le panier marseille

le panier marseille


le panier marseille

le panier marseille – From the point of view of tourists, one of the most important neighborhoods of different cities is their old neighborhood, because by seeing it, we understand the history and culture of the city. As you know, Marseille is the oldest city in the beautiful country of France. it counts. The oldest part of Marseille is also known as the “Old Quarter” or “Le Pannie”. Located on a hillside above the old port, this colorful neighborhood is famous for its sloping buildings and streets. Visit the old Marseille neighborhood with its rustic and intimate style, an artistic environment full of beautiful flowers, famous murals, and cafes, squares. It is very enjoyable. Pandey in French means basket. History Marseille was born in 600 BC with the arrival of the Greeks here. This neighborhood has witnessed the touch of cultures from other parts of the world for thousands of years, first Italy and most recently Africa, South America, Vietnam, and Madagascar. The Nazis stormed an old neighborhood, blowing up 1,500 homes and trying to exterminate resistance fighters, refugees, criminals, Jews, and communists. Crafts, studios, and terraces are crowded old houses. The main center of the old quarter of Marseille is its old charity. If you are planning to buy a tour of Marseille and visit this area, read on with Bisan.

Excursion in the old neighborhood – le panier marseille
The old quarter has a very lively atmosphere and you can walk around it without fear of getting lost. To reach the top of the hill, do what the Greeks did 2600 years ago here: from the crossroads in front of the town hall Start. This building is inspired by the Baroque style, reminiscent of the architecture of Italian palaces such as Genoa. This work was created by Gaspard Paget and Matthew Portal. Then you will see the “Rue de la” prison next to the town hall and you will pass in front of a beautiful 16th-century civilian palace called the “Diamond House” with a diamond-like appearance. Do not. There are many famous places to visit in the old quarter, some of which are mentioned in this section:

Local handicrafts and art shelters in galleries
Greek Square Lounge
Diamond House
Doyle Pink Pavilion
Old Charity Cultural Center and museums and galleries of its art collection
Route 13 cantons
Passage Fort
Molin Square
The house of the famous architect Pierre Paget
Pistol Square
Cathedral of the Two Lamajors
Church of St. Laurent
Museum of Civilization

le panier marseille

History of the Panieh region – le panier marseille
When the middle class of Marseilles decided to relocate in the seventeenth century, Pannier became a working-class area. The Old Quarter In the nineteenth century, with the onset of the commercial and industrial revolution, it gradually gained an unfavorable reputation. But this dubious reputation did not prevent the development of a rural way of life with a population consisting mainly of fishermen, sailors, and sailors. At the end of the nineteenth century, after World War I, the Corsicans were absorbed by the Neapolitans. Part of this neighborhood was revived by the Germans in February 1943. But the people showed their zeal and rebuilt even the smallest parts of the neighborhood. Today, many countries are involved in shaping the culture of Paniyeh and its diversity.

Address and access to the old neighborhood
The Old Quarter or Le Pannie is located in the second arrondissement of Marseille and is easily accessible from Metro Line 1, Colbert Station, and Cathedrale la Major 49 bus line. You do not need a ticket to enter the old quarter.
Address: 13002 Marseille, France

Old Neighborhood Restaurants
One of the attractions of the old quarter of Marseille from the past to the present is the wide range of cafes and restaurants. Try one of your meals in this neighborhood. Here are some of the best restaurants:

Au Coeur du Panier: This restaurant serves local, French and Mediterranean cuisine.
Awash Concept Store: This restaurant serves Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine.
Maison Geney: This restaurant serves healthy, French, café, European, and street food. The price in this restaurant is relatively reasonable.
Le Clan des Cigales: This restaurant serves French and Mediterranean cuisine.
Vinoneo: This restaurant serves European, French, and Mediterranean cuisine.
Tako-SaN: This restaurant serves Japanese and Asian cuisine.
Chez Etienne: This restaurant serves Italian, French, Mediterranean, and grilled dishes.
Le Refuge: This cozy, open-air restaurant serves European, French, and Mediterranean cuisine.
Au Panier Breton: This restaurant serves French cuisine and is also recommended for children.
Le Bistro Du Panier: This restaurant serves hamburgers, French, American, and street food, and prices are relatively low. You can also use the space outside the restaurant to eat.

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Terrasses du Port Shopping Center
This shopping center is located in the second district of Marseille. One of the newest shopping malls in Marseille and France is this large shopping complex with 190 stores, which opened in the spring of 2014. This commercial complex has a terrace with an area of ​​2600 square meters, in which you can see a beautiful view of the port. That is why this complex is called “Port Terrace”. The products offered in the stores of this center are both domestic and foreign brands. The central location of the complex makes it easily accessible by all means of public transport.

le panier marseille

Bonnevein Shopping Mall
Bonus Shopping Center is located in District 8, in a residential area of ​​the same name. The complex has more than 60 stores, which are very crowded and noisy. In addition to the store in this complex, there is a post office, a library, a social security office, a cinema, a parking lot, etc.

Center Bourse Shopping Center
One of the most luxurious shopping malls in Marseille, located behind the old port. Bourse Center Shopping Mall may seem sad from the outside, but there is a certain excitement inside. In this collection, world-famous and top brands are represented, most of which are related to cosmetics and clothing. There are 60 stores on the three floors of the center. This shopping center is easily accessible.

Grand Littoral open a commercial complex
The recently built Grand Litoral Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, located in the 15th arrondissement. Chain stores of famous fashion brands are gathered in this collection.

French Marseille markets
In addition to the modern shopping malls in Marseille, there are several markets that are good places to buy food. Below we will mention a number of Marseille markets. Fish Market: The fish market is one of the busiest markets in Marseille, which is open daily from 8 am to 12 noon. In this market, local fishermen gather to sell their daily catch.

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