years and has been ruled by a dictatorial government for many years. . All of these issues and historical events cause the existence of strange facts and laws in a country and its past, which we mention 29 in this article:

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean with an area of ​​about 110860 square kilometers.

2. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union transferred more than 150 nuclear weapons to Cuba.

3. Government vehicles in Cuba are legally required to ride pedestrians free of charge.

facts Cuba

4. Cuba is one of the countries with the highest level of literacy. 99.8% of the population of this country is literate!

5. The CIA had a plan to destroy Fidel Castro’s beard using shaving chemicals!

6. Mobile phones were banned in Cuba until 2008!

7. In Cuba, the tourism economy operates with different currencies, volatile pesos that are in balance with the US dollar.

8. John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 Cuban cigarettes just hours before the signing of the sanctions against Cuba!

9. When “Fidel Castro” came to power in Cuba, he immediately ordered the destruction of all board game sets!

10. In 1856 a man left Hannah in hot air with a balloon and has not been seen since.

11. Fidel Castro has said that he has saved 10 working days in a year by not spending time shaving!

12. There is only one halal butcher in Cuba (according to Judaism), and Fidel Castro personally allowed him to stay in his shop and profession and teach Judaism to 1,500 people.

13. In 1940, a 10-year-old boy named “Fidel Castro” in a letter to the President of his country, asked to give him a $ 10, because he had never seen a ten-dollar bill!

14. The United States rents out $ 4,085 a month to Cuba to rent Guantanamo Bay, but Cuba refuses to cash in on these checks.

15. The average income of Cubans in 2013 was 471 pesos (equivalent to $ 20) per month.

16. South Korean serials are very popular in Cuba.

17. After the US Navy visited Cuba in the 1970s, the name “Usnavi” (meaning US Navy) became a personal name!

18. After Hurricane Katrina in the United States, Cuba, and Venezuela, respectively, offered medical aid and gasoline to help the country, but the United States refused all this aid!

19. Fidel Castro was born on Friday, the thirteenth month of the calendar. (If Friday coincides with the 13th of the month, people consider that day very bad.)

20. The CIA operation to invade Cuba and defeat Castro was called “Operation Castration”!

21. In 2013, Cuba was caught sending weapons to North Korea.

22. Obama is the first US president to visit Cuba in 100 years!

23. Only 5% of Cubans have access to the World Wide Web.

24. There are only two countries in the world that are not officially allowed to sell Coca-Cola: Cuba and North Korea.

25. According to reports from various sources, in 2008 Cuba was ranked second in the world in terms of the number of imprisoned journalists.

26. By 1997, communication between tourists and the Cuban people had been virtually outlawed by the Cuban communist regime.

27. In Cuba, every family has a ration booklet that stores food and other basic commodities that are provided at a low cost (costs that are estimated and not the exact market price).

28. The bird “Trogon” is the national animal of this country.

29. Because Fidel Castro did not want to have a cult or a personal fan, there are no streets, buildings, institutions, or places named after him in Cuba.

About the people and the country of Cuba – facts about Cuba
1) Cuba covers an area of ​​about 100,860 square kilometers and is the largest island in the Caribbean.

2) Cuba should be considered one of the most literate drawers in the world. Because only 0.2% of the people are illiterate and the rest are all literate.

3) In 2013, the average income of Cubans was about 471 pesos or $ 20 a month

4) Among the Cuban people, South Korean serial films are very popular.

5) Having a ration book in Cuba is common in every family. In this office, stock of food and other basic goods is written, which can be seen in the amount of money they need to buy them.

6) One of the interesting facts about Cuba is that the national animal of this country is the Trogon bird.

facts Cuba

Historical events of Cuba – facts Cuba
7) When Cuba was in a missile crisis, the Soviet Union transferred more than 150 nuclear weapons to Cuba!

8) One of the interesting facts about Cuba is that Fidel Castro’s beard has been a fascinating point for Americans. So that the US spy agency planned to destroy his beard with a shaving chemical during a program!

Cuba law 

Fidel Castro’s beard
9) One of the historic events was the US sanctions against Cuba. John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 Cuban cigarettes just hours before the embargo.

10) A man left the Cuban capital in 1856 with a hot air balloon and no one has found him since.

11) Fidel Castro is said to save ten working days by not cutting his beard!

12) Another historical and remarkable event is the letter of a boy named Fidel Castro. He wrote a letter to the president of his country in 1940, asking him to give him a ten-dollar bill. Because he has never been able to see the ten-dollar bill up close!

13) Cuba is one of the most stubborn countries in the world. The United States pays Cuba $ 4,085 a month for renting Guantanamo Bay to Cuba, but they do not cash the checks!

14) In the 1970s, the US Navy visited Cuba. Unaware that Cubans have created a personal name in the form of Usnavi!

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