London to Marseille

London to Marseille


London to Marseille

London to Marseille – Traveling by train to France is fun, fast, and affordable. But until now you have to change trains and/or stations to get to the south of France. There is currently a direct train from London St. The internationally used Pancras, before the end of Marseille, stops only in Lyon and Avignon. You do not change every station train and it only takes 6 hours and 27 minutes. So a shortstop in the south of France is now a reality. And with Marseille’s new reputation as a tourist destination, creates an exciting and affordable mini-holiday.

Services launched on May 1 are now set to the following times:
May-June, September-October, Monday, Friday, Saturday
July, August Monday, Thursday, Fifteen, Saturday, Sun.
November Saturday

Departure at 07:37, arrival in Marseille at 2.46 pm (French time 1 hour before British time). Travel time is 6 hours and 27 minutes. Return trips are prepared on the same day by train and are ready to leave at 3.22 pm local time. The journey time on the return journey (in London at 10:30 pm local time) takes 7 hours and 12 minutes. Since there are no border or customs borders in Marseille, you have to get off the train in Lille with your luggage, cross the security, then take the same train to make your trip to London.

London to Marseille

Eurostar Schedule
But if this is very popular, Eurostar will offer more frequent services. Pancras International to Marseille.

Travel in style
There are 3 classes in Eurostar: Choose from Standard, Superior Superior, and Superior Business. If you are a top business you can use the excellent private lounge in London St Pancras. Standard Premier is almost good enough, with a meal in your chair (not quite about Premiere Business), but you can not use the lounge on the street. There is coffee and champagne and great drinks and beverages that prepare you for the trip. Registration time is 30 minutes before departure but with the increasing popularity of train services, stations and checks are very busy, so let’s Give 45 minutes.

le panier marseille

Travel from London to Marseille
This is a good trip, with the first stop at Ashford International to pick up passengers from the South East of England. The train passes through the canal tunnel for 20 minutes, then you go to a completely different countryside. You keep the goods at a distance, before speeding through the northern part of France. You see Paris and cross the Charles de Gaulle Airport and move southeast via Burgundy. Heavy heavy houses with tiled roofs; Large Farms and Vineyards You can visit the distant Central Mountains and Pou Doda in the distance, one of the least known areas in France. Lyon is the first step to arrive at Lyon Part-Dieu station at 1 pm French time. It takes 4 hours and 41 minutes. Now you are in the Rhone Valley, massive white limestone cliffs rising to one side. The next stop is Avignon TGV Station, on the outskirts of Avignon, at 2.08 pm, a total journey time of 5 hours and 49 minutes. en-Provence, painted for a long time by Paul Cézanne, is native to this magnificent city in the south of France. Then at 2.46 pm, they arrive in Marseille in St Charles’s Marseille.

Advantages of using the train instead of air
There is no doubt that taking the train is the easiest way to travel to the south of France. I flew back and the door was 20 minutes faster than the train. Apart from the new fast travel method, on the train you can manage your luggage as much as you can; You can consume liquids and cosmetics without any restrictions. You can work if you want and get on the train easily. There are two train trains, but this choice is relatively limited, so many people spend their picnics, gathering only on the train with drinks. This is also very affordable. Prices start at 99 and you do not have to go underground or train to the terminal as downtown.

Travel with great rail travel
I have traveled by Rail Rail Journeys, a flexible, useful, and efficient company. The UK company is holding a very good, railway group holiday together. Check out some of your ideas on your website. A typical escort group vacation includes 6 days in Jordan and Lot from 45 645 per person. And Languedoc and Carcassone (7 days from 7 795 per person). They also connect you to a vacation, river trips, city entertainment, and anything else you want to see. 4 days in the Cote d’Azur in Nice and Monaco cost 320 320 per person, which includes rail travel, 3 nights in a 3-star hotel, and a trip to Monaco. Other targets include Paris and Reims (from 70 470 each);

London to Marseille

Beverly Park – London to Marseille
Beverly Park, known as one of the best parks in France, has regular scores waiting to be visited. One of its best features is that it is only 1,000 feet from the ocean. The building is named after its creator, Joseph Beverly, and was built in the 17th century. The city is famous for its Chinese garden, French garden, an English garden. You can walk in these gardens and enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful scenery. If you are traveling with family or friends, this is a good place to have a picnic. They are quiet in the afternoon. You can try to talk to the locals and get to know the area better, this may help you to find the hidden jewels around the area.

Port of Le Vieux
French tourism is more than just beautiful places known around the world. It will also be a great travel center for cultural trips for you in the European lifestyle. You can admire the fishermen who do their work and sell their catch. There is also some local specialty seafood that you may want to eat. Why not rent a boat to explore the area? This could be a romantic getaway with your special someone or a relaxing vacation. You can get around $ 1.10 for a boat trip. However, one of the fun things to do in the port of Le Vieux is to spend time reading books while enjoying the port atmosphere.

Notre Dame de la Guard
The Church of Notre Dame de la Garde is also called the “Great Church”. This is an ancient building overlooking Marseille and a travel hub known as one of the best sights in the city. Did you know that in the past, fishermen often visited the church to receive the blessing of their boat? This place is of special importance to the people of the city. E has. This is a popular travel center to have a place of historical importance.

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