marriage in Ecuador

marriage in Ecuador


marriage in Ecuador

marriage in Ecuador – Residing in Ecuador through marriage is one way to obtain residency. Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Firm is proud to guide you in this article. After migrating to Ecuador and obtaining a residence visa, in the first few years of living in a beautiful country, many immigrants simply choose to live permanently in Ecuador. They do not cross the next procedure loop. Sequence, which of course is to become an Ecuadorian citizen, can then also receive an Ecuadorian passport.

Permanent residence in Ecuador
Undoubtedly, he is allowed to stay in Ecuador only as a permanent resident for the rest of his days. Because, as you probably already know, permanent residence in Ecuador is generally valid for a lifetime. Provided that you leave the country for more than 180 days in each of the first two years of permanent residence, or leave Ecuador for more than 5 years in one trip only after the first two years of permanent residence are completed. That being said, and important and generally happy or positive for most immigrants, under current law, if immigrants receive a permanent resident visa abroad after receiving their official visa, they can apply to become An Ecuadorian citizens. A special and even more favorable law applies to the spouses of Ecuadorian citizens, provided that the passport is issued for a maximum of 180 days in the first 3 years. In addition, a 3-year return period is possible for anyone who has left Ecuador permanently for a longer period of time during the first 3 years. He later made up for his stay in Ecuador by living in Ecuador for three consecutive years as a permanent resident of Ecuador.

marriage in Ecuador

Ecuador Residence Conditions by Marriage
One of the conditions of residence in Ecuador is through marriage, as above. That is, it sets the same rules for foreigners who are married to Ecuadorian citizens. This means that they have to wait 3 years from the date of receiving their permanent residence in order to apply for Ecuadorian citizenship at that time. The only exception to this is for any foreigner to marry an Ecuadorian citizen and become a permanent resident through the Amparo Marriage Visa. He can apply for a citizen of this country immediately after receiving permanent residence.

Stages of residence in Ecuador
Based on their marriage to an Ecuadorian citizen, but only if they are married to an Ecuadorian spouse, they are at least officially registered by the Ecuadorian “Registry” at least 2 years before the date of foreign application, themselves for citizenship. Ecuador takes action. Note that a person born in Ecuador, or born an Ecuadorian citizen, can automatically be granted Ecuadorian citizenship because of their birth in Ecuador or through their Ecuadorian parents. This person will not have to wait 3 years from the date of receiving the permanent residence visa. See the article “Birth in Ecuador” for more information.

marriage in Ecuador

Documents required to obtain Ecuadorian residence through marriage
To obtain Ecuadorian residence through marriage, you must provide a series of documents. Here are the current documents required to apply for citizenship in Ecuador. In general, any required documents are changed or modified at any time by the Ecuadorian Government or the Ministry of Immigration. The following documents are required to reside in this country through marriage:

Entrepreneurship in Ecuador 

Description documents
Apostille (legalized) birth certificate in the country of origin
Certificate of marriage, divorce, or death certificate of an ex-spouse (legalized) in the country of origin
Passport valid for at least 12 months from the time of application
Ecuadorian Sedula Applicant
Profile card from Registro Civil
Certificate of compliance with the obligations in the SRI
Certificate of compliance with the obligations in the municipality of the city of residence
Certificate of compliance with obligations in IESS
Certificate of criminal records from both countries of origin and Ecuador in the last 5 years
If someone has lived in Ecuador for the past 5 years and has not left Ecuador for at least 5 years, then they no longer need to check their foreign history. Not registering a marriage has no effect on your residence or property rights. Ecuadorian law recognizes the applicant’s civil status. Even if you present a foreign marriage certificate and do not need to register in Ecuador to get this certificate. A clear example is that if you have been to Ecuador before, you can look at your ID card and note that your civil status is listed. And in the case of marriage, your spouse’s name is mentioned. We encourage our clients to register their marriage in Ecuador. If you need a copy of your marriage certificate, registering it will make it easier to get a copy of your marriage instead of trying to get one from your own country.

Language test for residence in Ecuador through marriage
Please note that the Ecuadorian citizenship procedure is done at the Ministry of Immigration in Cuenca, Guayaquil, or Quito. You should also note that the Ecuadorian citizenship verification process currently takes from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. The reason for this is that the Ministry of Immigration must review and approve the various documents. In addition, take the Ecuadorian citizenship test in Spanish as part of a written test and oral interview to demonstrate a moderate or better ability to speak Spanish. It is indicated by the applicant because he/she personally has a general knowledge of Ecuadorian culture, geography, history, and legal or political system. So, as you can imagine, applying for citizenship is more important than when applying for a permanent resident visa. It does not take effect almost so quickly that permanent residence in Ecuador does not include these additional conditions, but Ecuadorian citizenship does. As always, the decision is up to you. Is it better for you to apply for Ecuadorian citizenship, or is it better to stay just a permanent residence in Ecuador? Studying abroad during college is a great way to understand emotions, gain experience related to your dream career, and explore a new destination. All this while earning college credits. Ecuador, in particular, creates a great country to study abroad.

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