IMCO College Oman


IMCO College Oman

IMCO College Oman – Oman International Maritime College (IMCO) is one of the most successful higher education institutions in the country, with many Omani students attending each year. It is worth mentioning that despite the rapid trend of economic growth, GDP, social welfare, etc. in Oman, studying in this country is not popular among the students of most foreign countries. In fact, with the exception of citizens of Arab countries such as Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, etc., other students often prefer to choose other countries as their study destination, and this has various reasons that will be addressed in this article.

Introduction to Oman International Maritime College (IMCO)
Oman Maritime College (IMCO) is an almost newly established college founded in 2005. IMCO College is a semi-private-semi-public higher education institution located in the city of Sohar, Oman. The college will have about 3,000 students in 2020, which will hold courses at various levels, including diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and so on. IMCO Maritime College also offers a number of training courses, and students acquire high practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge. The following table shows the ranking of the Oman Maritime College (IMCO) both nationally and internationally in 2020:

National Ranking Global Ranking
31 11178
Oman International Maritime College Tuition (IMCO)
Students who choose to study in Denmark, Switzerland, and some other countries find that the tuition fees that universities in these countries charge from students in EU countries are much lower than those received from other international students. But the International Maritime College of Oman (IMCO) receives the same tuition from all students who come to Oman to study and choose this college, whether they are Omani nationals or from other countries. The tuition fee of the International Maritime College of Oman (IMCO) is between € 7400 (Euro) to 9200 € (Euro) depending on the field and degree of the individual.

IMCO College Oman

Oman International Maritime College Tuition (IMCO)
Admission from Oman International Maritime College (IMCO)
Students must submit different degrees to IMCO Maritime College, depending on their degree and field of study, the most important of which are listed in the table below:

Necessary documents to obtain acceptance of explanations
Resume of academic and non-academic success, such as sports
Official translation of the documents All the documents mentioned in the resume
Official translation of the transcripts of the previous academic year
Letter of recommendation At least 2 of the individual’s previous professors must write a letter of recommendation
The student’s motivation letter must ultimately write its honesty
Language degree Having an Arabic language degree is an advantage
The application fee must be paid

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing Oman to study
Oman is one of the countries that has developed rapidly over the past years, especially in the economic and educational fields, and as a result, those who study in this country will have a relatively good career future. Unemployment rates in 2018, 2019, and 2020 were 3.1%, 3.1%, and 2.9%, respectively, and the cost of living in Oman is very low. In fact, the cost of living depends on the lifestyle, the number of family members, and the city where people live, but on average, a person living in Oman will cost about 300 € (Euro) per month. It does not matter that they give passports to foreigners after a few years. Another negative point is the high cost of studying in Oman, ie in a situation were studying in France and some other countries in the world is free and the cost of living is low in Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary, etc., studying in Oman for many universities, First-class European is more expensive. Of course, citizens of other Arab countries, including Iraq, choose this country to study due to the low cost of living in Oman, the acceptable level of social welfare, and the low percentage of inflation. The following chart shows the percentage of inflation in Oman over the past years:

Residence after studying at Oman International Maritime College
In order to extend their stay in Oman, students need to think about finding a job in the final semester of their studies at IMCO Maritime College. In fact, students can work part-time while studying, but such part-time jobs are not enough to obtain a post-graduate work visa. In fact, it is necessary for the graduates to find a job in Oman that suits their field of study and to take the necessary measures to convert the student visa into an Oman work visa. It should be noted that although the unemployment rate in Oman in 2020 was only 2.9%, Omani employers are often unfamiliar with English. This means that foreigners are required to extend their stay after studying in Oman. Who are also fluent in Arabic, otherwise they have very little chance of finding a job.

IMCO College Oman

Oman public schools and their special rules
In Oman, there are various public schools as well as private and international schools, despite which students are exempted from paying tuition until the end of their studies. The educational system in this type of school consists of two stages; The first stage is called basic education, which consists of two courses. The first course of primary education includes the first to fourth grades. The second period of primary education includes the fifth to tenth grades, and male and female students participate in this course in separate schools and classes. The next stage in the education system of Oman public schools is called the stage after primary education, and students participate in the eleventh and twelfth grades. In this course, students can specialize their education by choosing fields such as science. Another category of education in Oman public schools is continuing education, which includes two types; Adult education and literacy programs. Adult education courses are a 3-year course in which a person is provided with a literacy certificate equivalent to passing the first to sixth or seventh grades. Literacy programs are also offered in these schools, which can be done at school or the person can continue their education at home for free. This course also starts from the seventh grade and continues until the twelfth grade. Public schools in Oman are generally dedicated to the education of Omani citizens, and the language of instruction in these schools is Arabic and conforms to the teachings of Islam.

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