Istanbulkart – What is Istanbul Card and where can we get Istanbul Card, this is one of the questions that always arises for travelers going to Istanbul, if you are planning to travel to this big and beautiful city of Turkey, it is good to accompany this article to the end Be informed about the benefits of Istanbul Card and how to prepare it.

According to annual statistics, more than 2 million tourists visit this city, some of them in estimating the costs related to transportation, tourism, internet shopping, and many more.

In other cases, the Turkish government has introduced smart tourist cards in order to solve these problems, so that the tourists of Istanbul tour can buy them so that they can plan their travel expenses accurately and clearly. Know that these tourist cards can be kept with you after returning from the trip and used again on the next trip.

Istanbul Card is a type of tourist card that helps foreign travelers to reduce their travel expenses.

Learn more about Istanbul Card or Istanbul Tourist Card.

By purchasing the Istanbul Card, tourists can charge it and reduce the costs related to transportation, visiting Istanbul tourist attractions, online round-the-clock services, and internet consumption in Istanbul, using this tourist card in recent years It has become very popular and is used by most tourists.

The Istanbul tourist card is actually a smart card that is used to pay for fares on public transport. It is good to know that this card was first introduced in March 2009. And replacing the Akbil e-ticket, this smart card can be easily placed in a wallet and can be easily recharged.

What are the benefits and applications of the Istanbul Card?

This smart tourist card has many advantages and is very useful today, especially for foreign tourists, including its benefits, free internet in the city, online overnight guide, free service from the airport to the hotel, free entertainment. For the defined card, free transportation or with a big discount in the city and free visits to tourist attractions and museums defined for this card, he mentioned.

Where to buy an Istanbul card?

There are several ways to buy an Istanbul card, including that you can go to the stalls inside metro and bus stations, airports, as well as newsstands in the city, this tourist card can also be used as Buy cards online from Istanbul sales sites.

Istanbul card price

As it was said, if you travel to Istanbul to reduce your travel expenses, you can buy the Istanbulkart, and it is interesting to know that the cost of buying this smart card is very small and only 6 Turkish lira, note that when you buy this card You have to charge the purchase because there is no charge in this card and the amount you want to pay for it depends on you.

How to charge your Istanbul card?
Charge the card through ATM machines all over the city

You can recharge your tourist card through ATMs, you can find these machines all over and also inside the metro bus stations and charge your card, for this you have to place your Istanbul card on the spot Insert the glass of the machine and insert the banknote into the machine as much as you want to charge, so that after placing the banknote in the machine, the charging will be done automatically, making sure that the banknotes should be safe and without any creases. And must be the currency of Turkey.

Recharge the card through newsstands and subways

Tourist cards or Istanbulkart can be purchased or charged at newsstands in the city of Istanbul or stalls on the subway and bus, this method is easier than the previous method and you can only pay a card for a fee Have it charged.

Recharge the card online

To buy and charge an Istanbul tourist card, you can also apply online and through the Istanbul tourist card online sales website, so that after completing the purchase process on the site, an email will be sent to you in which there are a link and code to activate the card and you can use it.

Which vehicles can be used to travel using the Istanbul Card?

The good news is that using the Istanbul Card you can travel on all public transport in the city, metro, tram, Metrobus, bus, boat, TCD, Havatash or Havabas, which is the airport bus, as well as a variety of Cruise boats, are among the vehicles that qualify for this tourist card.

One of the advantages of the Istanbulkart is that it can be used as a group and if you travel in a group, you do not need to buy several Istanbul tourist cards and five people can travel with one card, but it is better.

If all three people have a card, a group of people uses the Istanbulkart in such a way that after paying the fare for the first passenger, the next passenger has to wait a few seconds and then use this card. It is valid for 2 years and you can use it on every trip to this city and if you do not travel yourself, you can give it to your friends.

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