French restaurants

French restaurants


French restaurants

French restaurants – The French have a proverb that says, “If you tell me what you eat, I will tell you what kind of person you are.” This proverb shows how much the French care about the food they eat. French cuisine and French restaurants below may help you to eat delicious food in this country.

Have a French breakfast!
The first thing that catches your eye at a French breakfast is probably the bread. The French often eat baguettes; The original French do not buy the baguette they need from the supermarket but made them in a bakery. To choose a baguette, you have two options: an ordinary baguette and a traditional baguette. The main difference between traditional and traditional baguettes is that there is no additive in the composition of traditional baguettes and they are never frozen. The second element of French breakfast is jam. You can try different types of jam in France; Strawberry, red berry, peach, orange, rhubarb, and fig jam are among your options. Butter is another ingredient in French breakfast; You can choose salty and sweet butter according to your taste. Many French people can not start their day without coffee; Coffee or tea is another part of French breakfast. Unlike the English, who drink their tea with sugar, milk, or something sour, the French prefer not to put anything in the tea. It is not strange to see sweets on the French breakfast table; Croissant, a crescent-shaped pastry, and chocolate bread are two popular French pastries for breakfast.

Which Paris restaurants should I visit? L’Arcane Restaurant
To eat beautifully decorated and of course expensive food in Paris, you can go to Bakken restaurant. Creamy double tables and comfortable chocolate chairs will catch your eye as you enter this small restaurant. The street side of this restaurant has a glass view and by reserving the tables behind this view, you can enjoy the street view.

French restaurants

Sea bass and oysters
Seafood bass and oysters of this restaurant are French dishes that increase your saliva secretion. In this restaurant, the food is served to you in 3, 4, or 5 courses and you can choose one of these items. The service price of 3 surprise courses is 66 Euros, which ends with 90 Euros for a drink. The exploration menu, which is served in 4 courses, costs 84 Euros and for a drink, you have to pay a total of 116 Euros. For 105 euros you can enjoy the restaurant’s 5-course service, which costs 146 euros with a drink. At L’Arcane restaurant you can order French and European food. Vegetarians also have no problem in this restaurant and can order their food.

Miami Restaurant
Like L’Arcane, this restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Paris. The name of this restaurant stands for Museum Mile; One mile from Fifth Avenue in New York City, which houses many museums. The Wax Restaurant, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, is just a few steps from the Louvre. The wax restaurant lunch is offered in two menus: the 2-course menu, which costs 29 euros, and the 3-course menu, which costs 35 euros. The menu of this restaurant varies according to the ingredients that are available in the market. The restaurant’s dinner is also offered in two menus, 4-course, and 6-course; The price of a 4-course menu is 48 Euros and the price of a 6-course menu is 66 Euros.

Cannes Restaurants 

Wasabi ice cream
One of the delicious desserts of Mumi restaurant is Wasabi ice cream. Wasabi is a type of Japanese horseradish that you can try in several French restaurants. Beverage glasses and food glasses make the decor of this restaurant very spectacular. Maya, one of the customers of Waxy Restaurant, wrote about this restaurant: “Waxy restaurant was wonderful! “The food was like a work of art and the taste is indescribable, because it was so interesting and surprising.”

Les Apotres de Pigalle Restaurant
This restaurant is currently ranked third among the more than 15,000 restaurants registered in Paris on the Trip Advisor website. Les Apothecary de Pixel is one of the average restaurants in Paris in terms of price, and at a reasonable price, you can eat the food you want in this restaurant. You can go to this restaurant to eat South American and European food; You will also find a variety of drinks here. Barrel-shaped tables like this restaurant, which can be sat around for drinks and food, are some of the things that distinguish this place from other restaurants in Paris.

French restaurants

La Jacobine Restaurant

Duck confetti is one of the foods that should not be missed on a trip to France; To cook this food, duck is cooked in its fat. Duck confetti is baked all over France, but its roots go back to the Gascony region. La Jacobin’s restaurant in Paris is where you can eat one of the best duck confetti in the city. La Jacobin is one of the average restaurants in Paris in terms of price and you have to pay 19 euros to eat duck confetti. Users on the Foursquare site gave the restaurant a score of 8.8.

Duck Confection
In Gascony, all parts of a duck are used for cooking. For example, it cooks soup with a duck neck. The yellow color of the walls and the crimson chairs of this restaurant has given it a special beauty. Paintings on the walls are another thing that catches your eye in this restaurant. La Jacobine, like many restaurants, has a small space and if you do not book a table, an empty table may not be available. French and European dishes are your options at this restaurant.

Argana Restaurant
Would you like to eat Moroccan food in Paris? Arna restaurant is a good place to do this. At this restaurant, you can try Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine at a low price. The family-run Arna has a friendly atmosphere. Majdi and Fatemeh, the couple who run this restaurant, will do their best to welcome you to their home after your arrival. Amanda, a customer of the restaurant, says Majdi is friendly and talks to him and his friend for hours about Moroccan food, living in Paris, and his house in Egypt, on a night when the restaurant did not have many customers.

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