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food Paris

food Paris – Beautiful Paris is not just a city of lovers and historic buildings and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is also known for its wonderful cafés, restaurants, and French cuisine. The culture of a country is always tied to its food and culinary characteristics. French food is an important part of French culture. Tasting famous French food can bring you a close experience of that culture. One of the ways that can take you directly to the history and culture of a country is the special food of that country. For example, you may want a chocolate croissant all over the world, but drinking this simple croissant in Paris, which is the origin of crescent bread, has a different feeling. Join us to introduce you to some of the most delicious French food and the best food in Paris.

French baguette
Perhaps one of the best dishes in Paris and of course the simplest is this French baguette. Baguette means magic wand. This bread, which has a long history in French cuisine, is very tasty, especially if it is hot and fresh, and if eaten with local French dairy products such as famous French cheeses such as berry or gruyere, it will be a very delicious experience. If you want a tasteless Experience like a baguette Buy from a genuine and safe bakery like Le Grenier a pain. This bakery has a good record of winning the best baguette competitions. Serving famous French food is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists who travel to this country every year using the European tour and the Paris tour.

Crème brûlée – food Paris
If you want to try one of the most famous French desserts along with French cuisine, you should go for creme brulee. This dessert, also known as burnt cream, is a delicious dessert whose raw material is cream and is usually served in single-person earthenware bowls called Ramekin. This dessert is made with thick custard and hard caramel is poured on it. The custard of this dessert can have different flavors, but its famous flavor is vanilla.

Steak Frites – food Paris
One of the best dishes in Paris is a plate full of steak and french fries, the best restaurant to experience is Le Relais de entrecote. The steak and ferrite plate of this restaurant is not the best food, but only the food of this restaurant. That’s why it serves as a classic work of art in the best way. In the past, meatballs were used to make this steak, but today, rib meat or Scotch fillet is used.

food Paris

Croque monsieur
If you are looking for French-style food, do not miss Croc Monsieur. This French dish is a kind of ham sandwich with cheese (something that is an integral part of French food culture), which of course is very different from the hamburger that you have in mind. In this sandwich, melted cheese is poured on the ham and along with a large amount of tasty sauce, it is placed next to the slices of bread.

Ever thought about eating a snail? It is true that for many tourists in Paris, eating snails may seem strange or even disgusting, but the truth is that this food is one of the most popular French dishes and it is hot with garlic cloves and Plenty of butter served. If you want to experience the best of Parisian cuisine, head to L’Escargot Montorgueil.

Gratin dauphinois
In French cuisine, especially in French cuisine, potatoes are the main ingredient. The same goes for gratin, thin slices of potato that are layered on top of each other in a bowl soaked in butter and garlic and cooked with milk or cream. This food has a mild and pleasant taste, but choose it as a dessert. Do not eat it but eat it as a main dish because gratin is one of the French dishes that are very heavy. Serving famous French food is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists who travel to this country every year using the European tour and the Paris tour.

Souffle is one of the best Parisian dishes that can be included in French sweets and desserts. Souffle means to blow or blow, which is a subtle reference to the famous souffle puff. This delicious and classic dessert is made from beaten egg whites and flour. It is also sweetened with sugar, but sometimes it is cooked as a French dish with fish, oysters, meat, or vegetables. The main characteristic of a souffle, as its name implies, is that it swells 2 to 3 times after being placed in the oven. Do not miss the experience of this popular French dish, whether as a dessert or as a meal.

food Paris

If you are looking for a light and nutritious meal, you should try Kennel. Connel, a dumpling-like French dish, is cooked with breadcrumbs, eggs, and fish or meat in an oval shape. This food is light and nutritious because it is cooked without oil and with very little water.

Few people have not heard of Ratatouille these days. Probably all of us remember this food from the famous animation of the chef. One of the best dishes in Paris, which is also traditional food and a combination of vegetables. In this dish, various types of Mediterranean vegetables such as eggplant, squash, mushrooms, and… that are rooted in the city of Nice are used and served with delicious spices. Be. Experience the taste of this delicious food is one of the favorites of tourists who travel to this country every year using the European tour and the Paris tour.

You can not go to Paris but return without eating Pierre Hermé’s delicious pasta. This famous and popular French pastry that is baked in different colors and unique flavors can be one of the French desserts that you can take as a Parisian souvenir for your loved ones.

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