Marseille Meet

Marseille Meet


Marseille Meet

Marseille Meet – Marseille is a city in the southeast of France and is known as the birthplace of many French artists and writers such as Alexandre Dumas. The city of Marseille has a very rich history and culture, and some consider it the cultural capital of continental Europe. Marseille covers an area of ​​about 204 square kilometers and is the largest coastal city on the Mediterranean coast. This beautiful port has a variety of tourist attractions and is known as one of the main tourist destinations in France.

Climate and climatic conditions
As mentioned above, the city of Marseille is a port on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and this has brought a Mediterranean climate to this beautiful city. Spring and autumn are very mild in this city and spring is a little drier than autumn. It is interesting to know that the winters in Marseille are not cold and annoying at all, and in summer and on the hottest days of the year, the temperature of this beautiful port does not exceed 30 degrees, and this has doubled the popularity of this beautiful city. Is. The amount of rainfall in this city is variable and its time can never be predicted. In general, the city of Marseille has a balanced climate, and this makes it possible for tourists to travel to this dream city during different seasons of the year and easily explore it.

The best time to visit Marseille – is Marseille Meet
The city of Marseille has its beauty in every season and since it has a temperate and mild climate, there is no time limit to travel to it. But if you are looking for the best time to visit Marseille, it is better to make your trip between April to June or September to November, and thus visit all the sights of this beautiful sport in the best weather conditions.

Accommodation and food in Marseille
The cost of accommodation and food in the city of Marseille is very diverse and people can enjoy the facilities and services of this city according to their budget and capital. Accommodation in Marseille hotels varies from € 60 per night to € 390, and some hostels and public accommodation are much cheaper. The cost of eating in a restaurant is around 15 to 27 euros and fast food is very cheap and affordable. In any case, you are the one who determines the cost of your trip with your choices, and with little savings, you can experience a cheap and enjoyable trip.

Marseille Meet

Marseille tourist attractions – Marseille Meet
The tourist attractions of Marseille are very diverse and most of them have a long history. Visit monuments such as the Church of the Lady of Peace perched on a high hill, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations which is famous and special, the Church of St. Victor which belongs to the 5th century AH, the port of Weeks which is the starting point of this city And the Cathedral of Marseille and many of its sights due to the geographical location of the city, are all of the tourist attractions of Marseille that are highly recommended to visit and watch any of them Brings you a memorable memory.

Marseille football team
When it comes to the city of Marseille, many sports fans and athletes think of the Marseille football team and recall its honors. The Marseille football team is one of the most famous and top-ranked teams in France, which has repeatedly won the French league title. This team also holds the record for winning the French Cup and has countless fans in all countries of the world. The team’s home stadium is called Velodrome Stadium and has a capacity of about 60,000 people. Tourists can visit this stadium, which is located in the east of Marseille if they wish. This team is also very popular among the people of the city and all its games have many spectators in the stadium.

Marseille Meet

Accommodation costs
It is not necessary to stay in Marseille, do not worry, because usually in all seasons you can always find a lot of suitable accommodation and according to the amount of budget you intend to spend, stay in these places. In the industrial city of Marseille, you can spend around 50 euros to book a double room with quite ordinary but suitable facilities in a single or two-star hotel, and to get such a room in an old hostel or hotel in this city is almost You have to pay 25 Euros and if you want to have a completely personal accommodation, you have to pay around 75 Euros.

Travel Marseille

It is interesting to know that although the city of Marseille has less potential for tourism than other cities in France, due to being an industrial hub, there are almost no costs related to food and human food in this city compared to other French cities are a bit bigger, for example, if you want to go shopping for your meals for a week, you have to spend at least 45 euros, and if you want to eat meals. Enjoy your character in the relatively quality restaurants of this city, it will cost you between 25 and 30 Euros! With all the high prices of food, you can easily find delicious snack bars, cafes, restaurants and sandwich shops in all parts of Marseille, which usually sell most of their fast food for between 4 and 7 euros. . Dear tourists who plan to travel to Marseille, note that the cost of food during their trip to Marseilles can be very high and therefore we recommend as much as possible In such cases, they should be careful and save their expenses.

Shipping costs
We suggest that for your city transfers to Marseille, be sure to buy two-way tickets for 3 euros, ten-way tickets for 13.40 euros, as well as one-day tickets for 5.20 euros from the café. Use and bus and metro stations are distributed in this city, use. It should also be noted that in Marseille, several taxis are available to transport passengers in the city in the fastest possible time, and their fare can be calculated between 20 and 45 euros, depending on the route.

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