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Frame Dubai


Frame Dubai

Frame Dubai – Dubai is one of the most attractive and modern cities in the world, which always tries to be in the first ranks in the world in creating visual beauty and being a pioneer in the field of design and architecture of its buildings. Among its famous buildings is the photo frame tower, which can be said to be one of the unique architectural attractions of this city. Dubai has introduced this beautiful structure to the world as one of its new surprises.

Frame Dubai

A tower in the shape of a photo frame with a gold cover

Dubai Photo Frame Tower is one of these structures that dazzles the eyes of most of the viewers and visitors of this city. This beautiful tower, which has a golden steel cover as a symbol of its gold, has become known as the largest photo frame in the world. Some tourists decide to travel to Dubai just to visit this big photo frame. The stunning beauty of this different tower attracts every viewer. But behind the stunning beauty and the countless descriptions and attributes it has, the tower has a story that is not beautiful at all.

View of the bases of the frame tower – Frame Dubai
The tower, said to be different from the original design by Mexican architect Fernando Donis, was stolen in a competition to design the tower in 2008. A group of architects and critics consider this beautiful tower as a great symbol of violation of copyright law and the right of the creator of the work in the world. Fernando Dennis claims to have won the $ 100,000 prize at the Thyssen Group International Elevator Architecture Competition, hosted by the Dubai Municipality in 2008, with a design similar to the photo frame tower. . During Dennis’ complaint against the builders and executors of the structure and telling many stories to Thyssen Group and the Dubai Municipality, he claimed that not only was he not involved in the construction of the structure, but he was not paid any compensation. . Finally, in 2013, it was decided that Denis and the City of Dubai would sign a contract, which, of course, Denis did not sign.

Dubai Frame Tower from the bottom view – Frame Dubai
Denis stated that the reason for not signing the memorandum was that the clauses of the memorandum state that he is not allowed to use this plan in any of his company’s advertisements, it was also mentioned that the team He will only be allowed a little interference in the construction of this structure. Meanwhile, the company in charge of the construction of this building will be able to terminate this contract with Donis through the Dubai Municipality. The case of Donis and the Dubai Municipality is still ongoing, but it has not affected the construction of this beautiful building so far, and this frame-like tower has now become one of the top attractions in Dubai. Denis said the reason for participating in the competition was that it was under the auspices of UNESCO and was very credible, but UNESCO has not yet commented on the matter. But let’s hear from the claims of the Dubai Municipality, which says that this structure has a sleek design compared to the Denis design, and it is very different from the original design.

View from the bottom of the frame tower
Of course, Denis also denied this claim, saying that the dimensions of the building were exactly the dimensions I had in mind. Even the place where the tower was built in the place I specified for my design. Let alone the name of the structure, which is exactly the name I had in mind. Leaving aside these fights, we come to a giant golden photo frame that is 150 meters wide and 93 meters wide. This photo frame is made in an extension that makes the skyline of Dubai more spectacular. This tower is like an observatory that gives its visitors an attractive and wonderful view of old Dubai and new Dubai in the north and south of the city. This beautiful photo frame was unveiled for the first time on January 1 of the New Year, and visitors flocked to this city to attend the opening. The two towers, which are the bases of this frame, are connected by a 93-meter bridge, and visitors can cross both sides of the bridge.

Frame Dubai

Overview of Dubai Frame Tower
You should not miss the 360-degree view of this tower. You can visit this beautiful structure and other attractions of Dubai by buying plane tickets and booking your hotel from Elie Gesht and enjoying your relaxing journey. On the ground floor of the tower, there is a museum that shows how Dubai has evolved from a fishing village to a modern city. Dubai Municipality plans to introduce this tower as one of its most important attractions next to Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. When visiting this beautiful building, keep in mind that the Dubai Frame can only accommodate 200 people per hour on each side of the tower. Before buying a ticket, be sure to consider the date and time so that it is not canceled or delayed.

Dubai’s frame of eye-catching tourist attractions
Many tourists and tourists travel to Dubai to see the tourist and historical sites of the city. Dubai shines in the world these days because of its modern buildings and structures, and this has led us to discuss one of the extraordinary buildings of this tourist city in today’s discussion. Dubai Frame is the name of this place or spectacular structure that attracts the attention of every viewer. This structure, along with other soaring buildings in Dubai, is included in the list of attractive and spectacular places in this area. The largest photo frame in the world is called this unique and fascinating structure. The golden surface of its surface has made this building known as the Golden Tower of Dubai Photo Frame these days. In addition to its visual and stunning features, this building also tells a strange story that will be interesting and readable for many tourists. If you are also a traveler of this tourist city, we recommend that you do not miss seeing this golden structure before any action and follow its interesting story.

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