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house Mexico – Due to the progress made in Mexico, many people are interested in migrating to this country. It is important to know the conditions of renting housing in Mexico and how to do activities related to living in this land is a basic requirements. Mexico is one of the largest countries in the world and has rich oil and gas resources. Numerous petrochemical companies on the outskirts of the country’s main cities are targeting large numbers of migrants. Despite problems such as the unfavorable level of health care and the special culture of the people of this country, the Mexican passport has a score of 150 in the 2020 ranking, which is noteworthy.

Immigration requirements for Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico and the waters of the Pacific Ocean cover both sides of Mexico, creating a beautiful coastline. It also exports products such as textiles to other North American countries. Reasonable costs of transportation, food, and clothing in Mexico compared to its neighbor, the United States, have led applicants from all over the world to apply for the following types of visas:

Get a Mexican student visa
Obtaining a work permit in this country from the employer
Obtaining a work visa in Mexico and investing in various fields
Marry Mexican nationals and obtain Mexican citizenship

Birth of a child in Mexico and receiving permanent residence
Mexico has a population of 128 million, and most of it is located in the Mexican capital, the modern and luxurious city of Mexico City. Mexico City is the most populous capital of North America, and most of Mexico’s prestigious educational centers and convenience stores are located on the streets of this city. The natural beauties of Mexico are numerous and every year it is one of the main destinations for tourists to have fun. It is worth noting that Mexico has an unparalleled variety of food around the world, and some of the most popular meals in this country are Pozzule and Tostada. Although individuals have a relatively complex path to Mexican citizenship and must have resided in the country for at least 4 years, foreign applicants can buy and rent property in Mexico, and there are a large number of immigrants involved.

house Mexico

How and when to rent a house in Mexico – house Mexico
As you can see, renting a house in major cities in South America is more expensive than renting an out-of-town center. The most important principle affecting the cost of property in Mexico, after selecting the city in question, is to check the transportation status of the selected area; The distance of the property to the nearest bus, metro, and taxi lines will be measured, and will affect its monthly rent. Due to the traditional texture of some Mexican cities, such as Puebla, most residential buildings in these areas have relatively old architecture, and new apartments need to pay more. A variety of ways to find the right rental options in Mexico include reviewing magazines and advertisements; In recent years, the sites of various institutions have provided details of each house:

Mexico Mountain Real State

Terms of house rental prices in Mexico and related costs
The most expensive apartments are in the affluent areas of Mexico City and Guadalajara. Applicants should not abandon the consideration of other suitable areas by setting astronomical prices for renting apartments in these areas. Although the cost of renting a property in the ideal areas of the Mexican capital, which has advantages such as having a variety of convenience stores in the neighborhood and proximity to transportation lines, sometimes exceeds 14,500 MXN (Mexican peso), the average cost It is necessary to rent a one-bedroom apartment in these cities 5950 MXN (Mexican Peso). Also, people have to pay 12,700 MXN (Mexican Peso) for the monthly rent of houses with similar conditions but with 3 bedrooms. Here are the documents required to rent a house in Mexico:

Register property details
Rental rate
Registration of allocated bank facilities
Names and addresses of the parties
It is also worth noting that the cost of renting housing in the smaller cities of Mexico and the suburbs is lower, for example, foreign students living in Mexico can rent a suitable apartment for a fee of 3800 MXN (Mexican peso).

Terms of buying property in Mexico – house Mexico
The cost of living in Mexico is very affordable and this has led many people to apply for permanent residency in the country through a variety of legal channels. These people have completed a temporary 6-month visa to Mexico and sent their documents to the Mexican embassy to obtain a long-term residence permit. Learning Spanish will greatly facilitate the process of buying property in Mexico, and those who are fluent in this language will be able to benefit from a variety of bank loans granted by the Mexican government to facilitate the purchase of the property. Buying property in Mexico is very reasonable and the cost in large cities is estimated at 16,300 MXN (Mexican Peso) per square meter. Here are some common costs of living in Mexico:

house Mexico

Title of fee amount in pesos (Mexican pesos)
A 650 MXN sportswear
Metro ticket 7 MXN
One kilo of rice 16 MXN
A meal at Restaurant 85 MXN

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and one of the financial and cultural hubs of the United States.
Mexico City is one of the metropolises of North America.
The city was founded on March 13, 1325, by Tanukh as Mexico and by Hernor Cortes as Mexico City.
This city is located in the Valley of Mexico.
There is a lot of rain in summer and sometimes it is accompanied by hail and there is very little snow.
In Mexico City, we face air pollution, with the federal and local governments implementing programs to improve air pollution, such as monitoring and receiving information from ozone and nitrogen oxides. Sometimes air pollution causes factories to close and schools to be reopened.
Mexico City’s public health index is high and it has institutions for public health, including the National Institute of Cardiology, Nutrition, Psychiatry, Oncology, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, and more.
Mexico is the center of an immigrant community, with immigrants from North America, South and Central America, Europe, and most recently from Asia.
The religion of the Mexican people is mostly Roman Catholic, but there are groups of Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, and Islam that are flourishing in the city.
The city has many national and cultural monuments, including the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace, the ancient temple of the Aztecs….
The Independent National University of Mexico, the Independent Metropolitan University, the School of the Institute of Anthropology and National History, and other universities have provided student living conditions in Mexico City.
The currency of Mexico is the peso, which is equal to 15 pesos per dollar.

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