France longest river

France longest river


France longest river

France’s longest river – France has beautiful rivers that flow through its towns and villages, giving us a stunning view of the majestic rippling waters under old bridges or terraces along rivers and magnificent palaces and mansions. Almost all executive departments between local and national communities are named after one or two rivers that flow through them. There are thousands of rivers in France that, when you look for them, come across letters you have never heard of. There are two types of rivers in this country; One falls into the sea and the other does not. Among the few rivers that flow into the sea, we can mention “Sen”, “Ron” or “Loire”. In the continuation of this guide, note that the longest rivers I have mentioned are classified according to the current section in France, which eventually reach the sea. This list will change slightly if we want to calculate the entire length of the rivers.

France is one of the European countries whose capital is Paris. The geography of France is very convenient. Which is due to the temperate climate and many rivers. French culture is very rich in art, literature, and music. France is one of the most important industrial countries in the world, which has made the French economy in good condition. The charm and beauty of the French capital or “city of cities”, according to Victor Hugo, is eternal. Over the centuries, each generation has added its own story and each layer is full of historical events and complexities. If you are planning to travel to France and get a French visa, Paris, which survived largely during the two world wars, has been built over centuries of careful urban planning. Its buildings and museums give you a sense of familiarity. As a result, “City of Light” has long attracted artists, writers, philosophers, and composers. As Jean Gerardo (1882-1944) puts it, “Parisians are proud to be part of the city where most thinking, speaking and writing are done.”

Loire River – France’s longest river
With a length of 1,013 km, the Loire is the longest river in France and its source is located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. The river crosses a large part of the country before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The Loire has a humble beginning in the northwest and then extends to the eastern parts of the Loire Valley. The river passes through vineyards, amazing gardens, and beautiful palaces. Towards the end of the route, Nantes hosts the Loire and eventually flows into the Atlas from St. Nazaire.

France longest river

River Sen
The Seine River, with a length of 776 km, is in second place. This river is more famous than all its competitors for its amazing passage through Paris, and if you go to this city on a tour of France, you will see it. Its source is located 30 km northwest of “Dijon” and then moves to the northwest. The river then reaches the Fontainebleau grove and then flows through Paris.

Garonne River – France’s longest river
Garonne is 575 km long in the Pyrenees of Spain and originates in the highlands of Aragon. The river crosses Toulouse and flows into the Mediterranean via the Canal du Midi. At 16 miles from Bordeaux, Garon joins the Dordogne River and forms the mouth of the Gironde River, Europe’s largest.

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Rhone River
Rh ۵ne, 545 km long in France, originates in Switzerland and after crossing Lake Geneva enters the southern mountains of the Jura in France. The first city Ron passes through is Lyon, from where it joins the Sâone River. From here the river flows directly to the Ron Valley in the south. Ron connects Vienne, Valence, Avignon, and Arles, from where it splits into two parts, one of which empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

Dordoni River
The Dordogne River, with a length of 483 km, is in fifth place. The river originates in the Auvergne Mountains and opens its way through a series of deep straits. On its way, Dordoni passes by beautiful palaces on the hills. To see its magnificent views, we suggest you go to the Marqueyssac Gardens. The river eventually flows into the Atlas.

French mountains
In France, there are famous mountains such as the Alps (370 km south of the north) and Mont Blanc (4 4807 m). The latter has the highest peak in Europe. The forests in the Jurassic Mountains, located near the Alps, are thicker. (Its height reaches 3000 meters). In the center of the country, the peaks of Poy de Sansi (height 1886 meters) increase. In these areas, start your long journey from the beautiful rivers in France. In addition, the mountains divide the country into different climatic zones. These are the peaks of Seven (the western regions have a humid climate, and the eastern valleys are drier). There are also the Vosges Mountains (about 1400 m) and the Ardennes (more than 700 m).

France longest river

Almost all rivers in France start at the foot of the Central Mountain and flow into the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean. The roots of the Garonne River (length – of 650 km) are located in the Pyrenees of Spain. In France, it crosses Bordeaux and Toulouse and goes to the Atlantic Ocean. Its main tributaries are Lo, Tarn and Dordogne. He has a bold nickname because of his anxious current – “Angry Cow”. It comes from Ron Glacier in the Swiss Alps. Its largest branches are Isere, Sonna and Durance. The legend of the lake (Switzerland) flows through the famous January.

It is the longest river with a very beautiful name. It is the largest in Europe in the West Rhine, which is the most unique and beautiful river in Europe. Its basin is an area equal to the land of England or Italy. Its length is 1020 km. It is indeed the longest river in France and its roots are in the central sand. However, navigation here is only developed downstream. Its most complete months – are December and January (water volume increases by about 8 times). Its beaches are of great value due to the presence of white limestone used to build temples and palaces. Before this river, there were important trade routes and it was called the “Queen River”. Enjoys fabulous views of its beaches, where you can see magnificent medieval palaces with unique architecture and curious history.

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