Journey to the world of Jane Austen

Journey to the world of Jane Austen


Journey to the world of Jane Austen

Journey to the world of Jane Austen – Who can be found who has not read or heard pride and bigotry or intellect and emotion. Two of Jane Austen’s best books have inspired different generations to read or see them. We all remember his stories in some way. This great writer inspired many writers after him and readers who changed their views of love and human feelings. A woman who, despite the many hardships of her time and her limitations as a woman in the field of writing, was able to become so famous. In this article, we intend to follow in the footsteps of Journey to the world by Jane Austen in different parts of England. Stay with us.

Jane Austen and Hampshire
Jane was born in Steventon, Hampshire, England. He wrote most of his work in Hampshire and finished his first novel, Wisdom, and Emotion, in this village. However, it is not far-fetched that his main memorial service is held every year in this area. 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death in Hampshire.

Journey to the world of Jane Austen

You can start your trip to this point by going to the Journey to the world of Jane Austen Museum House, where she used to live. You can also visit the Chawton House and Library in the village of Chawton, where various exhibitions, discussion sessions, activities, and events are held throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Winchester Church in Basingstoke holds monthly “Tours and Teas” tours to learn more about Jane Austen’s life and work.

Pride and Prejudice movie locations
If you’ve seen the series Pride and Prejudice, you probably remember the scene where Mr. Darcy proposed to Liz. The Apollo mansion on Lake Tranquil in Pride and Prejudice is the location where Mr. Darcy’s engagement to Liz was unsuccessful. The beautiful village of Lacock, which dates back to the 13th century, was called the village of Meriton in the film.

The mansion of pride and prejudice
It was at this location that Lydia and Katie (Bennett’s sisters) came to buy fashionable hats, went out with their Aunt Phillips, and hoped to attract the attention of the officers (especially Mr. Wickham). Also, the Luckington Court was used in this series, of tours to get acquainted with this house and filming locations.

Beachfront accommodation in Lyme Regis
Jane’s interest in the residence was evident in her letters to her sister Cassandra. In these letters, he described walking near the sea. He was also inspired by his latest novel from the coastal town of Dorset. To see this area, tours called “Lime and Literature” are held, which include walking in the Lime area and natural beaches, which follow in the footsteps of great writers who have lived in this place or praised it.

Living during the French Revolution and watching the rise and fall of Napoleon, as well as the Industrial Revolution, may turn your mind to politics and fill your mind with the political issues of the day. But that did not affect Jane Austen; He lived in the same period and time and at the same time became one of the most famous writers in the world. This is where the power of a writer’s creative mind and pen comes into play, proving that anything is possible with effort.

Take a look at Jane Austen’s life
The seventh child of the Austin family was born on December 16, 1775, in Hampshire; A little girl named Jane. On that day, no one imagined that Jane’s name would be remembered for many years to come and be known all over the world. Jane’s father, George Austin, was a priest, and although he had six children, he provided relatively good living conditions for himself and his children. Jane had 5 brothers and 1 older sister named Cassandra; The two sisters had a very close relationship.

After George’s death, his family moved from the city. Jane Austen eventually settled in Bath, England. For this reason, the city of Bath is known as the home of Jane Austen, and many ceremonies are held in her name.

National Gallery of London
Interestingly, Jane was not very interested in fame and read most of her writings to entertain relatives and friends. He even tried to get his novels published anonymously, so few people knew him during his lifetime. Jane Austen was only 41 years old. He died on January 18, 1817, for unknown reasons! The cause of death of this woman was never known and it remains a mystery forever. Six novels by Jane Austen were published, four of which were published during her lifetime and two more after her death. Of course, Jane had two other novels in the works, but she did not have time to finish them.

Jane Austen Books
Most of the books written by Jane are based on events she has experienced in the past, Or the characters he sees in his stories bore similarities to those around him. He has not written about big issues like war or historical events, but about things like furry girls or misunderstandings or even pride and bigotry. Pride of Prejudice is also the name of one of his most famous novels. The names of these works are:
Feelings and emotions, which are of course also known as the letters of reason and emotion or passion (1811)
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Mansfield Park (1814)
But (1815)

Journey to the world of Jane Austen

And the novels that were published after Jane’s death are:
Northanger Abbey (1818)
Persuasion (1818)

Jane Austen Museum House
Now today, if you have read and been impressed by the novels of Pride and Prejudice or Wisdom and Emotion, you can visit the Jane Austen Museum in Hampshire, England to get to know the author of these great books. Of course, in addition to this museum, many celebrations and ceremonies are held in different cities of England in memory of Jane Austen.

Winchester Church also hosts “Tea and Tea” tours each month to introduce Jane Austen to life and her valuable writings. This church is located in Basingstoke. You need a British visa to travel to this city and country. To get a visa, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind, and we know the answers to all of them. Contact us for more information on UK visas and UK visa pickups.

Picture of Jane Austen on the banknote
Years after Jane’s death, a picture of her face appeared on British banknotes. The printing of Journey to the world by Jane Austen’s face on the banknotes happened when the image of no woman was to be printed on the banknotes except for the queen. However, the law was violated by the people, and for the first time, Jane’s face was printed on 10-pound British banknotes.

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