Life expectancy in Hong Kong

Life expectancy in Hong Kong


Life expectancy in Hong Kong

Life expectancy in Hong Kong – The average life expectancy in different countries is determined based on different components and is one of the criteria for the welfare and development of that country. It is interesting to know that in the latest ranking of countries in the world, Hong Kong is at the top of the world and the people of Hong Kong have the highest life expectancy in the world. Life expectancy for both sexes has increased significantly over the past 46 years, to about 81.3 years for men and 87.3 years for women. But how did this small Asian region reach such a position and what facilities did it provide to its people?

What is life expectancy?
The concept of life expectancy (Life Expectancy) is a statistical index that determines the average life expectancy and life expectancy in a country and statistical community. This average is determined based on components such as gender, age, place of birth, health index and status, and quality of life and well-being in each society. For many years, the concept of life expectancy in countries around the world has been considered a measure of the level of well-being and quality of life in the world. It is interesting to know that in all countries of the world, with any level of well-being and quality of life, the average life expectancy of women is higher than men. In the following, we will review the list of countries with the highest average life expectancy.

Life expectancy in Hong Kon

Why is life expectancy so high in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is an autonomous region in southern China that is now one of the trade hubs of Asia and the world. With soaring skyscrapers and modern shopping malls and crowded streets, Hong Kong evokes the image of a state-of-the-art city, and it really is. Hong Kong is an island city with an area of ​​1087 square kilometers, in this small area, more than 7 million people live. There are currently more than 300 skyscrapers and tall towers throughout Hong Kong, as well as urban parks and green spaces, numerous hospitals, and health centers, and a modern and advanced transportation system, as well as restaurants and shopping malls. It offers a very good quality of life to its citizens. The people of Hong Kong currently have the highest life expectancy in the world, with an average life expectancy of 81.3 for men and 87.3 for women. But what components do you think have raised the quality of life in the Hong Kong metropolis so much?

Easy access to everything
If you travel to Hong Kong, seeing the large crowds on the streets, you will think that you will have difficulty accessing. But this is not the case, and incidentally, access in Hong Kong is very fast, regular, and organized. The streets of Hong Kong are very safe and there is very easy access to public transport, restaurants, and municipal facilities and services. Taken together, they make Hong Kong people live healthier and longer lives. You can easily go to shopping malls, restaurants, etc. using public transportation and get anywhere you want with a little walking. Citizens’ peace of mind and urban facilities and access to facilities and services have increased the average life expectancy in Hong Kong.

Green spaces and sports
There are many parks and green spaces in Hong Kong that allow people to exercise and do aerobic activities. In the morning, if you go to the parks of Hong Kong, you will see many groups of elderly and middle-aged people who do sports such as tai chi and ki gong. Older people are accustomed to starting their morning like this and then getting together for breakfast and chatting with friends. Tai Chi morning exercises are very popular in Hong Kong and are in fact part of people’s daily lives. In addition to maintaining and strengthening social relationships, this traditional sport has raised the average life expectancy. In almost every area and neighborhood, there are numerous green spaces and parks that encourage people, especially the elderly, to work out. Slowly These spaces are designed to fit the needs of middle-aged and elderly people and encourage them to enjoy daily activities such as walking and gathering with friends.

Life expectancy in Hong Kong

Hospitals and health services suitable for everyone
Another reason for the high life expectancy in Hong Kong is the quality of health care. In Hong Kong, anyone can go to the hospital and receive proper medical care. There are special treatment facilities for the elderly in this autonomous region, and these people do not need to pay for primary care and medical services. According to a Hong Kong doctor, “If you, as a Hong Kong citizen, are very ill and need to be hospitalized, this service will be provided free of charge and will be funded by the tax authorities. So no one is left without health care because of their lack of financial ability! Obviously, access to health care is directly related to the average life expectancy, and as a result, the life expectancy of Hong Kong people has increased.

Good weather

Another reason for the increase in life expectancy is its favorable geographical location. Located in the subtropical region, Hong Kong has a very favorable climate. The weather in Hong Kong is often neither too cold nor too hot, making life in such a climate more comfortable and enjoyable. In countries like the United Kingdom, deaths increase in the winter and cold months of the year. In the United States, for example, in 2016-17, the number of deaths during the winter was about 34,300 more than in the warmer seasons. According to many experts, favorable weather has been one of the reasons for the increase in life expectancy. Although Japan is relatively close to Hong Kong, it has a completely different climate, and Singapore’s climate in Japan is very different. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, tropical Singapore, and Japan. Although the weather factor can greatly increase life expectancy, it is certainly not a key factor.

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