Finland Married

Finland Married


Finland Married

Finland Married – Another way to get a residence permit in Finland is through marriage, which has received a lot of attention in recent years from people in different countries. Most countries in the world also issue residence and citizenship permits to their spouses through marriage. In order to obtain a residence permit in Finland, the process must be considered when it depends a lot on whether you are married to a Finnish citizen or a person who is the only resident of Finland. To complete the necessary time process to obtain a residence permit in Finland, and after a few years and taking into account the necessary conditions, to obtain Finnish citizenship. Applicants who marry a Finnish citizen will have a shorter time process than a person who is a permanent resident of Finland.

Residence in Finland through marriage
Applicants who are married to a Finnish citizen can apply for residency in Finland and must complete the required forms and provide the required documentation. Applicants for residence through marriage should not be barred in this regard, and this possibility is provided for them to be able to obtain a Finnish engagement visa and enter Finland. Individuals wishing to marry a Finnish citizen or a resident of Finland are required to submit a legal application for a marriage or engagement visa with the person concerned, and the person must provide evidence that an applicant is a person. Previously unmarried and single. Married persons will not be able to apply for a marriage visa or marry a person who is a Finnish citizen or resident in the country. If the previous spouse of the married person has died, he/she is obliged to put the death certificate of his / her spouse in the application file, and in case of separation, he/she must present his / her divorce documents in full. Another thing that applicants for residence in this country through marriage should consider is the presentation of documents that show sufficient knowledge and interest between him and a Finnish citizen or a person residing in this country.

Finland Married

Applicants for residency through marriage must provide proof that the marriage between him and Finn is genuine. If the examination shows that the marriage is formal, the applicant will lose the chance to obtain a residence permit in Finland and may no longer be allowed to enter Finland. On the other hand, a person who resides in Finland or has acquired Finnish citizenship is required to provide a passport and the exact address of his / her place of residence along with financial documents and to prove that he/she can cover all living expenses of himself/herself and his / her spouse. They are applying for residency through marriage in this country. If it is not possible for them to enter Finland legally, they will be able to have an international marriage in a third country and thus enter Finland and obtain residency in this country. . After receiving a Finnish engagement or marriage visa, applicants can apply for a residence permit in Finland and acquire Finnish citizenship after several years of continuous residence in Finland.

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Finnish law for marriage through marriage is such that there is no difference between men and women, and people who have Finnish citizenship and residence can apply for a visa for their spouse if they marry someone who is a citizen of another country. Proof of marriage and documents such as family photos are among the documents that applicants for Finnish citizenship through marriage must provide to prove that their marriage is real. People who enter Finland through marriage can apply for a Finnish passport after a while. During your stay, you can study for free at a prestigious Finnish university and get a work permit. Will have. The documents submitted for a Finnish engagement or marriage visa must be completely complete in order for the documents to be examined by the embassy at the appointed time and the person to receive a Finnish marriage visa in a shorter time.

Documents required to obtain a Finnish marriage visa
Applicants for a Finnish marriage visa must submit documents to the Finnish Embassy, ​​which are divided into three categories. The first category is the identity documents of the applicants, which can include a passport, photo, identity card, and marriage certificate, and such documents. These documents are required for both parties and must be submitted in full on the application form. Tax and other matters are mentioned. In the third category are documents that are of great importance and without them, it would not be possible to obtain a Finnish marriage visa. These documents show the authenticity of the marriage and it is mandatory to put them in the file. Printing of all telephone numbers and family photos are among the documents that must be submitted by applicants for residence in Finland through marriage.

Finland Married

It goes without saying that the documents mentioned are different for different people and individual conditions and not all people provide the same documents. In order to put the documents in the file, the conditions of the applicant and his / her Finnish spouse are first considered. Another point that must be observed by the applicants regarding the documents is the placement of accurate translations of all the documents that are delivered to the Finnish Embassy and have a great impact on the examination of the documents. They can easily enter Finland but have to live in the same house with their spouse for a certain period of time. If the marriage of a Finnish citizen is proven to be formal, the person will be deprived of residence in Finland and will not be able to enter Finland.

In Finland, the education system is free and compulsory from the age of 7 to 16. In addition to not having government tuition, it covers all the expenses of students in this degree, including food and books, and other stationery. Compulsory courses in Finland are in Swedish or Finnish, depending on the choice of the family, and English is taught to students during their studies. After completing the compulsory course, students can go to school if they wish. Go to science and applied or high school, which covers the age of 16 to 19 and is part of the optional education. Finally, students can go to university and have higher education. It should be noted that Finland has an entrance exam for undergraduate courses at the university and most of the undergraduate courses are usually in Finnish.

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