Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi


Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi – As you have heard many times, Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey, with its rich history along with its various tourist attractions and Istanbul tour has been able to emerge as one of the top tourist destinations in the world and our agency In this article, it intends to deal with one of the busiest and most spectacular attractions of this city, namely Istiklal Caddesi, so stay tuned.

It is interesting to know that the most famous and busiest street in Istanbul is “Istanbul Independence Street”, which is undoubtedly also known as the beating heart of Istanbul, because this street is like the Champs Elysees in France for tourists and the general public of this city, and always.

It is crowded and lively, it does not matter if you go here in the morning or at night, in all situations, you feel the excitement of the people who come to this street, and of course, it is not bad to know that this street is never empty and The only thing that can happen to this street is that at some times of the year it will be busier, but most of this happens in the spring and with the approach of the Eid holiday and the start of the trip, and it is also not bad to know according to statistics.

It is taken that three million people are wandering and having fun on Esteghlal Street in Istanbul every day, and note that the most important place on this street is called Taksim Square, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul.

The most famous and busiest street in Istanbul is Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul, which is undoubtedly also known as the beating heart of Istanbul.

What do you know about Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul?
If we want to take a brief look at the history here, we can say that in the time of Uthman, this street was known as the “Great Street” and later, due to attracting thinkers to this city, this street became a place for French Latin Christians to walk.

It became very popular and special and they named this street “Grand Ro Debra” and after the victory of the Republic of Turkey, its name was changed to Esteghlal Street and as soon as you enter this street, Kelly You will see fascinating and historical sights that reflect the culture of the people of Istanbul, as well as historical cinemas such as Atlas and Beyoglu to historic passages: Hazapolo, Syria and Cicek, the famous Church of St. Antoine and Santa Maria, the Consulate and Art Galleries. Creative: Salt Beyoglu, Arter, and the Egyptian apartments are very stunning, all of these works that we have mentioned are stunning and popular examples of neoclassical architecture and nineteenth-century Turkish art that has attracted many fans.

Meanwhile, Esteghlal Street is full of various shops and fast foods with a unique menu that will definitely tempt tourists to try one of Istanbul’s famous dishes, which are also very tasty.

The next important area is called “Beyoglu” which is the area around Esteghlal Street that never sleeps and can be a great option for fans of nightlife in Istanbul. You are here: live music, street parties, cafes You will find a variety of fast food, traditional Turkish cuisine, and famous Istanbul restaurants ready to welcome you travelers, and there is also an old 19th-century building that gives you a 360-degree view of Istanbul’s skyline. Do not ignore it.

Let’s get to the delicious food option of Esteghlal Street, which apparently does not have all of you, and you are in this popular street of Istanbul, from cheap street food such as oysters, sweets, and traditional pilafs to the best restaurants in Istanbul such as Yeni Lokanta. ) And if you want to try the best traditional Turkish dessert, the pastries of this region can be a sweet experience for you, as well as the sweet baklava and lqma made from small fried balls placed in sweet syrup. They are also among the delicious Turkish sweets and souvenirs of Istanbul.

Istiklal Caddesi

Finally, note that Esteghlal Street is also a place for people to gather for street protests of the people of this city. In 2013, Gazi Park demonstrations took place in Taksim Square, Esteghlal Street, and a statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, was seen in Taksim Square. It is also a symbol of Turkish power.

Spectacular attractions of Istiklal Caddesi
Esteghlal Street is full of different sights and attractions that introduce you to the culture and tradition of their people, and there are historical and famous cinemas on this street, and there are passages for shopping that are also very old. If you are going to buy, they are very suitable, such as Hazapolo, Syrian Passage and Chichek Passage, and that Chichek Passage, which is also called Flower Passage, offers you wonderful cafes and restaurants with delicious menus, and as a famous and special masterpiece.

It stands out in the architecture of Istanbul and also the reason why the name of this passage was changed to Flower Passage was the sale of beautiful flowers that were sold by Russian women in 1917, which turned this Chichek Passage into a flower passage and that eating Drinks under the domed arch of Chichak Passage will be a heartwarming and unique experience for you to travel with your friends.

You can also see the famous Istanbul Church on Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul. The churches of St. Antoine and Santa Maria are two famous churches in the heart of Istanbul whose architecture is really amazing and you can visit the churches on Esteghlal Street in Istanbul on Sundays. Choose where the religious ceremony takes place to see the religious practices that are rippling through the public, although understanding the multicultural history of Istanbul over time may seem a bit difficult, these visits are a great way to go. It is probably interesting for you to discover how the history of this city is formed with its diverse religions.

Other attractions that entertain you are international and Turkish artists in the lively back alleys of this street, art galleries such as the Pera Museum, one of the most famous museums here, and smaller exhibitions such as Egyptian apartments in the Galata area.

Which has a special and beautiful style and it is interesting that you travelers have the opportunity to walk on this street and get a lot of information about these galleries, and then if you love traditional art but do not want to spend your time in the gallery or exhibition So it’s better to go see street art here and enjoy the funny paintings on the buildings and walls.

Istiklal Caddesi

French Street is located on one of the side streets of Esteghlal Street, which is one of the most prominent and popular places for tourists and is also one of the famous neighborhoods of Istanbul because the decor of this street is an idea and model of There are French streets, but French food is not served on this street, and only its theme and architecture is French. Also, in the summer months, live music fills the space of this street, and all the people are dancing and rejoicing, and the atmosphere is romantic. Creates for visitors and shops are also busy serving various food and drinks, we suggest you do not miss.

Nightlife on Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul
You may have heard by now that Esteghlal Street is the oldest street in Istanbul and it is interesting that it still retains its old texture and originality here you will see buildings that belong to the Ottoman period and some years away from other governments.

They are from Turkey, and the next issue is that the paving of the street and the proximity to the oldest metro station in Istanbul have made it one of the architectural attractions of Istiklal Caddesi. This street was once an aristocratic area and was also a gathering place for the city’s old intellectuals. And with the passage of time and the expansion of the city and the erosion of its urban fabric, today it is known as part of the city center, and why it was named after it and the only reason was due to the war of Turkish independence that was placed on this street.

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