Isfanbul Theme Park

Isfanbul Theme Park


Isfanbul Theme Park

Isfanbul Theme Park – Former Wayland Istanbul Amusement Park Former Isfahan and Istanbul Amusement Park (Isfanbul Theme Park) is one of the tourist attractions of Istanbul today that has attracted countless people to Istanbul for a unique thrill and great fun, and it might be good to know that this amusement park To own the title of Daisyland in Turkey and to present a very large and huge collection of exciting and sometimes terrifying games to interested people, and of course, it is not bad to know that this amusement park in 2015 800 theme parks of continental Europe hold the record of the fifth best theme park and also you should know that this amusement park has been able to become the largest and most extensive amusement park in Istanbul and become the best theme park in Turkey and in Upon entering this game city, you can show with a double arrow to experience exciting and terrifying entertainment and measure your courage, and you can also benefit from one of the most popular shopping centers in Istanbul, which is located near this amusement park. take .

Stanbul Amusement Park has won the title of the first entertainment and exciting complex in the whole country of Turkey

Overview of Istanbul stanbul Amusement Park
Definitely entering the largest and widest amusement park in Istanbul, which has been able to accommodate exciting entertainment and many amenities and covers an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters of the historic and wonderful city of Istanbul can be for anyone. It should be attractive and pleasant, especially if it is called Istanbul Amusement Park; It has become one of the tourist attractions in Istanbul tour.

This amusement park, which is only 5 years old since its construction and has just opened in this city, has been able to accommodate a series of exciting and wonderful games and entertain people who are interested in it for hours, so To be able to forget the time and bring very happy and fun moments, if you step into this amusement park, in addition to exciting games, you can also enjoy 12 cafes and the best restaurants in Istanbul that should not be missed.

Isfanbul Theme Park

Or you can go to the souvenir shops of this amusement park and buy beautiful and attractive souvenirs and souvenirs of Istanbul from among its beautiful and unique objects and handicrafts, and of course, it goes without saying that this Isfanbul Theme Park is excellent and Flawless, it was inaugurated and established in 2013 in this Turkish city, and it is also interesting to know that stanbul amusement park is not just an amusement park, and it has been able to have many parts such as various and very luxurious and stylish shopping center, show center and Perform music and a general form of art, and in every way for a great and memorable day Make it look appropriate.

It will definitely be interesting to know that the special and extraordinary amusement park of Istanbul was able to be recognized and introduced to everyone in 2015 and 2016 as one of the top 10 amusement parks in Europe, and it is also more interesting to build all the complexes of this amusement park. It has cost about $ 650 million, and it goes without saying that this amusement park has been able to become the first and top entertainment and exciting complex in the whole country of Turkey, which includes entertainment centers, shopping centers and art exhibition centers.

Achieved and become the best and most popular amusement park in the world, and at the same time, it is not bad to know that this amusement park, which has been able to win the title of the best and best thematic and entertainment complex in Turkey, has also won the Atrax Awards. Gain and increase your honors in this way, and you should also know that this amusement park has been able to occupy an area of ​​about 100 times a football field.

Isfanbul Theme Park

Different parts of Istanbul stanbul Amusement Park
As mentioned, Esfanbol Amusement Park has been able to accommodate 29 different and many very exciting and extraordinary games, and through this, sections such as the Justice Tower, the breathtaking train, the wild river, the exciting 360-degree rotation, the Viking slide. Terrifying adventure train, crazy birds and fascinating journey, Conqueror’s dream, small miner train, huge carousel, hero firefighter, swing palace, charming jet ski, magic room, rotating children, ice age 4’s cinema, farm above Extraordinary, Kangaroo Trampoline, Final Game, Brave Drivers, Istanbul Secrets, Once Upon a Time in Istanbul, Terrible Express Train, Crashing Machines, Tunnel Safari, King Kong, and Live and Funny Performances. Here are some examples of these sections.

Wild River
If you like to ride on roaring and sometimes scary waves and enjoy the experience of speed, it is better to go to the wild river of Isfahan amusement park and experience a short but attractive trip on a roaring and wild river and from this Enjoy to the fullest, if you walk to the best part of this Isfanbul Theme Park, namely this wild river, you can ride on round boats with a capacity of about 9 people and spend a few moments with your friends in excitement and also bad. Do not know that this 700-meter river has limited the entry of people to their height, and therefore only people with a minimum height of 120 cm can get the experience of boating on the wild river of Isfahan.

Viking slide
The Viking slide is the same exciting and winding water slide that has become one of the most popular parts of this amusement park during the last few years, and of course, this amusement park has managed to break the record of the fourth most popular and lovable game in the world. If you enter this section, you can experience the scary fall from a height of 15 meters and enjoy it to the fullest, but remember that to gain this experience, you must have a minimum height of 121 cm.

Adventurous train
If you love speed and you want to get this experience in a safe and comfortable environment, go to Istanbul stanbul Amusement Park right now and step into the adventurous train section, because this section can be incredibly fast in very high conditions. Exciting and of course sometimes scary to offer to interested people, and of course it goes without saying that entering this part of the Isfanbul Theme Park means going to a height of 30 meters and a speed experience of about 80 kilometers per hour, and it is not bad to know that to enter You must be at least 120 cm tall in this area.

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