Famous Vienna restaurants

Famous Vienna restaurants


Famous Vienna restaurants

Famous Vienna restaurants – The style of food and cuisine in Austria, especially Vienna, its famous capital, is very rich in culture, and the restaurants of this city have their prosperity and development from the Austrian style of food and the influences of international styles of food. Food served in Vienna restaurants, including traditional dishes, and special dishes that are not possible or difficult to prepare at home; These include the classic Wiener Schnitzel’s schnitzels, the Zakha Vini Sachertorte chocolate cake, a dish called Frittatensuppe, originally from southern Germany, or the Austrian national dish, Tafelspitz, made from beef. Be pointed out.

Reinthaler’s Beisl Restaurant

When you look at this restaurant from the outside, it looks like any other normal restaurant in Vienna. This restaurant is superior, it is unknown and it is located in this city like a hidden gem. However, if you ask a Vienna resident who knows at least two important things about his city, he will Seigenthaler’s Beisl is a restaurant with delicious food and a happy atmosphere. This restaurant is known in Austria as a simple and comfortable restaurant with traditional Viennese-Austrian cuisine. In general, it can be said that this restaurant is a small, cozy and comfortable place that uses extremely simple instructions; It offers traditional Austrian cuisine at reasonable prices and is therefore very popular. Reinthaler’s Beisl restaurant is located in the heart of Vienna’s first district, on a narrow street just a few steps from Stephansplatz. Contact number: Austria, Vienna, Graben, Dorotheergasse 4 Dorotheergasse. Phone: 4315131249 +

Glacis Beisl Restaurant – Famous Vienna restaurants

This restaurant is similar to Reinthaler’s Beisl restaurant and is mostly known for its open space behind it. Two design factors of the restaurant space and a special menu have added to the privileges of this restaurant. The restaurant’s menu features traditional Austrian cuisine with classic and innovative dishes. One of the best features of Glacis Beisl is the lovely outdoor space or the garden behind the restaurant, which doubles the food enjoyment for the customer. Glacis Beisl restaurant is located in the Quartier Museum in the cultural center of Vienna and most of its customers The restaurant is made up of cultural lovculturaldress. Contact number: Austria, Vienna, Miurimasplatz 1 Museumsplatz, Zugang Breitegasse 4. Phone: 5265660 431 +

Steirereck Restaurant

The food and environment of this restaurant can cater to almost any taste. The collection has won two stars in the Michelin rankings, which makes it one of the best restaurants in the world. The restaurant’s famous chef, Heinz Reitbauer, uses a variety of local and seasonal ingredients to prepare and serve a variety of Austrian national dishes with its variation innovations. It is worth mentioning that in preparing and cooking the food of this restaurant, very high-quality raw materials have been used and their cooking recipe has been kept secret as a subject and will never be announced. Other unique features of this restaurant include the great variety of homemade bread and handmade cheeses, which has made this restaurant more and more popular. this can be considered a unique and real gem in the heart of Vienna, which is a gift for any true fan of Austrian food. Address and contact number: Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria, + 43 1 7133168

Café Landtmann – Famous Vienna restaurants

The cafes of Vienna are known as part of the culture of the people of this city and are an inseparable part of the cities of this country. For this reason, in recent years, these cafes have been registered as an intangible and cultural heritage of Austria. Among the cafes of Vienna; Landman CafLandmane best choice for those who want to experience spending time snacking and drinking a cup of hot coffee in one of the Austrian cafes. The design of this cafe is very attractive and has a pleasant and captivating environment. Throughout its life, the café has hosted many of the world’s most famous personalities, including Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, Paul McCartney, and many other world-renowned figures in science, literature, and art. There is a wide variety of Austrian sweets and cakes in this cafe and customers can also order a variety of teas, coffee, and chocolate. Critics believe that Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesoße or apple strudel with vanilla sauce and espresso with milk is the best choice in Lantmann caLandmanness and contact number: Universitätsring 4, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 24100100

Fabius Restaurant

This restaurant is very famous in Vienna and with a quick look at its menu, you can see that it offers a variety of Italian dishes. The quality and variety of food and menu of this restaurant are enough to satisfy the strictest tastes and in addition to the chef’s special food called primi e secondi; The exaggerated and very beautiful interior design of this restaurant is also interesting in its leather upholstery, dark wood facade, and soft lighting in this restaurant have made it one of the strangest restaurants in the city. The restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks to customers, and for this reason, the Fabio restaurant is very popular in Vienna and is known to the people of this city and tourists. Address and contact number: Tuchlauben 4-6, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5322222

Plachutta Restaurant

Stew’s kebabStew’sne of the most popular dishes among Austrians and the most famous Austrian tas kebab is called Tafelspitz, in which pieces of juicy beef are cooked in a mixture of water and vegetables and is known as the national dish of Austria. . Opened in 1987, Plachuta Restaurant serves the best of Vienna’s kebabs. TOEFLSPITZ is one of the types of kebabs on the menu of this restaurant and it is recommended to try it for all those who like to experience Austrian cuisine. This restaurant may be a bit crowded and it is better to book a table before going to this place. The kebabs of this restaurant are prepared using high-quality raw materials and soft meat that are bought directly from the surrounding villages.

Konstantin Filippou Restaurant

The famous chef of this restaurant, Constantine Philippos, was born to an Austrian mother and a Greek father, and he has been able to combine Greek and Austrian cuisine with his art and taste and offer delicious food to his customers. Although this restaurant opened last March and is considered one of the new restaurants in the city, in a short time it was able to establish itself as one of the best restaurants in Vienna and gained a lot of fame. This restaurant allows its customers to visit the kitchen and watch how the food is prepared. It is said that this famous chef, like an orchestra leader, can combine different flavors and create a lovely and quality harmony. This has caused Constantine Filippo’s customers to become regular customers and return there after a meal. The motto of this restaurant is also an interesting phrase with this theme: surprise in every bite awaits you. Address and contact number: Dominikanerbastei 17, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5122229

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