Immigration of dentists to Australia

Immigration of dentists to Australia


Immigration of dentists to Australia

Immigration of dentists to Australia – In recent years, Australian work visas for dentists have increased significantly, mainly due to the good income of dentists in this country. Australia is a popular destination for doctors and dentists who have trained abroad to immigrate to Australia. Doctors and dentists immigrate to Australia from more than 120 countries and it is estimated that one in four specialist dentists or physicians in Australia is an immigrant. So when making an immigration decision, do not forget to consider the pros and cons of immigrating to Australia.

Studying medicine and dentistry in Australia, the conditions for obtaining Australian residency and citizenship through study and post-graduate study are examined and scientifically analyzed in this article. Applicants to study medicine and dentistry in Australia will face many questions in this regard. How much does it cost to study medicine and dentistry in Australia? What are the requirements for studying medicine and dentistry in Australia? Does studying medicine and dentistry in Australia lead to residency and citizenship? The answers to these and many other questions are included in this article.

According to Australian indeed on July 25, 2019, the average annual income of dentists in Australia is about $ 134,000 per year. The process of obtaining an Australian work visa for dentists consists of several separate sections, including registration and participation in the relevant examinations, which are discussed below.

Immigration of dentists to Australia

Step 1 – Send the documents to the Australian Dental Association

The first step is the evaluation of qualifications and work by the Australian Dental Association. The requirements for successful evaluation of qualifications are as follows:

– Having a diploma and transcripts of general dentistry

– Having a medical system card

The above documents will be sent to ADC Australia for initial evaluation and if accepted, the applicant can register for the initial examination. The cost of evaluating the documents by this organization is equivalent to 610 Australian dollars.

Step 2 – Participate in the Australian Dental Association written exam
The ADC written exam is administered by computer and aims to test the level of knowledge of dentists. The exam is held in two stages on two separate days and each stage consists of 80 four-choice questions. The exam is held in March and September each year in Australia and other countries.

The schedule for registering and receiving the result of this exam is as follows:

Time process stage
The deadline for applying to participate in the exam is a maximum of 3 to 4 months before the exam. Send confirmation letter by ADC 8 weeks before the exam
Pay for the exam 8 weeks before the exam
Announcement of exam results 6 weeks after taking the exam
Deadline for protest 4 weeks after the announcement of the results
The exam costs A $ 2,000.

Step 3 – Register for the Australian Dental Association Practice Exam
If you pass the written test, applicants can apply for the practical test in Australia. The purpose of this test is to ultimately assess the ability of dentists to work in this field in Australia. This exam is held throughout the year and only in Australia and, like the previous exam, takes two days.

The schedule for registering and receiving the result of this exam is as follows:

Time process stage
The deadline for applying to participate in the exam is a maximum of 3 months before the exam. Sending confirmation letter by ADC 2 weeks after sending the request
Final confirmation of the exam day 6 weeks before the exam
Announcement of exam results 6 weeks after taking the exam
The exam costs A $ 4,500. Please note that those who pass this exam can work as a dentist in Australia. Of course, to finalize the registration process, it is necessary to provide proof of English language proficiency.

The need to provide an English language certificate

The registration process in Australia is done by the Australian Dental Board (DBA). In addition to passing the ADC exams, the organization will need to be proficient in English. Due to this issue, applicants will need to provide one of the following documents with the minimum scores mentioned at this stage:

PTE Academic 65
CAE 185
PTE Academic 65
CAE 185
PTE Academy 65
CAE 185
PTE Academic 65
CAE 185
PTE Academic 65
CAE 185

Apply for an Australian tourist visa

As mentioned above, the practical test of the third stage is held only in Australia, and to participate in the exam, the applicant must apply for a tourist visa. Unfortunately, some applicants do not succeed in obtaining a tourist visa and practically do not continue the process. To check the conditions of a tourist visa, you can visit this page:

Step 4 – Find a job and get started in AustraliaImmigration of dentists to Australia

Once you have a work permit in Australia as a dentist, it is time to find work in Australia. Applicants who succeed in finding work can live and work in Australia with an Australian Temporary Work Visa (TSS).

Obtaining permanent residence
Until mid-2018, it was possible to receive a permanent Australian permanent visa for dentists who had worked in Australia for at least two years. Unfortunately, with fundamental changes to Australia’s temporary work visa, this is no longer possible for dentists, and practically dentists can only live in Australia on a temporary work visa (TSS) for up to four years and will not be able to renew their visa after this period. The only way for dentists to get permanent residency after passing a dental exam is to receive support (sponsorship) from one of the six Australian states, which, of course, is not to be expected for dentistry.

Immigration of dentists to Australia

Another Way Dentists
Due to the difficult and uncertain conditions of the upper route, many dentists apply for an investment visa to Australia.

