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Hult Dubai


Hult Dubai

Hult Dubai – The Hult International Business School in Dubai is one of the most renowned business education institutions in the world and welcomes many international students. In addition to Dubai, the school has campuses in cities such as Shanghai, New York, and other cities, and it is possible to transfer students between these campuses. The field of trade and commerce is one of the most important fields in the international arena and many students are studying in this field. Due to the growth of trade and business in this region, Dubai is considered by many businessmen in the international arena. Hence, many migrate to Dubai to study at international institutions and international universities.

Benefits of Studying at Hult International Business School in Dubai
Dubai is the economic and trade hub of the UAE. More than 80% of the city’s population is immigrants, and Dubai has become an international city today, with many international companies operating in Dubai. Therefore, by studying business at the Hult International School in Dubai, you can earn a degree in business and work in the dynamic and active market of Dubai according to your familiarity with the way of life and business. In addition, education at this school takes place among students of different nationalities, and experience the possibility of expanding communication and education in a fully international environment with different cultures and languages. Advantages of studying at Hult International Business School in Dubai include:

Possibility of transfer to other campuses of this school in other parts of the world
Receive a valid certificate approved by most countries
Cooperation of this school with international employers and the possibility of employment after graduation for these employers
The annual growth of the economy and trade in Dubai and a great opportunity to enter this market after graduation
Possibility of studying full-time and part-time
The flexibility of study programs
Study in a city without taxes
Study in a tourist city and 20 million visitors a year

Hult Dubai

About Hult International Business School in Dubai
Hult International Business School has been established to focus on the field of business and modernity, in addition to Dubai in the cities of London, San Francisco, Cambridge, Boston, and New York ( It has campuses in New York City and Shanghai and hosts international students. The school dates back to 1959 and 1964 when it began operating as a trading institute in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Hult International Business School Campus in Dubai was established in 2008 and has been teaching for more than 10 years with extensive facilities and advanced equipment. The school offers a range of practical, business theory programs including a one-year global MBA, a global executive MBA, a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree. Graduate extensively with leading employers from around the world and with a global network in your workplace. This school is located in Dubai in the internet city of Dubai and has a student dormitory. Graduates of this school are currently employed in more than 520 international companies in more than 60 countries, and students will have a safe margin in terms of employment after graduation by studying in this school. The school also offers a part-time program. Part-time classes are held on weekends to make the most of your time.

Studied at the Hult International Business School
The innovative curriculum offered at this school will allow you to upgrade your core business knowledge, improve your leadership skills, and foster a business culture in cities. Experience different worlds including Boston, London, Dubai, New York, and Shanghai. In addition, with the flexibility of curricula and personalization, you can customize your education and integrate it with work and life. You will learn to work in reciprocal teams, develop unique leadership skills, and be able to shape the business of the future. The educational programs offered in this school in different cities include the following:

Full-time Master of Business Administration for High School Graduates
One-year full-time master’s degree programs in both general employment and specialization
A one-year full-time MBA program that offers a global experience and perspective.
Worldwide flexible part-time MBA program for experienced professionals
Part-time mixed MBA program in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Bogota
Curriculum Hult International Business School in Dubai
Curriculum Hult International Business School in Dubai
The curriculum offered by this school in Dubai is as follows.

One-year global MBA: In this intensive program, with one year of study, you will learn the basic knowledge of international business, develop leadership skills, gain specialization if you choose, and experience the business culture in Dubai. Also from September 2020, MBA students will be able to pursue the STEM program upon graduation to receive 3 years of optional practical training in the United States. You specialize in finance or business analytics and graduate with a STEM degree.
Part-time Executive MBA: The highly flexible Hult program offers a part-time 18 to 24-month global executive MBA for employed professionals and for people who want to increase their expertise and prove their skills in the future or change jobs. They are effective.
Master of International Business: People with a bachelor’s degree in business can apply for a master’s degree in international business at this school and use this program. This program is offered for people who have less than 3 years of work experience and by studying in this course, they can work in various jobs such as consultant, business analyst, related product manager, market research assistant, product research analyst, and marketing analyst. And specialize in financial analysis.

Tuition at Hult International Business School in Dubai
Tuition fees at this school vary depending on the type of curriculum. In addition, you can apply for scholarships offered by this school and enjoy its benefits. Here is the cost of studying at the Hult International Business School in Dubai by the program.

Curriculum Type of fee Cost (UAE Dirham)
MBA One Year Program Tuition 281,000 AED
Insurance coverage 6,000 AED
Library 1,925 AED
MBA Part-time Tuition Program 304,000 AED
Books and supplies 5,500 AED
Library 1,925 AED
Master of International Trade Program Tuition 171,000 AED
Insurance coverage 6,000 AED
Library 1,925 AED
Scholarships Hult International Business School in Dubai
Scholarships at the Hult International Business School in Dubai include:

Hult Dubai

Scholarships Hult International Business School in Dubai Description
Social Impact Scholarship Scholarships are for applicants who have had a positive impact on building a better place in the world.
Global Professional Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to aspiring individuals who have worked for a large global company for at least one full year. For this scholarship, Holt is looking for applicants who are experienced in an international company and are aware of the global business environment.
Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship is a scholarship (entrepreneurship impact) for professionals who have had an internship or volunteer experience and have participated, led, or played a role in an entrepreneurship project. For this scholarship, Holt is looking for candidates who have a high potential for entrepreneurship.
Women in Business Scholarship This scholarship is for female applicants who have work experience or internships or have led a team in an international setting. For this scholarship, Holt is looking for female leaders who are experienced in a global company and understand the international business environment today.
Academic Excellence Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to people who have a high academic standing and a very high-grade point average.
Please note that to study at this school you will need to obtain a UAE student visa and immigrate to Dubai. Therefore, you must submit the documents required to receive this type of visa to the UAE Immigration Office.

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