Finland Pharmacy

Finland Pharmacy

Finland Pharmacy

Finland Pharmacy – Studying in Finland, especially studying pharmacy in Finland, is very popular. Because Finnish universities follow the best education system. Study migration is one of the most possible ways to immigrate to Finland. Of course, it should be borne in mind that any study admission, especially in 2022, will not lead to a student visa. This article deals with the subject of pharmacy education in Finland and analyzes it from different aspects according to the 2022 law. There are different ways to immigrate to Finland. But most people choose to study in Finland, which is one of the best options. The purpose of writing this article is also to introduce the top Finnish universities in this field. We want to present other materials about this to you dear ones.

Study of pharmacy education in Finland
Pharmacy education in Finland is usually offered in two languages, Finnish and Swedish. Therefore, the condition of studying in this country is to present a degree in one of these two languages. It goes without saying that English is taught in a limited number of private pharmacy universities. It should be noted that, unlike other countries, English is recognized as a third language in Finland. Obtaining a degree in pharmacy can lead to a smoother career path in this country. Applicants will also be able to obtain a work residence permit in Finland with the support of a study credit. The validity of the degree can also lead to employment in European countries. In the study of pharmacy in Finland, the relevant courses are offered to students in 2 levels:

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (farmaseutti)
Master of Pharmacy (proviisori)
Regarding the study of pharmacy in Finland, the number of courses that an undergraduate student must pass is 180 credits. After passing this number of courses, the student succeeds in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. The bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in this country is 3 years. On the other hand, in the master’s degree, the student must pass 120 courses. After that, they are allowed to obtain a master’s degree in pharmacy. The duration of study in this course is 5 years.

Benefits of studying pharmacy in Finland
Studying pharmacy in Finland can offer many benefits to applicants. Hence, many applicants immigrate to Finland based on the valuable benefits of studying in this field. Applicants to study pharmacy in Finland will also be able to apply for a post-study residency in Finland based on the benefits available to the field. Some of the benefits of studying this field in Finland are:

Possibility to work after graduation
Job and social status
Favorable salary for post-graduate work
Possibility to work while studying

Obtaining a Finnish student visa
Obtaining a Finnish student visa is one of the most important steps in migrating to Finland. Applicants applying to study pharmacy in Finland are required to obtain a study visa. Studying pharmacy in Finland is a unique opportunity for students to enter the field of medicine. Of course, it should be noted that other medical disciplines, such as dentistry, have higher incomes. The Finnish student visa application process is described below.

Finland Pharmacy

Documents for obtaining a Finnish student visa
Applicants to study in Finland must obtain a student visa. Therefore, they are required to provide the documents requested by this country, which are:

Acting of Finland

Completion and submission of the Finnish visa application form by the applicant
Submission of certificate of admission from a Finnish university or higher education institution
Provide a printout of the applicant’s bank account
Proof of financial ability of the applicant to study in this country
Presenting the original identity card
Provide a certificate of no criminal record or criminal record
Provide the original and photo of the applicant’s passport that is valid.
Provide a passport photo
Submission of accommodation lease or accommodation reservation by the applicant

Reputable universities for studying pharmacy in Finland
To study pharmacy in Finland, the following universities are recommended, which are among the best in Finland:

Top universities studying pharmacy in Finland QS world ranking
University of Helsinki 107
University of Eastern Finland 498
University of Abu 541

Degrees related to studying pharmacy in Finland
The universities of pharmacy in Finland mentioned having a duty to train pharmacists. After studying, they can work in a wide range of related jobs in Finland or other countries.

These activities include:

Drug development
Formal duties in the pharmacy department
Patient-centered tasks in pharmacies and hospitals
These universities offer various undergraduate (Bachelor of Pharmacy) and Master of Pharmacy courses. They are also responsible for educating Swedish postgraduate students in the field of pharmacy in Finland. In addition, these universities offer postgraduate degrees in pharmaceutical sciences and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences, as well as a doctorate in philosophy of pharmaceutical sciences. The purpose of the degree of Pharmacy is to train specialists in the field of pharmaceutical work throughout the health care sector and to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain and enhance professional specialties.

Qualifications in Pharmacy in Finland

Language of Study in Finland Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in pharmacy are mainly Finnish. Only a few courses are held annually in English. International applicants are therefore required to be fluent in Finnish or Swedish when applying. Admission to undergraduate and graduate courses is based on the entrance exam.

Finland Pharmacy

The bachelor’s and master’s degree qualifications offered by the School of Pharmacy, which last a total of 5 years, are as follows:

Degrees During the course
Bachelor of Pharmacy Sciences 3 years
Master of Pharmacy 2 years
It should be noted that the condition for entering the master’s degree in pharmacy is to have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Finnish universities. Applicants with another bachelor’s degree from Finland or a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or another subject from abroad cannot participate directly in the master’s program.

Hiring pharmacists in Finland
Students in this country have the opportunity to work 25 hours a week on holidays and leisure without obtaining a work permit. They are also able to work full time during the break between 2 semesters. In this way, they will cover both their living and educational expenses and gain work and educational experiences.

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