Istanbul Culture

Istanbul Culture


Istanbul Culture

Istanbul Culture –  Definitely one of the things that can keep people busy for a long time on any trip or even affect the amount of enjoyment of people’s travel is the culture and customs of the people of the city and the destination in question, and Istanbul as well. As the only large and popular city in the world that has been able to be part of both Europe and Asia, it has many interesting cultures and traditions, but what do you know about the culture and customs of the people of Istanbul?

And the traditions among the people of Istanbul make it possible for you to experience a more enjoyable and enjoyable trip, in addition to being able to expand your knowledge of this popular and vast city.

In addition to offering a wide range of historical and natural attractions to tourists and interested people, Istanbul can also offer very interesting traditions and very special cultures to those who love it. Introduce traditions and beliefs that will not be seen anywhere else in the world.

One of the interesting customs of the people of Istanbul is to dance Karsilamas during weddings

Familiarity with the culture of the people of Istanbul
As you know, the busiest and of course the widest city in the dazzling and eye-catching country of Turkey is the city of Istanbul, and it is also good to know that this city, which is divided into two parts, European and Asian, is connected by a bridge called Bosphorus.

In this way, the people of Europe have been able to communicate with the people of Asia and transmit different Istanbul cultures and beliefs common among the 2500-year-old, and of course, the unique and wonderful city of Istanbul has been able to reach an adult population. It can accommodate 14.1 million people, and it should also be noted that this population and the existence of different races and ethnicities, as well as its proximity to the European continent, are among the factors that have easily been able to in the cultures and customs of these people.

The city has a very significant impact, Istanbul is a city where you can see European culture and ideas and enjoy the original and ancient Asian cultures and traditions, one of the things that must be in this The city noticed that most of the people in this city are the original Turks of Istanbul and speak the same language.

Most of them are also Muslims and of course, it goes without saying that most of the people are Sunnis it is also good to know that 2.5 million people in Istanbul are of Kurdish descent, so join us in this city with a combination of culture We will face attractive and beautiful traditions.

One of the things that as soon as you enter this city can attract the attention of any person or even in some cases cause surprise and astonishment to people is the warmth and abundant blood and intimacy of the people of Istanbul, and of course, apart from this You can see many parties and gatherings in this city because the people of Istanbul enjoy inviting friends and people to their homes for tea or a meal, and its popularity among the people of this city has caused this It becomes an attractive subculture in Istanbul, another custom that is very common in Istanbul and among its people is the custom of bargaining, which is seen even in very small and minor finances. It is popular among the residents of this city.

Istanbul Culture

Customs of the people of Istanbul
The city of Istanbul is made up of people whose observance of traditions and Istanbul Culture has become the norm, and they are very committed to this, and it goes without saying that today we see less authentic cultures among the youth of this city.

Of course, the proximity to the continent of Europe has caused this to some extent, including the customs among the people of Istanbul that are still common in patriarchy in the families and the current society of the city, and that in Istanbul families men as The head of the family and the head of affairs are known and the final decision is made by their choice and vote, which of course is interesting to know that this patriarchy does not end here, but girls after marriage should use the surnames of their husbands and also It goes without saying that remarriage is illegal in this city and even in Turkey if there is no divorce or the death of a spouse, and even religious marriages should follow this pattern.

Of course, this is not only the common culture and tradition in this city, but it is interesting to know that the people of Istanbul are very upset when people enter their homes with shoes and consider this a sign of disrespect to the owner of the house, so if by the people of this city Follow their strong invitation to their homes, and it is also good to know that most of these parties do not end with a genuine Turkish tea, and it is possible to stay there to serve a meal, and the interesting thing about these parties is that The people of Istanbul are often in the habit of filling the whole plate with food for the guests, and not eating the whole meal is a sign of disrespect to them.

Another common and interesting Istanbul Culture and custom among the people of Istanbul is the celebration of various occasions such as the glorious celebration of the coronation of the first king of the Ottoman Empire, the birthday of the first president of Turkey, Ataturk, the celebration of the Republic and the anniversary of his death.

Ataturk gets up and of course, it is interesting to know that on the anniversary of Ataturk’s death, the people of Turkey, especially Istanbul, wear a crimson suit and pay their respects to Ataturk quietly and very quietly while wearing a red tie. And of course, apart from these celebrations, we can see the existence of original and traditional dances and carols in this city, and watching each of them can definitely be very attractive and pleasant for every person, including this dance. We can mention Bar Dance, Zibakat Dance, and Karsilamas Dance.

Bar Dance
In this dance, people are placed shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand, and it is also interesting to know that this dance is usually performed in an open space and must be done in groups, and of course, it should be noted that the bar dance is performed by Istanbul women.

It will be completely different from the men’s dance bar, and it should also be noted that the only musical instruments used in this dance are the dahl and sorna.

Istanbul Culture

Zeybek Dance
Zakat dance is one of the original and old dances of the people of this land and it is often done in knots, but the interesting point in this dance is the colorful and beautiful clothes of its dancers, and it should not be mentioned that this colorful dress is named has it.

Dance of Karsilamas
Another dance of the people of Istanbul that is used only at weddings is called the beautiful and unique dance of Karsilamas, and of course, this dance, which is performed with a rhythmic and very fast song, is one of the original dances and Traditional people of Istanbul and Turkey.

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