Famous Vienna restaurants

Famous Vienna restaurants


Famous Vienna restaurants

Famous Vienna restaurants – Stomach in Vienna, like other aspects of life in this unique city, is associated with freedom of action. You do not have to search hard to find delicious food, you do not have to settle for canned food or look for McDonald’s fast food; The city has food for every taste.

Retailer Biesel

When you look at Reinthaler’s Beisl from the outside, it looks like a typical restaurant to the extent that you may not even notice it, but it is like a hidden gem in this city. If you ask a Vienna citizen who has more or less information about his city, where can you enjoy juicy schnitzel and delicious food that also has a happy atmosphere, he will probably introduce you to this restaurant. This restaurant is famous in Austria for its warm and friendly atmosphere and serves mainly traditional Austrian cuisine. It can be said that Basil restaurant is a cozy and comfortable place that originally uses the same Austrian recipes but offers extremely simple and reasonably priced food to the customer. This restaurant is located near the Vienna area.

Glass Basel

Glacis Beisl, like Rintler Beisl, is famous for its simple and pleasant environment, but the modern design and menu of the restaurant show the difference between them. The food at this restaurant is based on traditional Austrian recipes, along with very simple classic dishes and innovative dishes. The beautiful outdoor garden of this restaurant is one of its best features, which makes eating in the sun very enjoyable.

Steirereck – Famous Vienna restaurants

Steirereck restaurant can certainly cater to any taste. The restaurant has not won a Michelin star award, which makes it one of the best restaurants not only in Vienna or Austria but also in the world. With its magical hands, the chef of this restaurant has used high-quality local and seasonal products to prepare delicious dishes and creative and extraordinarily secret recipes and has somehow combined the traditional Austrian menu with modern and contemporary changes. Other unique features of this restaurant include a great variety of homemade bread and fragrant cheeses.

Famous Vienna restaurants

Landman Cafe

The culture of the café in Vienna is considered to be part of the city’s roots and origins, so much so that in recent years it has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage of Austria. Café Landtmann has been the favorite place of important personalities such as Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, and many famous cultural figures. You will find a variety of delicious Austrian sweets and cakes, a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in this café. It is not bad to know that apple strudel with vanilla sauce and espresso with milk is the best choice in Lantman cafe.

Fabius Restaurant

As the name implies, this is an Italian restaurant, if in doubt, just take a look at its menu. The quality and variety of the Fabios menu satisfy every taste. This restaurant has delicious food called “primi e secondi” which, along with its luxurious interior design, has made it proud and prestigious. The high leather upholstery, dark wood facade, and soft lighting in this restaurant have made it one of the most classy restaurants in the city.

Lakhota Restaurant – Famous Vienna restaurants

Stew is one of the most famous Austrian dishes, and Tafelspitz is one of them, in which juicy pieces of beef are cooked in a mixture of water and vegetables and served as the national dish of Austria It is known, so we suggest all those who are interested in Austrian food to try this food. The first Plachutta restaurant opened in 1987 near the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace, offering the best of Vienna’s kebabs; Of course, it is better to book in advance. The kebabs here are extremely soft and crunchy and the meat is prepared from local farms. Its intimate and tidy interior revives the feeling of Venice in you.

Constantine Filippo Restaurant

The famous chef of this restaurant, Konstantin Filippou, was born to an Austrian mother and a Greek father, and this multicultural background has greatly influenced the delicious food he cooks. Constantine Filippo Restaurant has recently opened, but in a short time, it has gained the reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Vienna. Here you can see what is going on in the kitchen and at the same time enjoy the great food. Chef Filippo, like an orchestra conductor, has created his cooking symphony that, despite its simplicity, is a festival of flavors and food quality. With his recipes, he takes the customer to the origins of cooking. In this restaurant, you should expect a surprise in every tablespoon.

Central Cafe

This cafe offers very tasty sweets and snacks, but it differs from other cafes in its unique charm and unique environment. Upon entering the Café Central, you will see a huge space from the glamorous but old past. Beautiful arches, marble columns, exquisite large chandeliers, royal furniture, and intricate chair designs are reminiscent of nineteenth-century glory. At Café Central you can order and enjoy delicious coffee, hot chocolate, carbonated water, and other beverages.

Famous Vienna restaurants

Kim Kokht Restaurant

Vienna does not seem to be a good place to set up a prestigious Asian restaurant, but Kim Koocht’s restaurant denies this and changes even the most skeptical minds. Kim, the famous South Korean chef, is the first female chef to be recognized as a skilled chef in Austria. He is very interested in personally offering useful and significant suggestions in choosing the food for his customers. As it turns out, these suggestions also have an impact on the type of food served, and this is what makes this Oriental chef work best to provide quality and delicious food. It is worth mentioning that all the dishes of this Korean chef are prepared from organic products. The display of the kitchen interior, along with the wooden panels used throughout the interior and the white chairs used in the restaurant, provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere for the customer to enjoy his meal.

Pürstner Restaurant

Pürstner Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. This restaurant is a very good and suitable place to eat, offering a happy atmosphere and traditional Austrian food, which is also very important for the customer and his budget. The décor and corner decorations of this restaurant represent the Tyrolean culture of Vienna, which is composed of dark woods, artificial fruit trees, fireplaces, and artificial heads of animals that are placed on the wall, creating a rural atmosphere. In general, it can be said that Pürstner restaurant is a good choice to eat Austrian national food and get the feeling of the Austrian people.

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