Conditions for immigrants to immigrate to Australia

If you are looking to live and work in Australia and your job is on the Special Occupations List (SOL), you can immigrate to Australia through the Australian Immigration Program. The program is designed to attract skilled immigrants under the age of 50 who can make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. So if you are planning to apply for a specialty immigration program in Australia, your specialty must be on the list of jobs Australia needs when you apply. Doctors who do not have Australian credentials have two options when it comes to migrating doctors and dentists to Australia.

The first is to take a dental course in Australia at a reputable university. The second option is to take an exam administered by ADC. ADC assessment methods are specifically designed to assess the skills of overseas trained dentists whose credentials have not been accepted by Australian Dental Schools. Physicians whose medical records have not been certified must qualify for approval by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). This process requires multiple-choice questions and clinical examination by AMC. Once AMC has assessed and validated your skills on a par with Australia’s trained counterparts, you can apply for an unrestricted right to work with the State or Regional Office.

Evaluation of dentists in Australia – Immigration of dentists to Australia 

The expert evaluation method consists of 3 parts as follows:

English Proficiency Test (OET);
An introductory test (multiple choice questions and short answer questions); And
A final (clinical) examination.
Comprehensive knowledge of English to practice dentistry and medicine is a prerequisite for doctors and dentists to immigrate to Australia. OET is organized by Language Australia. The OET assesses reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and takes about three and a half hours. If your first language is not English or your dental education is not in English, you must be proficient in 4 sections of this test.

OET is currently held in March / April and September / October, both in Australia and abroad. The introductory exam is a written exam in a multiple-choice and short answer format. To be eligible for the final exam, you must pass the initial exam and enter the Australian job market after obtaining all the qualifications.

The reason for Australia’s presence among immigrant countries

Australia is a country filled with stunning scenery such as beaches and remote areas and job opportunities in big cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. In addition, it has a diverse culture, because the country’s population is a combination of multi-ethnic backgrounds. Australia has a stable economy and low unemployment. In some parts of the country, it still needs specialized forces. Australia provides a healthy environment for you and your family with low air pollution. Australia provides higher education at all levels of school, including high-quality universities. You will have the opportunity to discover the unique landscapes of this country and other outdoor activities. Water activities are popular throughout coastal areas.

Between personal health care and Medicare coverage, Australians receive effective health care. Australia’s overall health system is very efficient and the conditions for doctors and dentists to migrate to Australia are there. All of these factors go hand in hand with many aspiring to apply for permanent residency in Australia through education.

Learn more about Australia – Immigration of dentists to Australia 

When examining the immigration conditions of doctors and dentists to Australia, we must first know this country well. Australia is a unique and diverse country in terms of culture, population, climate, geography, and history. Australian culture is vast and diverse. Australia is multicultural and multiracial and this is reflected in the food, lifestyle and cultural practices, and experience of the country.

Australia has an important Indigenous heritage that plays a crucial role in the cultural landscape. This diversity creates a cultural environment in Australia that is vibrant, energetic, and innovative. In December 2014, the population of Australia was about 23.6 million. The most populous states are New South Wales and Victoria, with the respective capitals, Sydney and Melbourne, being the largest cities in Australia. The Australian population is concentrated in the coastal region of Australia from Adelaide to Cairns.

Most Australian states experience temperate climates throughout the year. The northern states of Australia are typically warm, while the southern states experience cold winters but rarely zero temperatures. There is a lot of snow in the winter months at high altitudes, skiing is possible in southern New South Wales and Victoria, as well as Tasmania.

Geography and history of Australia

Australia is a continental island and the sixth-largest country in the world (7,682,300 square kilometers). Australia is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, about 4,000 km east-west and 3,200 km north-south, with a coastline of 36,735 km. Canberra is the capital of Australia. With a population of about 380,000, Canberra is about half the size of Melbourne and Sydney. Australia has 19 World Heritage Sites.

It is also famous for its outstanding buildings such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Australia’s first indigenous peoples are believed to have migrated from unknown parts of Asia to Australia between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago. Although Captain James Cook discovered the European part of Australia in 1770, the Portuguese probably discovered the country for the first time, and the Dutch discovered coastal areas in the 1640s.

Obtaining a doctor’s visa to Australia

Occupations related to medicine and dentistry have always been on the list of jobs Australia needs for immigration According to published statistics, Australia needs a large number of GPs by 2025 to address the shortage of physicians in many sparsely populated areas and cities. Australia ranks second in the world in terms of the income of physicians and the minimum annual salary for a physician is $ 96,000. This income can be up to A $ 200,000 for general practitioners and up to A $ 600,000 a year for specialists.

If you are a GP and want to work and immigrate to Australia, we can help, but knowing English plays an important role in immigration. As a first step, you can check this link to see if your university is on this list to make sure your university is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in Australia.

Study dentistry in Australia and the documents required for admission

Valid diplomas and their translations

Submit a valid passport and translate it

Submit photos and complete the required forms

Provide the required English language certificate


Pay for file review

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