London's Delicious Food

London’s Delicious Food


London’s Delicious Food

London’s Delicious Food – English and London cuisine may not be as popular as in countries like Italy and France, but there are certainly plenty of delicious dishes in this city as well. Incidentally, some London dishes have become world-famous and popular all over the world. Fish and chips, roast beef and are some of the most popular London dishes. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most famous and delicious dishes of London. If you are planning to travel to London and England, we recommend that you try these foods during your trip. Stay with us.

Fish and Chips 
Undoubtedly, one of the most famous and London’s Delicious Food England is chips and fish, which is better known by its English name, fish and chips. Traditionally, this dish is prepared with codfish, although it can be made with much other fish. The fish is thoroughly fried and served with French fries. If you go to a restaurant on a trip to London and order fish and chips, they will probably bring boiled or mashed peas and caramelized onions. The British love fish and chips and because it is very quick and easy to prepare, they enjoy it as fast and delicious food.

Pie and mashed potatoes Pie And Mash
Another of London’s most delicious dishes is the pie and mashed potatoes, which are always served together and are also known as pie and mash. In the past, pies were made with eel meat, but today it has been replaced with beef. However, you can still find eel pies in local and old restaurants. Mashed potatoes have a special and important place in London and British cuisine, and along with most foods, there is also puree. So in London restaurants, there is a little mashed potato next to almost every food you order. In London restaurants, pie is often served with mashed potatoes and sometimes peas, which is a tempting and London Delicious Food combination.

English Breakfast
Even if you have never heard of London or England, you are probably familiar with English breakfast. This name has even entered the menus of our cafes and restaurants and has opened its place as a delicious and hearty breakfast. English breakfast, like Turkish breakfast, consists of a breakfast tray and consists of various combinations. Traditional and classic English breakfasts include scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, bean dishes, occasionally mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and toast. English breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee is the most complete breakfast you can order on a trip to London. Of course, sometimes fresh and natural orange juice is served with English breakfast, which is very pleasant and hearty.

Rast Beef | Roast Beef
Another of London’s most delicious dishes is a world-famous dish: Roast Beef! Roast beef is a traditional Sunday lunch and has long been served on this day. Thin slices of grilled meat are served with various vegetables such as carrots, peas, and cabbage. Yorkshire potatoes and pudding, which we introduce below, are often served with roast beef. Roast beef, although prepared in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, is considered the national food of England and is rooted in the history and culture of the British people.

Yorkshire Pudding Yorkshire Pudding
When you look at Yorkshire Pudding, you think it’s a simple dessert, but it’s not! Yorkshire Pudding is one of London’s most delicious dishes and is served as a main course. This pudding is prepared from a combination of flour, milk, and eggs, and if it is to be served as lunch and main meal, they fill it with a variety of vegetables.

Cream tea 
Another London dish that we introduce to you is a popular and famous English supper. The British love tea and evening parties, and cream tea or cream tea is all you want to drink with tea. A cup of fragrant and brewed tea with muffins, jams, cream, small sandwiches, and even cucumbers and… make up a completely English evening. We suggest you order cream tea if you go to a cafe on a trip to London and enjoy a combination of fresh and delicious sweets and cookies with a cup of English tea.

The Shepherd’s Foot | Shepherd’s Pie
Another of the most famous and delicious dishes of London and England is Shepherd’s Pie or Shepard’s Pie. This pie is sometimes called cage pie, which has the same ingredients. This famous pie is prepared in different ways and each restaurant may make it a little differently. However, traditionally, shepherd’s pie is made with minced meat and various vegetables and has a delicious taste. Cover the ingredients with mashed potatoes and place them in the oven until the surface of the pie is completely toasted and golden. Sometimes, to have a more London’s Delicious Food pie, grated cheese is placed on it so that when the cheese is baked in the oven, it melts and gives a unique appearance and taste to the pie.

England can be considered one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, which has many tourist attractions and facilities. In the British Isles. You can see cities that are very attractive in terms of history and culture and have rich and old traditions. Historic Sites in the country, from historic megaliths to the ancient Romans and even ancient buildings dating back to the British Empire, can be visited. The UK today is a developed country with very extensive public transport, which allows you to easily transport between cities. In this country, you can easily go from city to city or use your car for intercity transportation and through its highways. We assure you that visiting the UK can be an unforgettable and fascinating experience that is always available to you.

One of the ready meals that you can taste in London is Beef Wellington. This ready-made food is prepared by placing beef in the paste of mushrooms, mushrooms, onions, and vegetables such as parsley and mint. Pepper and ginger are added to it to get a better flavor. To keep it fresh and moist, they keep it in crepe (very thin pancakes).

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