Immigrating to Belarus through work

Immigrating to Belarus through work


Immigrating to Belarus through work

Immigrating to Belarus through work – Belarus is geographically located in eastern Europe and borders Russia, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus. The official languages ​​are Belarusian and Russian, but few people speak Polish or Ukrainian. According to the latest census conducted in 2020, the population of Belarus is approximately 9,408,400. The currency of Belarus is the ruble (BYN). Belarus shares some trade with countries such as China, Russia, and Germany. If you are applying to immigrate to Belarus for work, you should know that your salary and working conditions are directly related to the type of job you choose. Also, the amount of salary paid varies in different cities. It can be roughly said that people receive the highest salaries in Minsk and the lowest in Mogilev.

Immigrating to Belarus with a work visa

Belarus is a good destination for trade in world markets with a wide range of industries and a growing economy. Applicants applying for work-in-progress immigration to Belarus must first obtain a Belarusian work visa and then proceed. International employees also need a work permit before starting work in Belarus. This permit is officially known as the “Special Work Permit in the Republic of Belarus”. There are three types of visas in Belarus:

Type B visa for transit

This type of visa can be single entry, double entry, and multiple entry. A type B visa or two-day transit is valid.

Type C visa for short visits up to 90 days

This type of visa is offered to people who, for example, are employees or have a job, and to expand their job, attend conferences, business meetings, participate in exhibitions and training related to their work and profession, intend to immigrate to They had Belarus. It is offered for short visits and less than 90 days. This type of visa, like the Type B visa, can be single-entry, double-entry, or multi-entry.

Type D visa – Immigrating to Belarus through work

Type D visa is for employees or people who intend to stay in Belarus for more than 90 days. This type of visa can also be multi-entry but its validity is less than 5 years.

Documents required for a Belarusian work visa

It was mentioned in the previous articles that a work visa is required to immigrate to Belarus through work. It should also be noted that you, as an applicant for work in Belarus, must have a job offer from an employer in Belarus. In general, a series of documents are required to obtain a Belarusian work visa. The stronger and more complete the applicant’s documents and resume, the higher his / her visa percentage. In this part of the article, we have explained the general documents required for this to you dear ones:

Immigrating to Belarus through work

Job offer letter from the employer

Identity card and other identity documents of the person (more and fewer documents are required compared to the marital status)

Provide insurance

Applicant photo (passport photo)

Demonstrate financial viability

Show related work experience

Completed visa application form (translated into Russian or Belarusian)

The documents mentioned above are the general documents required for a work visa. These documents vary depending on the type of visa and the purpose of your trip to Belarus.

Unemployment rate survey in Belarus

One of the most important issues to consider when migrating to Belarus for work is the country’s unemployment rate. It is also necessary to check the working conditions of the country in question. As mentioned earlier, there is no job search visa in Belarus and only a job offer visa is available. In general, employers in Belarus prioritize the employment of Belarusian citizens. Another issue that is very important for working in foreign countries, as well as Belarus, is knowing the language of that country. If you know the Belarusian language and are fluent in it, the ways to get a job to work in this country will be easier for you.

Salary in Belarus – Immigrating to Belarus through work

Belarus’s work visa and work in the country depend on issues such as the amount of salary paid to individuals. If you are planning to immigrate to Belarus for work, you should consider the average salary in that country. The amount of income and salary of individuals depends on the position they hold or the job they are engaged in. But in general, the amount of salary received in this country can be estimated at approximately. The work experience of the applicant affects the amount of salary received. In general, those with 4 to 8 years of experience will receive higher salaries than others. In general, a person working in Belarus usually earns about $ 1,148 a month. Salary ranges from $ 290 (lowest average) to $ 5,136 (highest average).

What is a job like in Belarus?

To immigrate to Belarus through work, you need to get a job offer from your employer. In the modern world, there are many ways to find work. There are also many ways to look for a job in Belarus. One of the most convenient and convenient methods is through employment agencies. These institutions help the applicant to communicate with the employers of that country through the websites of that country. In this case, you must complete your resume and send it to the desired employer, and if he approves, he will send you a letter of acceptance. The applicant can also immigrate to Belarus on a tourist visa and have a face-to-face interview with the employer. But this is not a good route because a tourist visa cannot be converted into a work visa. Only one can choose this way just to get acquainted with Belarus and see the jobs in person, which should cost a lot in this way.

Immigrating to Belarus through work

Introduction of employment agencies in Belarus

As explained in the previous articles, to obtain a work visa in Belarus, you must obtain a work permit in Belarus. In the previous section, we concluded that the best option for people intending to immigrate to Belarus for work is employment agencies. There are also sites called job search sites that provide comprehensive information on different jobs in a categorized way that guides applicants in finding the desired job. You can send your resume to the employer through job search sites for review. One of the most important issues that are mentioned and emphasized in the text of the article is knowing the Russian or Belarusian language. If the applicant is fluent in one of these two languages, he/she will be more successful in finding a job.

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