Marseille Guide Travel

Marseille Guide Travel


Marseille Guide Travel

Marseille Guide Travel – Marseille is one of the largest cities in France, located in the southeast of the country, and has a population of about 851420 people. Marseille is the second-most populous city in the country. The shores of the Mediterranean Sea are visible from the city of Marseille and there are various ports for recreation and trade on these beaches, where you see dozens of tourist and commercial ships stopping every day. The city of Marseille is one of the tourist cities of France because it has many tourist attractions. In the continuation of the article, valuable and useful information about the travel guide to Marseille is presented, which you can get useful information about the travel guide to Marseille with us.

Marseille Weather – Marseille Guide Travel
Marseille weather and having information about it is one of the most important pieces of information in the travel guide to Marseille that every tourist should be aware of before traveling to this city. The city of Marseille has a very temperate and pleasant climate due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Alps. There are rainy days most of the year in this city, but you can travel to the Alps for winter sports and take advantage of the facilities provided. You can travel to this beautiful city of France with your friends and family in any season of the year and bring the best moments for yourself. Also, the favorable weather of Marseille has caused the merchant ships to visit the attractions of Marseille while anchoring in this city and have a great impact on the tourism industry of this city.

Marseille Guide Travel

Marseille attractions – Marseille Guide Travel
As mentioned in the previous sections, the city of Marseille has very beautiful and amazing attractions that will undoubtedly fascinate any viewer. Which attraction should we visit? What are the attractions of Marseille? These are some of the questions that tourists ask during their trip to Marseille. Among these attractions, we can mention the old port of Marseille, which in addition to having a beautiful space for sightseeing, you can also see many fish sellers in this port. You can also take a boat trip to the heart of the sea and enjoy the beautiful debate of the Mediterranean Sea. Other attractions of this city include the Church of Notre Dame de Larger, which is one of the most magnificent churches in France. Marseille tourism authorities have published booklets and brochures entitled Travel Guide to Marseille that tourists can use; In these books and brochures, you can find the names of all the tourist attractions in Marseille.

Marseille Airport
Marseille Airport Provence is the passenger airport of Marseille, which is very close to Marseille, and domestic and foreign tourists can reach the city center in a few minutes. The airport is 21 meters above sea level and has a runway length of 3500, which is one of the longest airport runways in France. The airport offers the best and highest quality services and facilities, and there are information bases and travel guides to Marseille for foreign tourists who are providing services 24 hours a day. Marseille airport staff are fluent in several world languages, which has made it less difficult for tourists to communicate.

What to do in Marseille

Buy a ticket to Marseille
Another important piece of information discussed in the Marseille Travel Guide is how to buy a Marseille ticket; Fortunately, you can buy and buy your Marseille ticket from all websites as well as travel agencies. Of course, you should note that due to low flights to Marseille, you must book and purchase the relevant ticket a few weeks before your trip to Marseille so that you can travel on time. The point that you should pay attention to when buying a ticket is entering personal information, which may lead to unpleasant problems if it does not match the ID card.

Cost of accommodation in Marseille
The cost of staying in Marseille will vary depending on the type and facilities of the hotel where you will be staying. For example, the cost of a night in a 5-star hotel will be much more expensive than the cost of a night in a 3-star hotel. You can use rented houses and rooms for cheap accommodation in Marseille. Some of the very luxury hotels that are located around the city of Marseille also have very reasonable prices for tourists you can also make your stay in these hotels a priority.

Marseille Guide Travel

The cost of food in Marseille

Other topics covered in the Marseille Travel Guide include the cost of food in Marseille. There are very luxurious and chic restaurants in Marseille that serve the best local and French cuisine. Of course, if you are a fan and lover of fast food, you can visit the fast-food restaurants in this city and taste the best French pizza and sandwiches for a small fee. In general, the cost of food in Marseille is high compared to other cities in France. You can find the names of the best restaurants in Marseille in travel guide brochures

Shipping cost in Marseille
One of the topics that we should mention in our travel guide to Marseille is the cost of transportation in Marseille because transportation costs are somewhat expensive. Of course, you can use the metro and buses to get around Marseille, as these vehicles are very cheap compared to taxis. There are also special credit cards for tourists that can be transferred with these cards cheaper. For easier travel within the city, you can choose accommodation near the city center to access all parts of the city easier and faster. You can find the facilities of different hotels in Marseille in the travel guide brochures Marseille. In this old port, you will see fish sellers auctioning off their products. In this port, you can try the most delicious seafood or rent a boat for sightseeing. Or you can relax in the cozy corners and watch the beautiful view of the harbor.

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