Finnish identity

Finnish identity


Finnish identity

Finnish identity – The people of Finland have a very strong feeling for their homeland and are known as patriotic people in the world. The sense of patriotism that exists among the people of Finland actually stems from the history of this country. Finland is a country with many sports and war honors, but now its advances in technology have made it world-famous. Many people around the world are unfamiliar with the Finnish people or even the country’s historical figures, and Finns have tried in recent years to introduce their history to the world.

The religion of the Finnish people – Finnish identity
One of the most important things among Finns is their religion of the Finns. Of course, Finns do not know much about other religions and have nothing to do with the religion of different people. Most Finns follow the Lutheran Church, and only a small portion of the population is Greek Orthodox. We must also point out that the secular view of the Finnish people is such that religion has no role in their daily lives and that people live and work without regard to this. They value its membership and try to preserve the value of people and their religious beliefs. Finns do not know much about different religions, and if you come across someone who is Finnish, you should not expect to know about the famous customs of your religion.

Finnish identity

The language of the Finnish people
Finns use Finnish and Swedish to communicate with others. Finnish is not widely used in other countries and only a small proportion of Estonians are able to understand Finnish. The Finnish people try to spread the Finnish language among different people through their comprehensive education in Finnish schools and universities. Most people living in Finland are fluent in English and English is the most profitable in business, but the language of the Finnish people, as mentioned earlier, is Finnish and Swedish. The people of Finland know a variety of languages, one of which is One of them is German, although it is not widely used in Finland at the moment, people over the age of 50 have learned Finnish as their second language in the past. It should be noted, however, that most Finnish offices use both Finnish and Swedish to manage and communicate with others.

The values ​​of the Finnish people
One of the most important things that can be said about the values ​​of the Finnish people is equality and justice. In Finland, all persons present are equal and justice is treated equally for all. Finnish men and women have equal rights in Finland and this is of great importance and value to the Finnish people. Integrity and honesty are other values ​​of the Finnish people that must be respected. When dealing with Finnish citizens, it is better to pay attention to all the promises and promises made and meet the deadline. Finns are very sensitive to lies and inaccuracies and consider them a bad trait. Effort and punctuality are among the values ​​of the Finnish people that are highly valued. Appointments with the staff and the doctor need to be on time to create good money for you.

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Another value of the Finnish people is humility and modesty, which are very important to the Finnish people. People in different groups do not try to show off and do not speak in a voice that is louder than usual. If you want to socialize with Finns, it is better to avoid gossip and pay more attention to others and listen to them. One of the habits of Finns is that no one goes home without coordination, so if you want to Enter someone’s home You must first coordinate with your host. Even without close coordination, the presence of Finnish citizens in the home is one of the things that will upset them. Even close friends are no exception to this rule and must coordinate with someone before entering the house. They value themselves and do not want anyone to enter their privacy without prior coordination. Another habit of Finns is not to wear shoes indoors, so we recommend that you take off your shoes before entering the house. Of course, it is also possible to ask your host about taking off his shoes and ask for his opinion.

Finnish identity

Greetings in Finland – Finnish identity

One of the customs that the Finnish people care about is the etiquette of greeting Finland. One way to communicate and greet people in Finland is to shake hands. In the suburbs, no one is greeted except acquaintances. Of course, sometimes first-degree relatives and close friends may greet each other by hugging, but Robusti is not common and Finns often do not do this. They want to talk to a Finnish person, they have to look at the other person. The reason for this is the lack of honesty of the person who looks to the other side or tries to look down when speaking. This is not accepted by the Finnish people and is considered an insult.

Food Culture of the Finnish people
The food that Finns eat consists of meat, potatoes, pasta, rice, and fish. Finns eat two hot meals a day, and adults eat milk with their meals. Coffee is one of the most important beverages used in most ceremonies and parties. The price for alcoholic beverages is very high and according to Finnish law, young people have an age limit when it comes to buying alcoholic beverages. They are only able to pay the reward if they want to thank for the good service. Most restaurants in Finland offer their food at the highest prices, and most people who go to a restaurant together do their share. Will pay. If you want to entertain your friends, it is better to make your request politely and respectfully at the end.

Sauna among the people of Finland
One of the most important items in Finnish culture is the sauna. The sauna is very important among Finns and calms people down. Going to the sauna is one of the things that Finns often go out with friends and business partners as well as family.

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