Lake Braslav in Belarus

Lake Braslav in Belarus


Lake Braslav in Belarus

Lake Braslav in Belarus – Small and cozy Braslav has located 250 km from Minsk and only 15 km from the Lithuanian border. The sights of the city and its surroundings are an ancient place full of mystery, a beautiful church, an old brick mill, and of course the lake.

History and preacher

The city of Braslav, with a population of ten thousand, is located in the north of the country. Surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes, however, thanks to them, Belarus is often called the “blue eye”. This city is ancient with its rich rich history. Many things to see and experience throughout your life. The first settlement was formed here in the 9th century. The first written mention of Braslau dates back to 1065. In the fourteenth century, the city became part of the great kingdom of Lithuania, and in 1500 it received the Magdeburg Law. The 17th and 18th centuries were not easy for the city and its inhabitants. As a result of numerous wars, Braslav was repeatedly destroyed. In 1795 the city became part of the Russian Empire and in 1922 it was again under Polish rule. In 1944, Soviet forces drove the Germans out of Braslav and occupied the city. What interesting things can Braslav show today to a visiting tourist? The sights of the city are not only historical and architectural objects but also natural monuments. In addition, the most prominent point of this town is its signs, which many associates with the Freemasons. On it, you can see the image of an eye in a blue triangle. However, he is a symbol of “divine observation” and in this case protects the city and its inhabitants from various troubles and sufferings. The pleasant climate, clean air, and lakes full of fish attract thousands of tourists every year.

Lake Braslav in Belarus

Castle Hill – Lake Braslav in Belarus

An ancient settlement is located on a 14-meter low hill between Lakes Novyata and Drivyaty. Here you can still see the remains of 9th to 12th-century fortifications. The rise of Braslav itself accompanies this place. The hill castle is influenced not by the preserved fragments of fortifications and earthen fortifications, but by the stunning views that open from its quiet peak. There are small wooden houses for outdoor recreation. At the top of Zamkova Hill, a memorial stone is erected, indicating that this is where Braslav started working. Nearby is the tomb of the local physician and philanthropist Stanislav Narbut, marked by a high obelisk. He built and opened the first government hospital in the city with his own money.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Other sights of Braslav can be seen just below the castle hill. Among them is the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God, built in the 1820s. The sanctuary is built in the Neo-Romanesque style, using the traditional method for the Baltic region from alternating red bricks and stone masonry. Inside the temple is a valuable relic – the image of the Mother of God of Braslau, which is shown exclusively to visitors on holidays. He was shot. In the 1950s, the church became a granary but was returned to the church two years later.

Narbut Mill and Hospital – Lake Braslav in Belarus

In the historic part of Braslav, several other beautiful old buildings remain. One of them is a huge brick and stone. It was built at the beginning of the twentieth century and now functions as a museum. Another interesting building that n be seen in the city – is the Narbut Hospital, which was discussed above. A talented doctor, Stanislav Narbut, built a hospital in Braslav that meets all of Europe’s medical needs. Inside its walls, he performed dozens of complex operations, saving the lives of adults and children. The red building of this hospital is located just below the castle hill and has a limited but relatively refined brick wall decoration. The building now houses an Orthodox monastery.

The pristine and ideal purity of the Braslav Lakes

In the story about the tourist places of Belarus, the surrounding reservoirs can not be mentioned. Braslau lakes is a group of reservoirs and a national park with an area of ​​130 square kilometers. Great place to relax and see the wildlife. In total, there are 70 tanks of different sizes. The largest is Drivyaty, Study, To as well as Lake Strusto. By the way, on the latter coast, there is the Okmenytsya spring with healing mineral water.

Lake Braslav in Belarus

The lakes of Braslau attract a large number of tourists and travelers, especially in summer. On their shores, there are modern recreation centers, camps and c, cottages, and camping sites. Climbing Mayak Mountain, where a wooden viewing deck is equipped for tourists, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the lakes to your heart. Braslav is a small town in northwestern Belarus, surrounded by melliferous forests and clear water lakes. Thanks to these natural resources, it has become a popular recreation center. In the city itself, you should define several interesting places and attractions. These include Castle Hill with the remains of ancient fortifications, the Neo-Romanesque Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the water mill, and the Stanislav Narbut Hospital, a museum of local history. After visiting all these objects, you can relax completely on the shores of one of the Braslav lakes. The ancient city of Br Vaclav is beautifully located among the lakes and forests. It may be considered the historic capital of the quiet region, although the city is smaller – o about 10,000 people live in it. The atmosphere of this city is adorned with its historical appearance and natural environment, and thanks to it, Braslav has become a kind of recreational capital of Belarus.

Braslav is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It was founded in 1065 (two years before the first mention of Minsk) and was originally named Bryachislavl – in honor of Prince Polotsk Bryachislav Izyaslavich, and over time the name changed to its current form. There was even a castle in Braslau (but we will see its location in the second part), which appeared in the Russian Empire in 1795 (according to the third part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) and was part of the province of Kono (modern-day Kaunas Was a city in the city of Novaleksandrovsk (the center of which was the city of Novaleksandrovsk – now Zarasai in Lithuania). And now, as mentioned earlier, it is a typical regional center and the “leisure capital” of the country. By the way, Braslav is also one of the northernmost cities in Belarus (only Verkhnedvinsk in the north).

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