Local Markets of Antalya

Local Markets of Antalya


Local Markets of Antalya

Local Markets of Antalya – Antalya is one of the coastal cities of Turkey that due to the high diversity of tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers, the tourism industry of this city is booming day by day. Surely, no matter how many times you visit this city, you will not get bored, because every time you travel to Antalya, you will discover new things from the beaches to the local and weekly markets, which you may not have heard of until then.

Since one of the parts of every trip is shopping and sightseeing in the markets of any city or country, Antalya can be considered as one of the best cities in Turkey for shopping.

Maybe we have paid more attention to modern shopping centers and their reputable brands, but in this article we want to introduce you to the weekly markets of Antalya or the traditional markets of Antalya, which are less fun to visit and buy than buying from the luxury centers of this city. . By buying from these Local Markets of Antalya, you will have an exciting shopping and you will get acquainted with the culture and food habits of the native people. In fact, it can be said that both fortune-telling and watching, so do not miss these markets when traveling with Antalya tour.

Lidya Suzani Carpet Gallery
Carpet is one of the goods that people of Asia have used in their homes since ancient times. Carpet weaving industry is still common in the countries of this continent. Antalya also has a famous carpet market called Lydia Suzani to sell exquisite and local Turkish carpets, which offers a variety of high-quality hand-woven carpets. The carpets of this market in different designs and colors with very high quality have been able to attract the attention of many tourists around the world. Lydia Suzani Carpet Market is considered as the best carpet market in Antalya.

Address: Antalya, Hisapchi, Babaros Mah

Antalya Bazaar Saturday (Cumartesi Pazarı)
Antalya weekly markets are very famous in this city, the most famous of which is Saturday Bazaar. This market is set up in Lara neighborhood of Antalya, which in addition to buying, has provided various facilities for the well-being of tourists. A variety of hotels, entertainment centers, shops and various shops are some of the facilities that exist in this market. To buy quality and cheap goods, you can go to the Saturday market in Lara area. All kinds of clothes, brand glasses, decorative items, jewelry and accessories are just some of the items available in this market. Sometimes this market is also held on Sundays, but we suggest that you go to this market on Saturdays to shop.

Address: Antalya, Lara Old District

Tuesday Market
Lara Street is one of the most famous streets in Antalya for setting up all kinds of weekly Local Markets of Antalya. This street hosts a large number of sellers and buyers on Tuesdays every week, most of whom are tourists. Antalya Bazaar will be held on Lara Street between Metin and Lara streets on Tuesday.

Local Markets of Antalya

Wednesday Market
Another weekly market in Antalya is Wednesday Bazaar, which is located at the intersection of Sarampol and Sukillu streets. This place is a two-storey car park owned by the Municipality of Antalya.

Thursday Market
Thursday The market in this city is held every Thursday on Thursdays. The market is located on the street in front of the Falls Hotel called Tarik Akiltopu Hamidiye Street Antalya Hamidiye.

Republic Market in Antalya
The Republic Bazaar is located in the Murad Pasha area, near the Antalya Mark Shopping Center, which is full of clothes and goods with high variety and reasonable prices. The name of this market is due to its location on Republic Street in Antalya. Due to the location of this market in the historical and scenic neighborhood of Morad Pasha, it has caused more crowds and crowds in the Republic Bazaar, because tourists who go to visit this place will naturally visit this market and buy the goods they need at unbeatable prices. They benefit.

If you travel to the beautiful country of Turkey with a tour of Antalya, we suggest that you include this traditional market in your list of places of interest. Although the Republic market is not modern and stylish in appearance, but it has a variety of high quality products that can be purchased at a very reasonable price. For this reason, instead of buying the items they need from the Mark Shopping Center, most tourists go to Jomhory Street to buy from this market.

Address: Antalya, Murad Pasha District, Kazem Ozlep St., Jomhory St.

Eastern Garaji Market (Dogu Garaji Market)
East Garage Market is the most interesting local market in Antalya, which is located in the central part of the city. This market is one of the old markets of Antalya, where sellers gather every day and sell their goods. One of the features of the Eastern Karaj market is that in addition to selling clothes and other goods, various food products are also offered in it.

Local Markets of Antalya

Antalya Bazaar
Antalya Bazaar is one of the most famous traditional markets in Antalya, where most of the goods such as fabrics and clothes are sold. Since this market is one of the oldest markets in Antalya, we recommend visiting it to all tourists touring Antalya to get acquainted with the culture of the people of this city. Of course, in this market, a variety of beautiful Turkish dishes are also offered at very reasonable prices. In fact, Antalya Bazaar is a good place to buy souvenirs because it has a variety of delicious Turkish foods such as pine juice, halva, baklava and apple tea. There are also handicrafts, jewelry, handmade leather shoes and a variety of other goods that you can buy as souvenirs.

Address: Antalya, Murad Pasha, Kavagi Square


Old Bazaar (ıki Kapılı Han)
The Old Bazaar or the Old Bazaar is one of the oldest weekly markets in Antalya, which is one of the most popular markets in the city among many tourists. This market is so attractive that people from all over the world travel to Antalya to shop and visit. One of the advantages of this market is that in addition to shopping, you can get acquainted with the style of the old markets of Turkey. Carpets, fabrics, clothing, jewelry, and local clothing are just some of the items offered in this market. We suggest that you do not choose weekends to buy from this market because it is so crowded that it makes it difficult for you to buy and due to the crowded seller in the account of your shopping book does not work properly.

Address: Antalya, Old Bazaar

College market in Antalya
College is one of the old neighborhoods in Antalya that has a very traditional and old texture. Most of the historical sites of this city are located in this area. The college market is located in this old area where you will find most of the vendors who sell handicrafts, kilims and carpets. The unity and solidarity of the people of this region is quite evident from the appearance of their houses, because all the houses in this neighborhood hang things for sale on their walls, and all the places help each other to sell more of their products. If you are interested in traditional handmade and old tools, you can undoubtedly have an amazing purchase in this market.

Address: Antalya, College neighborhood

Shi Mall is one of the fashion markets in Antalya, which opened in 2008. This market is located at the intersection of Larapich, which divides Lara beach into 4 parts and has an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters. For this reason, it is one of the largest Local Markets of Antalya.

This market is a comprehensive shopping center that in addition to shopping, you can also enjoy its leisure and welfare facilities. Shi Mall Bazaar has 64 world famous brands such as LC Waikiki, West, Ploo, Lagost, S Watch, Boehner, etc. in its 70 stores and boutiques. Reasonable prices of these goods is one of the reasons for its popularity among locals and tourists. Another attractive feature of this market is its cinemas equipped with 8 theaters where the latest Turkish and Hollywood movies are screened. Also, children’s playgrounds allow you to have a great shopping without worries and worries.

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