Istanbul Souvenirs

Istanbul Souvenirs


Istanbul Souvenirs

Istanbul Souvenirs – Istanbul tour is one of the most exciting and popular trips for anyone without any exaggeration, and if you want to go to the sea and go on your summer trips at a reasonable cost, it is better to choose one of the various excursions of this city and to record pure moments. And travel to this city with all the fun, you can enjoy it from moment to moment and note that along with all these pleasures, you should not forget the souvenirs for Turkey, because the important thing of the trip is to prepare souvenirs during the trip.

Istanbul Souvenirs

For those of us who love them, let us not forget that if we have information about it before the trip, this concern will become one of our fascinating and memorable memories during the trip to Istanbul, and also, dear ones, if you are a traveler to Istanbul, your hands are completely open. Why? To buy Istanbul Souvenirs, there is a world of differences in front of you, such as leather bags and shoes, Turkish clothes, spices, traditional pottery, copper utensils, etc. We have special offers that will definitely help your dear ones. Did, so stay with us.

Turkish tea is an integral part of Turkish culture, which is prepared in special kettles called caydanlık caydanlık

Turkish tea
Turkish tea is an integral part of Turkish culture and it is interesting to know that throughout history, Turkish people used to serve their friends this type of tea as a way of hospitality, and authentic Turkish tea is a delicious black tea that is directly And it is served without milk and it is interesting to know that this tea is brewed in special kettles called “kaydenlکk caydanlık” and in recent years this tea has attracted a lot of attention from various tourists in this country to buy It is used as a souvenir, and the consumption of teas and herbal teas has become very popular among the people, especially tourists, and note that you can find these plants planted in some soil in traditional and special markets. And buy and popular flavors of herbal teas are apple, rose, linden, pomegranate, and okra flavors that you can also buy teas that are packaged for easier transport from sellers Buy.

Finally, the most popular Istanbul souvenir is Turkish tea, which is a suitable gift for parents, friends, and colleagues who are in favor of tea, and note that the price of tea in Istanbul is from 7 to 27 Turkish lira, and you’s it. You can buy them from the spice market or from the big market of Istanbul, which is among the shopping centers of Istanbul.

Turkish carpets and rugs
One of the most popular and expensive Istanbul Souvenirs is “handmade carpets and rugs” from Istanbul because they have beautiful patterns and usually have an interesting story behind them, but you have to be careful because most carpet sellers in Istanbul are very fat people. They are language and mystery. First of all, make sure of your purchase, and it may happen to you that after half an hour of conversation, they will tell you that they are your best friend and sell it to you at a special price, so be careful, or maybe It happens to you that after 1 hour of checking and cheating, they say that they kept this carpet for someone else, but I saw you eager to give it to you! Only if you want to buy a rug or carpet, be aware of the counterfeit and genuine types and bargain about the price.

Blue sore eyes
Blue eyesores are one of the most popular souvenirs of Istanbul among tourists and due to their special shape and blue color, they can be easily identified and bought, so do not worry because they are abundant in this city and at the same time In the past, the public considered this object as a protector against evil spells in their lives and it is part of the culture of the people of Istanbul, and today it is more of a decorative aspect than a superstitious one that has been around for years. It can be used as a keychain and necklace or to decorate zinc in the refrigerator and bag, and this souvenir is easily portable and its price varies from 3 to 175 lira.

Turkish spices
Turkey is one of the countries that has developed the best food and chefs in the world and owes the unique taste and aroma of these foods to its fragrant spices that make you lose your mind if you travel to Istanbul and You have tried and loved food in Istanbul restaurants, you can take its spices with you to your city and country because they are unique and excellent, and it is better to taste this taste again and finally a wide range. You can easily find Turkish spices in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul or the spice market of this city, and Turkish spices can be one of the best options for those who are interested in cooking as a cheap souvenir of Istanbul with an average price of about one to seven dollars.

Istanbul Souvenirs

When traveling to Istanbul, you will surely fall in love with historical places such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, or Rostam Pasha Mosque and the beauty of the tiles that are displayed by the hands of prominent architects, in which case you can enjoy these beautiful ceramics. Bring with you to always relive the memory of a trip to Istanbul and these beautiful places, and you can prepare this kind of beautiful ceramics in different shapes such as bowls, plates, vases, etc., and give them as gifts as souvenirs, and the important point of this The dishes are that there is no need to worry about breaking these souvenirs because these products are offered in very professional and convenient packaging and you can also buy these Istanbul Souvenirs from the big market or souvenir shops. Buy Istanbul.

Baklava Istanbul
Baklava has a special and very popular place in Istanbul and it is impossible for anyone to travel to Istanbul and not try this delicious dessert it is one of the most delicious desserts in Turkey, whose unique taste captivates everyone’s heart and mind and is interesting.

Even if you do not love sweets, do not miss the unique taste of Istanbul baklava during your trip to Istanbul because it is unique and indescribable; In the following, Turkey is a dessert that you should taste and sweeten your moments with your fellow travelers, and we promise that you will fall in love with this delicious dessert with the first gas you make from it, which at first is the sharp sound of the dry layers of this.

You hear the dessert and then the delicious juice flows that you have never experienced before, and in addition to baklava, this popular and lovely sweet is usually made from layers of kneaded flour and walnut and pistachio kernels, and with nectar made from rose And saffron or honey is sweetened and try to sit in one of the traditional cafes while watching the tourist attractions of Istanbul, and by ordering a Turkish coffee and special Turkish baklava, you can get rid of tiredness and finally make this dessert as a souvenir. Buy and give as a gift to your friends and family.

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