Job search in China

Job search in China

Job search in China

Job search in China – Many job agencies and agencies are operating in China. The number of these job agencies is still increasing. Most of the fields and fields that have more fans in this are: English language teaching, marketing, accounting, management Sales and Commerce, English Translator and Teaching, Business Services

China is one of the largest economic hubs in the world and many people migrate to this country every year for work and residence. Therefore, applicants can refer to employment agencies in China for this purpose. China has more demand and a better labor market, which will be mentioned below:

1- Engineering – Job search in China
Given the number of engineers graduating from Chinese universities each year, it may seem strange that foreign engineers are in high demand for engineering jobs in China. The fact is that China needs highly specialized engineers. In newer and specialized fields such as clean energy, oil and gas, automobiles, and in general, they have heavy industries. Therefore, specialized engineers with a high level of practical experience in global fields and disciplines are in demand.

People who have lived in China know that China and the World Wide Web are somewhat different. In fact, the Chinese Internet is a giant Internet that has little in common with the World Wide Web. There is IT in China.

3- Sales management:
The sales business in China suffers from high turnover and management practices, but there are many opportunities in this area. Despite the large domestic market in China, which is still developing and with a limited financial system, many people are looking for solid investment opportunities. So if someone is an expert in real estate and finance and has strong sales and high management skills, China is in a very good position.

4- Teaching English:
Certainly one of the most popular jobs in China is the job of teaching English. This job is considered as the first choice of foreign natives. In addition to English teachers, professional teachers in other fields such as mathematics, science, and history. In demand in China.

5- Marketing – Job search in China
Marketing and other creative fields in China, such as design and e-commerce, are growing rapidly, and China is in high demand for experienced foreigners for relevant skills. : Chinese companies looking to improve their global image and foreign companies looking to gain experience to enter Chinese markets and adapt to local markets. This field can be very efficient and useful if a person has high intellectual skills and Foreign investment companies, known as international companies, employ about 85% of the non-native labor force. About 40% of immigrant jobs in China are sales and marketing, and about 20% in the field. Engineering and about 10% are engaged in management, including accounting and finance. About 5% are engaged in IT.

Employment agencies in China:
1- Eban Employment Institute (EBAN):
This employment agency was established in Hong Kong in 1995. The Aban Institute specializes in executive employment in investment banks, securities, and asset management. One of the features of this agency is maintaining close relations with clients. The company has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. The Aban Employment Agency was established by Emma Weir in 1995 and soon became one of the largest employment agencies in China. The best job search company in recent years.
Address: Limited International Post Office, F \ 16, Manyee Building 68, Central Street DES VOEAX, Hong Kong
Phone: 825225219933
Email: [email protected]

Job search in China

2- Grun Zander Job Search Institute:
This employment agency was established in 1964 and works in the fields of finance, technology, law, human resources, communications, and environmental industry. It has offices on 5 continents.
Address: Winway Building 5 Wellington Street, Hong Kong
Phone: 85225377410
Fax: 82522537771

China Government Scholarship

3- Gemini personal limited employment agency:
The company was established in 1993 and is one of the first job search companies in China and is licensed by the Shanghai Personnel Office. The company has branches in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The following is more active:
Financial Services, Information & Communication Technology, Real Estate, Oil & Gas & Chemicals, Health
Address: Room 405, Block A, Grand Pacific Building, No. 84, Guanghua Street, Beijing 10026, China
Phone: 8610656706
Fax: 861065670623
Email: [email protected]
Head office address in Hong Kong:
F \ 15, Hing Building, On Hing Terrace, Hong Kong,
Phone: 85235529100
Email: [email protected]

4- Hudson Employment Institute:

Hudson is more than just a traditional job search company, it has in-depth marketing knowledge in Shanghai.
Address: Room 2201-2206, Hongyi Plaza, No. 288, Jiu Jiang St., Shanghai, China, 2001
Phone: 862123217888
Fax: 862123217999

5- Monroe Employment Institute:
The institute was established in 2003 as a job search agency in China.
Address: Middle Street, Huangpu 10F 138, shanghai plaza, 200021, China
Phone: 86213112709

6. Robert Huff Jobs Institute:
The company has experience in finding jobs in the following jobs:
Project Manager, Financial Accountant, Professional Environment, Financial Analyst, Audit, Accounting Manager, Management Systems, Business Analyst,
Address: 21st Floor, Nexxus 41 Building, Connaught Central Street, Hong Kong, China
Phone: 85236537300 Fax: 85236537366

Job search in China

Result :
Those interested in immigrating to China and obtaining a work visa can go to employment agencies in China and immigrate safely. This is important.

Chinese citizenship is granted in two ways. Chinese citizenship is granted either by birth, when at least one of the parents has Chinese citizenship or is granted through the acceptance of citizenship. It is a blood method, but the Chinese government, in the article of its citizenship law, has sub-accepted the acquisition of citizenship by land method, and it is for stateless and stateless people, of course, provided that their parents reside in China. , Acquisition of Chinese Tabat is acquired. Due to its good economic and social situation, China has always been of interest to people for citizenship and residency, and one of the requirements is to gain knowledge of the methods of granting citizenship in this country. The main method of obtaining citizenship through the birth of a child in China is the blood method, but to prevent statelessness, the Chinese government has also adopted the soil method in Article 6 of its Nationality Law. A Chinese citizen born to a father or mother is considered Chinese. In Chinese law, there is no distinction between parents, while in Iran, only the father is the criterion in the blood method. In this country, dual citizenship is also not accepted.

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