Istanbul Asian and European Parts

Istanbul Asian and European Parts


Istanbul Asian and European Parts

Istanbul Asian and European Parts – Istanbul is one of the most unique tourist cities in Turkey and its attractions attract many tourists throughout the year; The most interesting feature is that with the Istanbul tour, you have actually entered both Asia and Europe because a strait called the Bosphorus Strait has divided the city into two parts, part in Asia and part in Europe. Located by a single bridge, each part of the city has its own characteristics and texture; Only Turkey has this feature in Turkey and it is the only big city in the world that is built between the two continents, so by traveling to Istanbul you can have a different experience of tourism.

Istanbul is a beautiful and spectacular city, part of which is located in Asia and the other part in Europe

Istanbul Asian and European Parts

City of Istanbul
The city of Istanbul or Constantinople is one of the most important cities in Turkey, which is known as the third most visited city in the world with its attractions and first-class facilities, and in 2010 it was introduced as the cultural capital of Europe; The city has a rich history and the first signs of habitation have been seen in the Asian part of it. has it; But in general, the most well-known area of ​​the city is the historic peninsula, which is located in the north of Istanbul and part of it is surrounded by the Marble Sea and the Bosphorus; The other part near the Golden Horn Strait is the residence of the last Ottoman king, although most of the city’s wealthy have built summer villas in this area. Finally, the Escudar section is located in the Asian part of the city, where about a third of Istanbul’s population lives. Makes up; The city has many tourist attractions and fascinates every Kurdish tourist to take a trip there, but apart from the history and sights of Istanbul, the unique amenities and entertainment facilities of the city along with its shopping malls are the best opportunities for a pleasant trip; But before traveling to Istanbul, it is better to know different parts of the city.

The Asian part of Istanbul
The Asian part of Istanbul is older and in this respect, the old texture can be seen more; You have to pay to enter the Asian sector, but the Istanbul Asian and European Parts sector do not; These two sections are somewhat similar in terms of facilities, for example, both sections have an international airport, Sabiha International Airport is located in this section; One of the most famous streets in the Asian part is Baghdad Street, which is known for its modern appearance and full of cafes and restaurants.

In addition to being older, the Asian part has more area and population and is greener in terms of vegetation; The first Turkish town was built in this part, and also the Arab Mosque was built as the first mosque of this city in 717 in the Asian part of the city; Another feature of the city is the existence of more military schools in this area, and unlike most universities are located in the European part of the city, although the main office of Marble University, as the only university located between the two continents, is also located in the Asian part of the city; Although this section is older, but the historical attractions of the European section are more, and this has led to the construction of hotels and shopping and welfare centers in the European section is more.

The European part of Istanbul
Unlike the Asian part, the European part is smaller, but due to its historical and scenic attractions, it usually attracts more tourists, so the European part of the city is busier and many cafes are open almost until morning; Of course, the famous Taksim Square and Esteghlal Street, one of the most spectacular streets in the city, are also located in this part of the city, so if you are sightseeing in the city and you like Istanbul overnight and night entertainment, you should definitely choose the European part of the city. do; The most important attractions of Istanbul, which is located in the Istanbul Asian and European Parts part, are Topkapi Palace, Dolma Bagce Palace, Galata Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Of course, there are other attractions in this section, in general.

In Istanbul, there are many public vehicles such as taxis, subways, buses, etc., many of them are different in different parts of the city, for example, in the European part, the number of bus lines is more, while in the Asian part, the main focus is on the subway.

And the number of subway routes is more, even the longest subway route in the city is in the Asian part; Television and radio networks are more concentrated in the European sector, as well as more universities; In general, this part is more crowded than Istanbul, and of course the crime rate is higher, which is certainly related to the larger population;

Istanbul Asian and European Parts

Although this part has more attractions and most of the hotels and shopping centers are located in it, but the Asian part is more beautiful and green and its coastline is a good place for walking, cycling, etc .; Ataturk International Airport is also located in the northern part of Europe, although with the establishment of the new Istanbul Airport in the Arnaut Koi section of the same European Istanbul, many flights have been transferred to the new airport and Ataturk Airport, which was once the main hub of Turkish flights Has prospered; Other features of the European part of Istanbul include more sports clubs, Beşiktaş and Qasem Pasha clubs, as well as Galatasaray, but in the Asian part, there is only Fenerbahce club; In general, if you choose Istanbul for travel, you should keep in mind that the Istanbul Asian and European Parts of the city is more bustling and crowded, but at the same time it has more facilities and hotels, due to this issue, you can better travel to this city. Decide.

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