Hong Kong Restaurants

Hong Kong Restaurants


Hong Kong Restaurants

Hong Kong Restaurants – On the busy streets of Hong Kong, you can always find street vendors selling delicious noodles, you can see signs of food everywhere you look Grilled ducks hanging from restaurant windows, a tank full of The many fish dinners and dinners in the old quarters are all signs that food is of great importance in this city. When you go from restaurant to restaurant, the smell of rice, fried chicken, and noodles wafts through the air. We want to talk about a number of Hong Kong restaurants.

Max Noodle Restaurant (77 Wellington Street)
Max Restaurant is known for its whimsical noodles and is one of the best noodle shops in town because its meat soup is delicious, its food is healthy and its price is cheap (less than $ 5). All food is homemade and has a quick service.

Kung Restaurant (Nathan Street)
Kung Restaurant is located on Nathan Street, the wells and chicken of this restaurant have made it one of the must-try restaurants, the pineapple rice of this restaurant which is served on large plates is very delicious if you want a light lunch Eat cheap and fast, coming to this restaurant will satisfy you, but the noodles here are not very tasty.

Hong Kong Restaurants

Tsui Wah Restaurant (15-19 Wellington Street)
The Tsui Wah chain restaurant serves both Hong Kong and Western cuisine and is known for its Cantonese cuisine such as noodles with stir-fried fish and brisket. If you go to this restaurant for lunch or dinner, you have to wait a long time.

Yokozuna Restaurant (466-462 Nathan Street)
Yokozuna Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong to eat ramen, the national dish of Japan, it has only 24 seats, so you may have to wait for the table to be empty, but you will get a very tasty noodle made from freshly made food. If you love Ramen food, this restaurant is the best choice for you.

Bottaro Ramen Restaurant (69 Wellington Street)
Butao Ramen Restaurant is another restaurant for Ramen food, this small restaurant is known for its slow-cooked soups, which makes the Ramen food very tasty.

Sushi Murray Restaurant (28 Tong Long Street)
The sushi restaurant is not cheap and the price of lunch is $ 45, but its food is very high quality and is served in large dishes, and there is dessert and appetizer with food. Sushi is always an expensive food, but if you are interested in eating it, In the restaurant you can try one of the most delicious sushi.

Low Long Gourmet Restaurant
Del Luong Gourmet restaurant serves delicious noodles and juicy meats. The price of food in this restaurant is very expensive, but despite the high price, it always has its own customers. Usually, this restaurant opens very late and its design is very beautiful.

Lung King Heen Restaurant
As the first restaurant in China and the winner of three awards, this restaurant has its own culinary culture. The taste of traditional food, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, beautiful decoration, and view of the port, remind the feeling of peace of home. The behavior of the staff is polite and they still try to provide the best services. This restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Hong Kong Hotel and serves the best of Cantonese food. Be sure to reserve a table before leaving.
Working hours: from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, and from 6 pm to 10:30 pm.
Phone: 8888 3196 + 852

Ho Lee Fook Restaurant
This restaurant is one of the best and busiest restaurants in Hong Kong. Good restaurant atmosphere, friendly staff and great food. The menu includes Chinese, Asian, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. Do not forget to make a reservation before leaving.
Working hours: Every day from 6 pm to 11 pm.
Phone: 0860 2810 + 852

Tim Ho Wan Restaurant
In this restaurant, you can taste the best rainforests in the city. The queues here are always long and crowded, and the tables are full. Employees are polite and can speak little English. The important thing, in addition to the deliciousness and popularity of the food, is its very reasonable price. The restaurant menu includes Chinese, Asian, and vegetarian dishes.
Working hours: Every day from 10 am to 9:30 pm.
Phone: 2896 2332 852

Pierre Restaurant
Old Restaurant is one of the most amazing restaurants in Hong Kong, located on the 25th floor of the Mandarin Hotel, with a beautiful view of Port Victoria. The atmosphere and decoration are very nice, the staff is polite and the food is very tasty. Although the price of food is expensive, it is worth a try. The menu of this restaurant includes French and European dishes.
Working hours: Every day from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, and from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
Phone: 4001 2825 + 852

Hong Kong Restaurants

Mott 32 Restaurant
The decoration of this restaurant is very stylish and modern. Although the price of food is a bit high, it is really worth trying. The food is great and has a lot of fans. The restaurant menu includes Chinese, Asian, and vegetarian dishes. Be sure to book a table before leaving.
Features: table reservation, private decks, wireless internet.
Working hours: Every day from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, and from 6 pm to 11 pm.
Phone: 8688 2885 + 852

Yardbird Restaurant
The restaurant is run by a group of young North American chefs who serve their own calories. Yakitori is similar to grilled chicken in that on a wooden skewer consisting of 1 to 5 pieces of meat, liver or chicken skin are grilled into small pieces about the size of a fire. The atmosphere and decoration of the restaurant, staff, and food are excellent. The restaurant menu includes Chinese and Asian dishes.
Working hours: Every day except Sundays from 6 pm to 12 pm.

Tsui Wah Restaurant
If you are in central Hong Kong, this restaurant is the best place to eat and experience the local cuisine. Very thick, greasy, bitter, and delicious local milk tea and dishes such as noodles, cutlets with various meats, sandwiches, and other local dishes will give you the feeling of being completely in this city. The restaurant menu is both Chinese and English. This restaurant is the cheapest restaurant in this area. The Tsui menu includes Chinese and Asian dishes and serves all three breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
Features: courier, outside, seating area.
Opening hours: Every day except Mondays from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM.
Phone: 6338 2525 + 852

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