Marriage in Colombia

Marriage in Colombia


Marriage in Colombia

Marriage in Colombia – Immigrating through marriage in Colombia is one of the simplest ways to get residency in this country, which has attracted the attention of people when it comes to residency. In Colombia, there are no restrictions on foreign nationals marrying Colombian citizens. Many marriages happen this way every year. But the point to be noted in this is that marriage in this country is of two types civil marriage or Civil marriage and Religious marriage. Applicants for marriage in this country must register their marriage at the Colombian Marriage Registry. Such offices abound in large cities such as Bogota and Medellin. Their job is to record the events of marriage and divorce in this country. The condition for the marriage of foreign nationals in Colombia is that the Colombian citizen is not married to another person. Before issuing a marriage certificate, both parties must prove their single status by presenting their birth certificate. After registering the marriage and issuing the marriage certificate, the applicants can apply for their marriage visas. In short, for immigration purposes in Colombia and to obtain a 3-year marriage visa, civil marriage or union marital de Hecho is sufficient.

About Colombia
The Republic of Colombia República de Colombia is a country on the South American continent that shares borders with many countries, both by water and by land. The country has been inhabited by the indigenous peoples of Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona since at least 12,000 BC and was ruled by the Inca Empire. The Spanish colonizers invaded the country in 1499, establishing the new kingdom of Granada as the capital of Santafé de Bogotá, and finally declaring their independence in 1886 with the introduction of the Republic of Colombia. Colombia is one of the countries With great cultural and linguistic diversity. Colombians speak Spanish. According to the 2018 population statistics, the population of Colombia is about 5 million people. Estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 show $ 791995 billion (dollars). Although Colombia is traditionally dependent on the export of raw and agricultural products. But in recent years, due to significant industrial developments in this country, the situation has changed completely. About 19.6% of the labor force is working in the industrial sector of this country.

Marriage in Colombia

General Conditions of Marriage in Colombia
Colombia has a rich and prolific culture. Marriage is very important in Colombia. If you are a Colombian fiancé and planning to get married in Colombia, you should know that there are two ways to get married in Colombia. Thus it includes civil marriage and religious marriage. Civil marriage is performed by the Marriage Registry and religious marriage by the Religious Office. However, it should not be forgotten that in the case of a religious marriage, the applicants must register their marriage in a registry office so that their marriage becomes legal. To obtain a residence permit in Colombia, review the article. However, during the marriage process in Colombia, applicants incur fees at every stage of their marriage registration. Applicants’ fees for registering a marriage and obtaining a Colombian spouse visa are as follows:

Item costs in dollars
Legal Services Package for Colombian Marriage Visa $ 300 Lawyer Fee for Marriage Administration and Marriage Visa Application
Office, translations $ 75 (notarized marriage certificate)
Registration office $ 50
Consular messaging service $ 50
Instant mail service $ 20

Civil marriage conditions in Colombia
Basically, marriage conditions in most Latin-speaking countries, such as marriages in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, etc., are done in two ways: civil and religious. Marriage Colombia is also performed under civil law or religious ceremonies. Civil ceremonies are performed at the marriage registry office (Ontario). The documents required to register a marriage and issue a certificate may vary from region to region and from office to office. But in general, to file for civil marriage in Colombia, applicants must prepare the following documents in advance:

Completed marriage application form (Solicitud de Matrimonio)
Copy of identity card translated into Spanish or English
Copy of divorce letter in case of previous marriage translated into Spanish or English
Copy of death certificate in case of death of the previous spouse translated into Spanish or English
Copy of the applicant’s personal information page
As soon as you receive the documents and the marriage registration application form, the marriage registration office issues an inquiry certificate called edicto to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. After registering the marriage in the registry office, the couple can determine the place and date of their marriage. After the wedding ceremony and exactly 1 day after, the couple will receive their marriage certificate by attending the office and after signing.

Marriage in Colombia

Conditions for religious marriage in Colombia
But what about Catholic Marriage Colombia? Applicants for immigration through marriage in Colombia should note that in order to perform a religious marriage in Colombia, after the marriage, to perform the administrative procedures related to the registration of marriage, the couple must appear at the local registry office and register the marriage and receive the relevant certificate. . For this purpose, the following documents must be prepared by the applicants:

Copy of the original Baptism certificate (Christian denomination)
Certificate 2 of marriage witnesses
Proof of divorce or death of an ex-spouse
International passport of couples
Certificate from the local church organization
1 piece of photo

To live in this country, first, check out the article Cost of Living in Colombia via the link above.

Married in Colombia with an M spouse visa
One of the most sought-after visas in Colombia is the spouse visa or the M type visa, which can usually be applied for after the marriage is registered and a marriage certificate is issued. The Colombian Type M spouse visa allows the holder to reside in Colombia for a period of 3 years. Colombia’s residence conditions are similar to those of most countries in the world, such as Russia, Turkey, and others. After completing this course, applicants can apply for permanent residence in Colombia, which is valid for 5 years. In addition, applicants can even apply for a passport after 5 years in Colombia. Also, enjoy the benefits of the second passport.

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