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Istanbul Modern


Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern – Fortunately, in the last decade, Istanbul has gained a special reputation as one of the world centers of contemporary and modern art in the world, and many art lovers choose the Istanbul tour to visit a fascinating city with newly discovered artistic elements; An issue that may have been out of the question for years. Following this, hundreds of galleries have been opened to display the works of highly active and talented local artists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their achievements to the general public and tourists alike, but the culmination of this great transformation is the opening of the Museum of Art.

Istanbul has become İstanbul Modern all the time, and that this İstanbul Modern in Istanbul is also the first non-governmental museum in Turkey to display İstanbul Modern works of art to visitors of the artist; The museum includes an extensive collection of international works of art that are very attractive and interesting for art lovers, as well as the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, which values ​​cultural identity, and offers a variety of educational and social programs for the general public and It organizes tourists, which we will pay more attention to in this cultural center.

The Istanbul Museum of İstanbul Modern Art places great value on cultural identity and offers a wide variety of educational and social programs for the general public and tourists.

Learn more about the Istanbul Museum of İstanbul Modern Art
You may say to yourself that Istanbul is the best option for sightseeing in history, but this city also has all the cultural and artistic spaces and places that have been welcomed by the artists in the world; The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is one of them, which provides you with a well-equipped and complete art gallery of a wide range of İstanbul Modern art with a permanent calendar.

This modern museum has hosted local and international artists in recent times, and it is almost the best place in the city to see and touch the best scene of contemporary Turkish art up close, and these galleries are also temporarily hosted in the historic Beyoglu building.

Istanbul Modern

But it is important to know that everyone is waiting for the completion of the permanent and new location of this art museum in Karkویy neighborhood, which is one of the famous neighborhoods of Istanbul; Let’s take a look at the history of this collection. It is important to know that the first private and İstanbul Modern in Turkey was opened in 2004 under the name of “Museum of İstanbul Modern Art” which was dedicated to displaying new works of art and this museum is located in Istanbul.

It is considered as one of the tourist programs of many travelers and if we want to take a deep look at the artistic and cultural principle of museums in this country, it can be boldly claimed that visiting this İstanbul Modern museum is necessary for culture lovers as well as art tourists. It will be very exciting and the permanent exhibition of this museum is divided into two parts, the past and the future of art in Turkey.

In this way, the historical and past part of this museum has exposed the history of the country’s works of art from the establishment of the Republic to the present day, and has examined contemporary art precisely in the city of present-day Istanbul; In addition to this comprehensive permanent exhibition, every year photography exhibitions.

film festivals and other solo and group exhibitions are held in the most diverse modes and well-known artists from all over the world participate in it and know that this museum from It was officially opened in December 2004, thanks to the Ejzajbache family, and is the first and only museum of İstanbul Modern art in Istanbul. If you are interested in visiting this city, know that this museum is located on the Reconstruction Pier.

It is located in the Karakoy area facing Topkapi Palace and the Museum of İstanbul Modern Art consists of a rich library, exhibitions, photo galleries, sculpture courtyards, cinemas, cafes and shops and souvenir shops, etc., and finally In this museum, you can see almost everything about Turkish civil art up close.

Turkish İstanbul Modern Art in Istanbul started with the holding of the first International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in 1987 with the current name of the Istanbul Biennial International Exhibition.

However, this project became famous with the 8th Istanbul Biennial Exhibition in 2003, and the fact that the customs hall is located next to the Sinan Academy of Fine Arts, which is the main venue of this exhibition, is interesting to know that the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used this Approved the 8,000-square-meter hall as the main venue for the exhibitions and turned it into a İstanbul Modern museum, and that this modern exhibition continued to operate as the first museum of contemporary art for 14 consecutive years at the center.

In 2018, it was relocated to a temporary location in Beyoglu, and until the construction of the new museum building was completed, the project continued to operate in this temporary location for three years, displaying İstanbul Modern and contemporary art in exhibition halls. , Photo galleries and by performing educational and social programs, libraries, cinemas, cafes and shops to those interested in this branch of art, he paid his respects to art lovers and in addition to exhibitions held in prestigious museums around the world Introduce the country, culture and customs of Istanbul and the possibility Attractions and tourist attractions are covered.

Introducing the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
It should be noted that the Museum of İstanbul Modern Art is located next to the Bosphorus Bridge, which provides artists with a variety of stunning and attractive attractions from across the strait, as well as a variety of traditional cafes and restaurants near the museum.

Delicious drinks are served and you can also find items such as jewelry, T-shirts, smartphones and some traditional and İstanbul Modern in this museum and finally other new sections of the Museum of Modern Art. We can mention its attractive and spectacular library, which contains about 9,000 volumes of books in 29 different subjects, and also the decoration design and also the way the books are arranged in this library can make interesting memories for you.

Istanbul Modern

Access and entrance ticket costs
If you want to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, you have to get around Galatasaray Square and move down. The museum is located next to the main road and this museum is open to visitors on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Mandan is open and the cost of an individual visit is 25 Turkish lira, and of course, if you go to this museum through the packages of the travel agency, the cost of each ticket will be reduced to 10 lira.

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