Law in the UAE

Law in the UAE


Law in the UAE

Law in the UAE – Studying law in UAE, which can lead to key job opportunities in the country, seems to be a great option for applicants. The UAE provides opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies in the field and provides valuable qualifications for its graduates. By studying in the Emirate, students experience a unique education in a destination abroad and benefit from excellent educational facilities.

About the UAE and its legal system
It is close to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The UAE is culturally diverse. This region, which is known as one of the richest parts of the world due to its oil reserves, is growing in terms of legal needs. Key job opportunities are often available for those wishing to study in the UAE legal system. The legal system in the UAE is a system based on the UAE constitution. The constitution is approved and upheld by the federal Supreme Court. There are sharia and civil courts in the UAE. Their laws govern marriage, divorce, and child custody, and vary from region to region.

Why study law in the Emirate?
The UAE is a young, dynamic, and exciting country known for its incredible diversity, warm hospitality, political stability, economic vitality, security, and religious freedom. The UAE is a relatively new educational destination that is undergoing constant and drastic change. Emirati people make up only about 20% of the country’s population, and the rest are from all over the Arab-Islamic world and beyond. While most people speak English, conversations in Arabic, Urdu, and any other language can be heard on the streets of this country. The country brings together a variety of cultures in one place and is a place to discover the true meaning of the word internationalization. The UAE has universities that are ranked in prestigious global rankings. The table below shows some of the best universities in the country based on international rankings:

Law in the UAE

Universities Higher Education Rankings Times (2021) TopUniversities Rankings 2021 US News and World Report Rankings (2020)
UAE University 301 284 803
Khalifa University 351 211 651
Sharjah University 601 601 –
American University of Sharjah 801 348 –
Zayed University 801 701 –
American University of Dubai – 601 –
In this country, students can confidently continue their studies at a quality university. The UAE is a very safe and modern country with very few violent crimes. Students in this country can visit and enjoy the seven parts of the UAE, each with its own rules, culture, scenery, and traditions.

Law programs in the UAE
People who want to work in the field of law, such as advocacy, need proper training to do so. In the UAE, the initial program in this field is undergraduate. There are several master’s programs as well as doctoral programs in this country. The programs and legal documents of this region are of high quality and are exactly like the programs and documents that are offered in western regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Extensive study options are available in the UAE for those wishing to pursue this level of education.

Higher education in law in the UAE
Choosing the right law school or college needs to take into account the opportunities available. The UAE has a wide range of law schools and colleges. Some of them offer highly specialized fields of study. To enter these schools or colleges there are very valuable in the field of competition law. However, every year opportunities are available for those who qualify and have high grades from their previous education. This includes international students. Students in this field tend to study in one or more different departments of law. After four to six years of study, depending on the field of study, students can take the Bar Association entrance exam. This is a requirement for people who want to practice law in this area. International students are often welcome to study at many universities in the UAE.

Law in the UAE

Tuition for law in the UAE
Public universities in the UAE can create their tuition policy. In general, tuition fees in the UAE can range from € 5,000 to € 27,650 (Euros) per academic year. Also, students can find cheaper and sometimes free study programs, but these programs are very few. Tuition is calculated based on the total number of unit hours for each program. For example, if a master’s degree in education requires 36 hours of graduation and the cost of one hour is € 371 (Euro), then the tuition for this program will be around € 13,355 (in Euros). Like public universities, private educational institutions have the right to set their tuition. Tuition at these universities is often higher, but this is not always the case. For example, at an American university in the UAE, the cost per unit hour is between € 285 and € 405 (Euro).

Cost of living while studying in the UAE
International students need € 650 to € 1,300 (Euros) per month to cover their monthly living expenses in the UAE. Accommodation costs will be the biggest expense for students, but students’ habits and lifestyles can increase or decrease their living expenses. The following chart shows the distribution of living costs in November 2020 in the UAE:

Distribution of living expenses in the UAE
University housing and apartment rent are the most popular types of accommodation for students in the UAE. The price and facilities of university housing (housing on or off campus) vary from institution to institution. For example, the University of the UAE costs € 1,300 (Euro) per semester, while the University of Sharjah receives between € 565 and € 1970 (Euro) per year. If you rent an apartment, the total cost varies depending on the type of apartment (1-3 rooms), proximity to the city center, and so on. In this country, the full rent of a monthly apartment is between 730 € to 2000 € (Euro). The cost of monthly municipal services is between 150 € to 230 € (Euro).

What are the basics of studying in the UAE? Students wishing to study in the UAE must apply for a UAE Student Visa. Student visas are offered for full-time programs.
Do UAE universities offer scholarships? Yes. Some universities in the country offer scholarships and others offer a variety of financial aid programs. The official website of the universities is the best place to learn more about this.

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